HYPNOSIS SCRIPTS  THE SPARK ... starting to go on that inward journey ...

taking yourself deeper and deeper into you innermost being ... finding that place ... deep inside ... where there is peace ... and calm ... and tranquility ... and you can be curious about that place ... and those comfortable feelings that you are noticing as you come closer ... and closer ... coming to a place of safety ... and comfort ... deep inside yourself ...this place that feels more ... and more ... comfortable ... and safe ... and peaceful ... as you settle yourself down ... deep inside yourself ... ... and you know something now ... that you have been only vaguely aware of up to now ... becoming aware that this place ... deep inside ... has been here for a long ... long ... time ... and as you look around yourself ... taking in the tranquility of the scene ... being aware that this place has just the right kind of light for your needs ... knowing that you are surrounded with soft sounds that soothe and comfort ... feeling gentle wind on your skin ... light perfumes floating on the air ... everything just as you need it for your comfort and peace ... and I want you to take a few moments ... to explore this place ... and you can become aware that this place is ... as small as a grain of sand ... and ... as large as the Universe ... and as you feel it expand ... and contract ... in time with your breathing ... you can make yourself so familiar with it ... that it will be a place ... that you will want to return to ... time ... and time ...and time ... again ... and in these few moments ... which will, in this relaxed state, be all the time you need ... you become aware ... that somewhere in this place ... set in a safe corner ... there is an eternal spark ... the breath of the Universe ... that is the life force within you ... and you know that this spark was inside you already ... when you woke this morning ... when you were a child ... when you were a baby cradled in someone’s arms ... even when you were in the womb ...this spark came into you at the moment that you were conceived ... and that tiny body grew and became you ... developing inside that safe warm place inside your mother ...taking your rhythm from the stars ... from the planets ... from nature ... naturally developing in the right way for you ... and when you were born ...you knew this place was deep inside you ... and you returned to it easily whenever you needed to ...and you kept returning to this place when you were a child ... and a young person ... and the spark continued
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... and as you go even deeper all distractions just seem to disappear . stars all around you .where you are right now . you feel light and positive ... and calm .......and this spark .... and the spark of life making the connection .. back to your home among the stars . you are aware of your body in contact with the chair .... and the connection is there from the beginning of time .. the light is becoming brighter . this time ... the sounds in the room and around the area are clearer ........ and tranquility .. this room . and ready for the rest of the day that is spread out before you... listening to me ... safely guiding you .. and as you breathe your last breath out ....... you feel more energized .... through your life .. in the future .. coming back along the same journey that you took to this place . very relaxed and concentrating on these Page 2 ..... to the end of time ..to guide you . this town . to the end of time . and as you take a few moments . and concentrating on the areas of the body that you find to be the most comfortable... from the beginning of time ....to gaze around this place of peace and calm and tranquility ....... you can make this journey again ...... I want you to slowly retrace your steps ....... breathing in pure relaxation and exhaling all the tension in the body . breathing to the rhythm of the Universe . a few minutes ago .....and every breath you take bringing you back to . up to the time you came and sat in that chair ..... feel all of the tension leaving the chest area as you exhale ... and know that the spark of life is always there . I want you to concentrate on your breathing .on this journey back ..... which is deep inside you .And you may have noticed that some areas of the body are more easy to relax ........ so easy and effortless and you are relaxing more and more .. and your entire body is completely and totally relaxing as you drift even deeper down with each and every breath . you feel alert and clear . Protective Shield And drifting way down relaxed now ..... at any time you choose to ... back to the Universe .. and you feel a warm wonderful sense of relaxation and going even deeper down . feel yourself relaxing even deeper with each and every breath . and now ... the spark will carry the essence of you ...... and rest in the peace .. and with every step that you take ....... your hands on your clothing . and just allowing your entire body to rest and relax . the air in the room on your face .to this place deep inside you . will continue to guide you .. and your breathing is so regular ...and know that ...... right up to the end of your life ..

