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Integrating Fax Technology with Claims Processing and Lotus Notes

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, one of the countrys largest general insurers implemented an integrated enterprise-wide fax solution to process thousands of documents relating to claims in a timely and secure manner.

Since joining Allianz I have been impressed with the reliability of the RightFax solution, and its ability to eliminate time-consuming and errorprone manual processes for our claims department.
James Harrison Technical Project Manager The Allianz Group

The Challenge
With over two million policyholders, over 3,500 staff and the largest private Workers Compensation insurer in Australia, Allianz is a major player in the Australian insurance market. It depends on the timely receipt of thousands of documents daily in order to communicate with various parties. In the past all faxes received by Allianz Australia were paper-based and had to be copied and kept on file as part of the companys record management system. Not only was this process labour and time intensive it also meant that Allianz Australia opened itself to vulnerabilities as a result of manual processes. We needed a system that could integrate with our claims management system in Lotus Notes and also handle the large volume of fax which was now coming through the organisation, said James Harrison, Technical Project Manager, The Allianz Group.

Success Story

The Solution
In partnership with Axient, Allianz Australia introduced a new custom built claims management system, developed to integrate with Lotus Notes. The system - the Allianz Claims Management System (ACMS) processes thousands of claims daily. Fax remains an important channel of communication in the insurance industry. We receive thousands of faxed doxcuments hourly from brokers and other third parties, including claims forms, police reports, witness statements and repair shop reports, Harrison continued. With the overhaul of our claims management system we sought to integrate all our processes into Lotus Notes, including fax. We asked Axient, to redesign our fax system, so that it would integrate with both Notes and ACMS, said Harrison. Over a period of four months, Axient re-engineered the fax system and moved Allianz Australia across to a robust, highly available, enterprise fax solution.

The Results
The difference the new system has made has been extraordinary. Before we did everything manually, and now all faxes are managed electronically and backed up every night. Claims processing is now much quicker and there is less chance of error as all our databases are fully integrated. The fax volume is greater than ever and over the next few months we aim to add a number of other departments to the system. Im especially pleased with the RightFax suites ability to leverage reliable fax technology while augmenting our existing Lotus Notes system. We will continue to use the RightFax suite year after year. Harrison said.

After only 18 months the system has paid for itself. We have found RightFax easy to integrate with other systems and now see it as an essential part of our imaging and workflow system.
James Harrison Technical Project Manager The Allianz Group

Success Story

About Axient
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