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“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us

our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

~ 1 John 1:9
Additional Notes

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Talk #4 - Notes & Additional Questions Discussion Questions for Talk #1

Describe your first experience in confession. What was it

like? Positive or negative? Has your experience in confes-
sion changed since that first time?

How do you rank yourself as of right now in terms of practic-

ing the sacrament of confession? Not practicing at all? Prac-
ticing only occasionally? Once every few years? Once
every few months?

What keeps you from confessing regularly? What are the

dangers of not confessing regularly?

What are practical things we can do to overcome these obsta-

cles? Share some things that you do which keep you practic-
ing this sacrament regularly.

Of the benefits and blessings described by Abouna, which

one is the hardest for you to accept?

Who do you turn to for advice outside of your father of con-

fession? What are the dangers of this?

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Discussion Questions for Talk #4
Talk #1 - Notes & Additional Questions
How can we avoid spiritual highs and lows after confes-

Is discipline in your spiritual life a problem for you? How

can we maintain discipline? How does grace play a role in

Does pride keep you from confessing?

Do you get inpatient with results in your spiritual life? Do

you get discouraged? What can we do to learn patience?
How can we celebrate the progress that we’ve made and
encourage ourselves more?

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Talk #3 - Notes & Additional Questions Discussion Questions for Talk #2
Were you familiar with the four steps of confession before? What
are the four steps?
(1) Repentance, (2) Confession, (3) Absolution, (4) Obedience

Which one of the four steps seem the hardest too you? Why?

Can you remember a time when you sat alone with God to repent?
Share how you spent that time to get to the point of repentance.

Have you been keeping up with daily self-evaluation? Are you

able to confess in detail or are you very general with your confes-

When are the times that you feel you want to confess? Can you
describe a time when you wanted to run to your father of confes-
sion? How did you feel afterwards? Have you ever felt a huge
weight lifted off your shoulders when coming out of confession?

Do you only have one father of confession? Do you feel that your
father of confession is responsible for your soul and carries your
burdens with you?

Are you obedient to your father of confession? What if you dis-

agree with him?

Describe your relationship with your father of confession. Is it a

discipleship relationship? If not, what can you do to improve this

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Talk #2 - Notes & Additional Questions Discussion Questions for Talk #3
What is the main obstacle for you that hinders you from confess-
ing or makes it difficult for you to confess? What are some myths
about confession that have been cleared up for you?

Were you ever aware of how hard the devil works on hindering us
from practicing this sacrament? Share examples of things you’ve
heard or felt in your own experience that the devil does to keep
you away from confessing.

Someone feeling that Abouna looked at them funny after they con-
fessed, I feel like Abouna is too busy and I don’t want to waste his
time, I feel hopeless about myself changing through confession,

Why do you think that one of the devil’s main goals is to ruin
your relationship with your father of confession?

How hard are you willing to work at this sacrament? What

should we do to fight those attacks?

What are the dangers of postponing confession? What should you

do if you can’t confess right away?

Why should I have the same father of confession and not change?

What if I don’t agree with (or have trouble doing) the advice of
my father of confession? What should I do?

Have you ever been too embarrassed to confess? What did you
decide to do?
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