. nerve and part of you body knows and enjoys this wonderful sensation ...... beyond your physical body . and you can let this feeling spread far ..... because this shield is your own creation .. and that is okay .. fiber and bone in you body ...... practicing and using this shield . and you are using this shield and enjoying comfort in every part of your body .. and filtering situations that are uncomfortable and allowing you to let in those feelings you wish to let in and experience ....... and with every passing moment this feeling of deep..... like the rings of water spreading from a pebble tossed into a gentle pond .. gently warming and relaxing .. using it as a transport to another place or time . and you are using this protective shield any way you choose to use it . and you can experiment with it .... you can use this shield in any way you want to . spreading out beyond the skin to form a protective shield around you . Picture and imagine the relaxation spreading like the rays of sun ..... the uses of this shield are limitless ... and as this marvelous warm wonderful feeling of relaxation spreads to other parts of the body the feeling of relaxation becomes stronger and the relaxation spreads out beyond those areas . and the more you use it the stronger it becomes.. it can act as a filter. to filter out those feelings or things going on around you .areas now you are recognizing and realizing what there is about those areas that makes you so comfortable and so very relaxed .. and you are enjoying this tranquil and peaceful relaxation in every part of your body .... and feeling the comforting sensations of the most relaxed areas of the body begin to spread ... cell... making it as large as you like .. or keep it close like a second skin . and continuing to spread to all the parts of the body you desire to relax deeper and even deeper . and allowing it to spread .... the most relaxed and comfortable parts of your body And allowing . and the relaxation spreading to every muscle. you can return to this place of peace. And realizing now that when I awaken you .. and feeling all the sensations in those areas . tranquil and comforting relaxation becomes stronger and every cell..... And since this protective bubble or shield is your own creation you can do with it what you wish . and it can act as an amplifier to help you understand people and to help people understand you . and this wonderful feeling now goes out beyond the physical confines on your body .. And this protective bubble can be invisible or visible to a few people or as many people as you want it to be ........ tranquility and deep relaxation and use this shield any time Page 3 ... and allowing it to go beyond the confines of your physical body ..... far ..

and its inherent goodness. as it hovers just in front of your forehead. shining more and more brightly. slowly begin to float upwards.. of the radiant vibrations. and destroying.......... radiating energy and light. sensing that its radiant energy can heal disease. right in front of your forehead. of its healing qualities... feel a slight tingling sensation.... I would like you to........ feel its radiant warmth........ giving off a more brilliant light all the time. more and more..... becomes completely focused..... like the pure white of freshly fallen snow...as you sense its purity. HEALING WHITE LIGHT SCRIPT . in this radiant Page 4 . all your attention.. you feel yourself drawn to this healing energy.. I want you to see it begin to grow in size.. about a foot above your head..... just above your head....... and as it hovers there.and NOWwww.. like a gentle heat from an open fire. and you will want to immerse yourself........ coming from this tiny white ball of light... see the purity of its colour... and as it begins to expand....... as it grows larger and larger... just gently lift up into the air.. just floating in mid air... quell any discomfort... knowing that its healing qualities...... ..... now hovering just in front of your forehead.. the size and appearance. and I would like you to imagine. any disease or discomfort. you instinctively become aware.. on a point.. just above your head. when it comes to seeking out. and as it hovers there.and NOWwww.. this point.............. you become more aware of the radiant quality.. shining brightly in the night sky....and know no boundaries.. until it reaches a point. see this tiny white ball of light. maybe even hear its faint vibrations . of this illustrious object. in this area... that shines ever more brightly..... a shimmering glowing star.... on an area in the middle of your forehead......... glowing even more brilliantly..... revitalize and energize anything it touches. I would like you to focus... and you are using this shield and feeling the relaxation spread to all the parts of your body ..... or feel a warm comforting glow. and as it grows to the size of large ball .. higher and higher....you desire to do so .. have no limitations..... of a tiny distant star... and this tiny white ball of light. as you become aware. is in every way.. and you may very soon...as a tiny white ball of light.. so that your whole concentration .

