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Efacec US Operations

Manufacturing Facility Rincon, GA

Corporate Headquarters Atlanta, GA

Group Efacec was formed in 1948 and it is now the largest Portuguese Group in the field of electricity, employing around 4800 people and with a volume of orders that already exceeds $1,400 MUSD, being present in more than 65 countries worldwide.
The Group has been serving US customers since 1998 and as of 2007, established its US Operations headquarters in

Atlanta, GA. In November 2009, a totally brand new power transformers plant started operations as a result of an investment over $140 MUSD; this plant is equipped with the most modern equipment in the world and manufacturing CORE and SHELL technology transformers up to 1,500 MVA and 525 kV.

Transformer Technologies

SHELL type - Dissociated Phase

SHELL type up to 1500 MVA, 525 kV

CORE type up to 400 MVA, 345 kV

SHELL type Transformers

Product Range 1500 MVA 525 kV (BIL 1675kV) Special Transformers
Phase-shifters Reactors (Shunt and Series) Traction Furnace Rectifiers

Main Characteristics:

Interleaved windings, composed of rectangular coils: The coils have a narrow width and a large surface.
All coils are interleaved between pressboard washers with the surface in contact with the coil, covered with small pressboard spacers, assuring coil cooling.

Rectangular shape magnetic core: The core is

assembled by one single steel width and assembled in the horizontal position. Core's are totally protected by an electrostatic shield connected to ground.

Upper tank (bell type): This configuration assures the

compression of the core and phase(s). The construction allows transportation options in the vertical or horizontal position.

Dissociated Phases: A three phase configured

transformer formed by 3 single-phase components connected by a common cover which houses the bushings and the connections between phases and the on-load tap changer.


High reliability and inherent design flexibility Excellent dielectric strength to impulse voltages due to a
large series capacitance of the windings and low capacitance to ground

High mechanical strength during short-circuit stresses

produced during fault conditions or seismic stresses produced during earthquakes of the in-rush currents

Windings with high air core reactance allow reduced value Excellent cooling capability allows a lower hot spot
temperature due to the vertical arrangement of the coils

Low noise level The Dissociated Phases design flexibility allows separate
transport of the phases and common cover

State of the Art Equipment:

Phase assembly drying is accomplished

by three Vapor-Phase modules

Multi-task machine for pressboard

cutting and scarfing

Robotic machines for pasting spacers on

pressboard washers

Transformer and components handling

plant, using an air-cushion system

Manufacturing areas with environmental

control (temperature, humidity and particles) transformer filling

Semi-automatic oil drying and

CORE type Transformers

Product Range 400 MVA 345 kV (BIL 1175kV) Special Transformers
Regulation Reactors (Shunt and Series) Traction Furnace Rectifiers

Main Characteristics:

Concentric windings: The cylindrical coils are formed with a narrow thickness and a large surface area. All of the coils are
insulated by pressboard barriers with pressboard spacers allowing cooling by the free flowing insulating mineral oil.

Magnetic circuit: The circular cross section is formed by vertically positioned sheets. Tightening structure of core and windings: The design is optimized to support the short circuit stress and to allow, not
only the active part untanking, but also the lifting of the complete transformer.

State of the Art Equipment:

Automatic magnetic steel cutting


Automatic Hot-Oil Spray drying Automatic Vapor-Phase drying All Manufacturing areas served
with total environmental control (temperature, humidity and particles) transformer filling

Semi-automatic oil drying and

Test Facility
Testing Equipment Capabilities: State of the art, brand new test lab with the following capability:

Rated for 60 hz testing All ANSI standard tests except for Short

Maximum BIL of 2400 kV Ability to test transformers up to 765 kV Digital impulse measurement equipment Complete DGA analysis capabilities Double testing bank (for simultaneous

Mobile Substations
Product Range CORE or SHELL up to 60 MVA 245 kV (BIL 1050kV)

Main Characteristics:

Efacec Mobile Substation design, assembling and commissioning are the result of Efacecs substantial experience in the
fields of manufacturing power equipment and/or integrating complete electrical systems.

Research and development is carried out at all levels, to continuously improve reliability. The high level of qualification and experience of Efacec engineering assures high quality of Efacec Mobile Substations
meeting ANSI/IEEE standards and all DOT requirements.

Efacec Mobile Substations are always customer engineered, resulting in a flexible and reliable design.

Efacec USA Headquarters 2755 Northwoods Parkway Norcross, GA 30071 Ph: 770-446-8854

Efacec Power Transformers 2789 Highway 21 South Rincon, GA 31326 Ph: 912-754-5300

Fax: 770-446-8920

Fax: 912-754-6882

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