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Band 1

B1 Know fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing

B1 DL1 B1 DB1 B1 DT1 B1 DT2

Band 2

B2 Understanding meanings at word, phrase and sentence level

B2 DL1

B2 DB1

B2 DT1

Band 3

B3 Use knowledge acquired through listening, speaking, reading and writing

B3 DL1

B3 DL2

B3 DB1

B3 DT1

B1 DL1 E1 Identify phonetics B1 DB1 E1 Scan text for details B1 DT1 E1 Write message/email B1 DT2 E1 Complete application form B2 DL1 E1 Ask questions and respond appropriately: Pastime/routine/ambition/hobby B2 DB1 E1 Acquire vocabulary by identifying: Synonym/antonym/hypernyms B2 DT1 E1 Write a letter on topic of interest 120 words B3 DL1 E1 Compliment and respond appropriately B3 DL2 E1 Identify main and supporting details B3 DL2 E2 Answer comprehension questions orally B3 DB1 E1 Transferring info form linear to nonlinear text vice versa/answer comprehension questions B3 DT1 E1 Write description on topic of interest using adjectives/adverbs, in 3 paragraphs, in 120 words

Band 4

B4 Apply knowledge acquired in a variety of situations using some appropriate language conventions

B4 DL1

B4 DL2

B4 DL3

B4 DB1

B4 DT1

Band 5

B5 B5 DL1 Demonstrate the ability to use language in a variety of B5 DB1 situations using appropriate language conventions B5 DT1

Band 6

B6 Appreciate literary works and present ideas critically in an exemplary manner

B6 DL1

B6 DB1

B6 DT1

B4 DL1 E1 Discuss a topic by agreeing and disagreeing politely B4 DL2 E1 Discuss and decide on a gift/trip/other topic B4 DL3 E1 Ask questions to obtains details about services offered and give appropriate responses B4 DB1 E1 Identify cause and effect relationships in a linear text to complete a graphic organizer B4 DVB1 E2 Relate the causes and effects from a non-linear text to complete a given task B4 DT1 E1 Write a report using the correct format and appropriate grammar on: Table/pie chart/ bar graph/ line graph B5 DL1 E1 Recout a public event B5 DB1 E1 Predict the ending of a story, supporting it by giving reason(s) B5 DT1 E1 Write on an event/incident using past tense/linkers, in paragraph/150 words. B6 DL1 Draw similarities/differences life events/characters B6 DB1 Draw conclusions from a variety of text: Factual/narrative/descriptive B6 DT1 Write a story based on the pictures given including a moral value in paragraphs/180 words