as it continues its free flow.... freely flowing down into every part of your body.. so that you are now immersed. begin to resonate through your entire system.... from the top of your Page 5 ... relieving any tension or stress there.......... more and more alive........ as feelings of health and well being..... the ball slowly begins to open. and I want you to imagine. cleansing and purifying every part of you.. to about three feet in width.. as the constant stream of energy.. and installing new feelings of well being and balance as it goes. continues to pour into your body...... has now completely enveloped your entire body.. into your legs.... to bask in its purity.... this free flowing radiant white light. that the ball above your head......... down through the top of your head.. than you have felt in a long while.. and as the free flowing stream of energy.... energy that will cleanse and heal every part of you. begins its downpour... and I will leave you for a short time. and balance you..and NOWwww.... pouring into every last cell..... ... as you continue to allow this pure healing white light energy..... you may wish to concentrate the flow of energy.... entering every muscle fibre and nerve in your spine.......and NOWwww.. freely flowing into every organ. so that its endless downpour of healing energy....... cleansing every artery and vein. to where you need it the most. cleansing and revitalizing you. a part that maybe needs a lot of healing.. . clearing any wastes or debris on the way.and NOWwww. clearing out any negative thoughts or emotions... continues cascading down........ clearing any blockages. knowing that you can only benefit...... and all the way down. energy that will revitalize you... so that you can direct the flow of energy. down your neck and shoulders... clearing away any toxins that may have gathered there. strengthening every muscle and bone.. showering you with its pure healing white light energy.....(PAUSE)....... in your chest and stomach.. to the tips of your toes. healing and rejuvenating you....energy.. purifying the air in your lungs.. and as this fountain stream of pure healing white light........ on a certain part of your body. has now grown even larger in size.... down into your lower body. and at this point...... you may begin to feel more and more uplifted. . from its wonderful healing properties. and all the way down your back. just see this pure healing white light energy....... to permeate every part of you... I want you to feel this stream of healing energy... as you think of this. in your whole body...

.... body and spirit. I want you to see the mass of energy above your head. how much better you feel.. which made you feel bad about yourself. entering your body. as well as a feeling of being emotionally uplifted. This door will keep out all the negative messages..... leaving you radiating with feelings of health and vitality.. where it becomes absorbed. and comfortable..... and the knowledge that any time.. has been purified and cleansed ..... and at this point you will notice. in this radiant healing white light energy ..... as and when you need to. the behaviors. There's no room here for such negative messages.... and you will become more aware and more aware . and revitalized you feel.and NOWwww..... back into your consciousness..head. .... Look at the door very carefully. smaller and smaller. and as this wonderful healing process comes to its conclusion.. feelings of health and well being... both physically and mentally..... As we come closer to the end of the hallway.. back to the size of a tiny distant star...... you will continually encourage.. Night tape suggestions The Safe Room: You can see that in front of you is a hallway.. shrink to the size of a large ball again... as the healing process is completed.. in your mind...... And as you look down the hallway.in this wonderful holistic healing process... And know that this is a room of your own choosing. you can visualize this white light energy.... still floating above your head. and a feeling of well being all over.. the words. and the downpour of energy..... you can see the door more clearly. you can see a door. Early positive messages and experiences enter. completely bathed in this pure source of radiant energy... as your whole system.. that you can continue. I want you imagine the large ball.. as the large ball above your head gently closes.... and healing every part of yourself. in which you will feel safe and comfortable.. slower and slower. And now I want you to open that Page 6 ..... That door is a door to a room of your own choosing.. begin to slow down ... even the doorknob... just in front of your forehead.. then let it begin to descend ..... slowly begin to shrink in size. back to the area. that continues its free flow in and around your body. that you perceived from your world as a child. to the tip of your toes...... bringing you wonderful feelings of health and vitality. your mind and body.... but all negative messages must stay outside. gently floating down. of how uplifted. until it finally comes to a stop.. in which you will feel safe.

