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Response by Bank HaPoalim, in re: FATCA-related actions 13-02-10


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FATCA, Stanley Fischer - Request for clarifications by Bank 13-02-12 HaPoalim's Chief Internal Auditor Jacob Orbach in re: Account Status TODAY /

[Bank HaPoalim logo] Date: February 10, 2013 Ref No. 1-7084119156 By: David Zagan Tel: 03-567-6605 :To Dr Joseph Zernik PO Box 31440 Jerusalem 91313 RE: Your account in our Beit HaKerem Branch Your letters to the Chief Internal Auditor Received January 2, 2013, January 24, 2013, January 28, 2013 Our investigation concludes that contrary to your claims, your account, .referenced above, was not blocked for activity Regardless, we registered your notice in your January 24, 2013 letter, petaining to renunciation of your US citizenship. In view of your notice, we request that you forward to us the records, related to the renunciation. Immediately after we receive the appropriate references, you would be required to sign a form in this regard in the branch, and if appropriately completed, we would consider the FATCA-related notices that you received .from us as void We have forwarded your request dated January 28, 2013 to the bankers in the Branch, and they promised to forward to you from now on notices .using fax number 077-4703957, instead of notices by phone .We are always at your service ,Respectfully Bank HaPoalim, BM Central Board of Management .Ella Gutman, David Zagan

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