About the Author Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, writer and educator. He has been on blogs since 2003 and bought the domain in 2006. Apart from blogging, he is also a licensed SCUBA diver and underwater photographer. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including CNN iReport, Random House (Germany), Discovery Channel Canada and have been used by the Department of Tourism for promoting the Philippines to the world. Jayvee has also been involved with several campaigns with Samsung, Nokia, SMART and PLDT. Outside technology, he is a Jewelmer Pearl Ambassador. This merit was given for his work on marine conservation and promotions for the South Sea Golden Pearl. Jayvee is a frequent guest speaker and resource person for panels on social media, blogs and technology. He has served as a juror twice in 2008 and 2009 for the Anvil Awards of the PRSP. Prior to blogs, Jayvee was heavily involved with IT journalism for the Inquirer Group and has written and edited for several other publications including Rogue, UNO, Chalk Magazine, Sense & Style, PDI and Rappler. On weekdays, Jayvee runs ID8, better known as the team behind 8LIST.PH, the list site that has been making waves around the local Internet circles. Contact Information:


About the Blog Though many people see A Bugged Life (ABL) as a technology blog, close friends of the author have always referred to ABL as a personal site with a strong focus on technology. ABL has been around for nearly 7 years, earning a permanent space in the local technology scene. In 2010, the author was sent to Barcelona to cover Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile tech event in the world. After 2009, A Bugged Life has also been a resource for the SCUBA diving community and eco-tourism advocates. ABL has no contributing writers and has always been a solo project. Traffic, Goals and Accolades ABL caters to a very niche market as the blog is more of an extension of the author’s public life, frequenting the digital marketing community, grassroots blogging community, IT user groups, SCUBA divers, photographers, and board game enthusiasts. In short, geeks. In 2012, ABL garnered close to half a million views with an average of one or two posts a week. Precise traffic stats are attached below via Google Analytics.


Gender 58.15% male 41.85% female Age ABL has a healthy age demographic split with a significant age group in the late 20’s to early 30’s. These are the author’s peers. 25-30 ! 21-24 ! 31-32 ! 18-20 ! 35-40!! 41-44!! 27.37% 18.95% 13.16% 10.00% 8.95% 8.42% 17.83%! 16.56% 9.55%

Household Income PHP 25,000 and below! ! PHP 50,000 to PHP 75,000! PHP 25,001 to PHP 49,999! Occupation by Rank Director / CEO! ! Senior Manager! ! Professional! ! ! Associate! ! ! Full Time Student! ! Retired! ! ! Housewife / Husband!

1.58% 10.00% 18.42% 15.26% 14.21% 1.05% 1.58% 20.19% 11.54% 7.69% 7.69% 8.65% 6.73%

Occupation by Industry IT and Telecommunications! ! Professional, Scientific, Technical! Advertising, Media, Arts! ! ! Health Care! ! ! ! ! Retail! ! ! ! ! ! Manufacturing! ! ! !

Educational Level The main bulk of ABL readers are well-educated. University Graduate! ! Post-graduate Degree! Technical / Vocational! Secondary Education! 63.24% 25.41% 2.16% 6.49%

Family Size and Demographics 6 people! ! 29.73% 5 people! ! 20.54% 3 people! ! 17.84% 4 people! ! 14.05% Lives alone! ! 5.95%


26.32% of readers are married while 69.30% are single. The rest are either divorced or live with a partner. 73% access the computer / Internet from the home. 24.02% access the Internet from a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. 27% of readers consider themselves as the main decision maker for purchases in the family. 49.15% have to consult their spouse to make a decision when buying something new. 46.49% of readers are from Metro Manila. 17.30% live in the countryside. 36.22% are from big cities other than the capital (i.e. Cebu, Davao). Statistics provided by Effective Measure ( ABL is a publicly listed publisher.

With the rise of several blogs competing in traffic, ABL has decided to focus on other more meaningful measures of success. In 2012, the site has managed to achieve the following:


•Date a girl who blogs, a viral post made in 2009 became part of a New York based theater performance titled ‘Blogologues.’ [details] •Sold photography work for a paperback book cover for a Mary Higgins Clark book from Random House Germany. [details] •Author has been cartoonized as part of the new Streetfood Tycoon World Tour. “A Bugged Life” is also a GameCenter achievement [details] Social Media Here are several social media properties where ABL is active. N.B. The author does not use any artificial means to increase follower / like count. Twitter (@jayvee) 3,210 Instagram (@jayveef) 1,371 YouTube 648,442 views Google+ 1,577 Facebook 4,138 Case Studies

Blog Anniversary Giveaway (I) Sponsored by Intel, SMART, Globe, ACER, Samsung, Nokia, and BlackBerry (II)Ran from November 2010 - Feb 2011 (III)5,506 comments as contest entries (75% actual entries) Sassa Bikini Giveaway (I) Gave away bikinis from Sassa in 2009 (II)187 female readers responded


Microsoft Office Giveaway (I)Gave away 5 desktop speakers from Microsoft in October 2012 (II) 397 reader responses generated

A Bugged Life would like to thank the sponsors who have supported the site since the beginning. Here are the most notable ones:

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