value that is published as this fiat.

They want more than what they consider to be falsehoods publicized declaration of the U.S. fiat. They do not believe that States dollar is honest money because it can be will, especially since it is not backed by gold any They consider it fraudulent money. If it cannot be redeemed by a universal standard of (gold) who is to say what it is worth?

After all gold cannot be printed it has to be mined and there is a limited s Paper or printing press money on the other hand (fiat money) is only lim number of trees that exist. The more trees the more the possibility of pap printing press money. You have to admit that the people we buy a lot of o from have a point. So fast forward, and lets cut to the chase�..

�We are at a critical point in the economic history of the United States. no other way to put it. The events of last week were of a character that w never seen before. On Friday mortgage lender Indy Mac Bancorp became second largest federally insured financial company to fail after it got hit b run.� Southern California depositors could lose $500 million in IndyMac bank fa By John Burton and Kim Saito 16 July 2008 Last Friday afternoon, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regu abruptly shut the doors of Pasadena, California-based IndyMac Bank seve before its normal closing time and seized $38 billion in assets, making In Bank the third-largest bank failure in American history, and the sixth this When the 33 branches reopened Monday morning as IndyMac Federal Ba were greeted by thousands of retirees, workers and professional people, having already stood in line for hours. The crowds waited in sweltering he withdraw whatever funds they could in scenes recalling the financial pani gripped the country during the Great Depression. Police were called to the Encino branch in the San Fernando Valley Tuesda control a line of people, many of whom had been waiting since Monday to funds. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation took it over. That news may b

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