by just closing your eyes. which is you. And listen carefully to whatever I say to you. it is therefore loving. That life energy has sometimes been expressed within you. Now I'd like you to sit. It represents your true self. It belongs to no one but to you. as you go about your daily business. or lie down some place in that safe room. that are not so happy inside. It is protective. Visualize the process of that nurturing part helping out those. that protects you. for that essence. that you can visit any time you wish. That still inner voice is a nurturing part of you. And since it is healing and protective. like a cocoon. soft and pliable. but are really there to protect us. and penetrating you. Life energy has only one purpose. both mind. Within that life energy are no negative messages. you will stimulate that Page 7 . that lets you move about. and therefore loving. It is your life energy. And it is possible for that nurturing self. help them become more worthwhile in their own eyes. surrounding you. your natural self. It is the energy from whence you came. and body. It is unique to you. help them become happier. this safe room. To help this process. a light from which issues warm streams of energy. Look around. not anyone else's. help them to feel loved from the inside. thinking about the nurturing part. that don't feel good about themselves. perhaps as a still inner voice. for that life energy. they cannot exist there. wherever you will be comfortable. And that nurturing part is an entity. in your mind's eye. not from the outside world. for that healing energy. healing those parts of you that are not happy. that exists because it becomes a kind of spokesman. to seek out other parts of you. that surround you like an imaginary cocoon. warm streams of energy. I want you to experience that life energy of yours. It is capable of helping. and enjoy what you see there. it is worthwhile for you to think about that nurturing part within you. and perhaps to visualize that process going on. in a way that comes naturally to you. This is your life energy. and then close the door behind you. that are not happy. Feel that positive life energy. words of wisdom inside of us that we don't always listen to.door. surrounding and protecting you. to help you reach your potential as an organism. that many of us ignore. It is protective. coursing through every cell of your body. And as you continue to do this. And look around that room. There is a life energy inside of you. That nurturing part of you is capable of healing. it is healing. your essence — whatever you wish to call it. Feel that life energy also penetrating every cell of your body. it is healing. by feeling a light above your head. and most of all. and help them.

And you can savor this place. and look at everything around you. to flow. these wonderful. associated with this wonderful place. stronger. And as you find yourself there. and safety. and calm. and therefore happier. or if you'd rather walk around some. And when you feel happier and better about yourself. And that healing dream will not only have an effect tonight in your dream. And you can just allow these feelings of deep contentment. And you can just allow such a place to spontaneously come into your awareness now. It may be a place you've been before. you will be aroused just naturally from this sleep pattern. that as you just experience. and explore this special place. more and more deeply. to experience all the refreshing feelings of calm. or the beauty of it. the world will respond to you in more positive ways. or some special place that you find yourself in for the first time. invigorating feelings increase. give yourself the opportunity. a healing dream to heal mind. And I'm not really sure whether you'd rather just sit and rest back. and become more a part of you. allowing all of you to experience these soothing feelings. you will come to feel better about yourself. to all parts of you. you will have a healing dream. your unconscious mind is going to suddenly take you. And as healing progresses. Perhaps you'll especially enjoy the sensations and feelings as you touch things. and it will become stronger within you. the things that will stand out most for you—whether it will be the sounds in this special place. and happiness. And I wonder if you've already begun to notice the fact. that's associated with tremendous feelings of peacefulness. And as each moment passes in this special place. And in a moment. and maybe even the smells will be unusually pleasant. As you go to sleep tonight. And now. and you will find that you will drift into a natural sleep pattern. And I don't know for sure. in a moment I'm going to sign off. and peace. And that healing. with every moment Page 8 . you soak up and absorb these tranquil feelings. and tranquility. and enjoy this special place. and contentment. as you continue to relax. more self-confident. The Serenity Place Now. nurturing part will know. to a very special place.aspect of you. and happiness. just allow yourself to float across time and space. and when you awaken in the morning. what you need in a healing dream. just for you. body and spirit. all through you. and security. and your enjoyment of it can be heightened. but will affect you during the day as time goes by. that's here right now.

And you'll awaken feeling well. I want to ask your unconscious mind to review all of that material. as I stop speaking. And when you're ready to awaken. but your unconscious mind has a much more complete record of everything that you have ever learned or experienced of any significance since you were born. It may be that you gain a new perspective. or just find yourself feeling differently. or replenish your strength and energy. And in this place of serenity and security. Or maybe. with a correct sense of proportion. and this sense of perspective with you. before awakening. of an experience or a memory that gives you the understanding or the perspective or the feelings that you most need right now. alert and clear-headed. receiving what you need. for as long as you need. and filled with peaceful feelings. you can continue in this place. you may hear. things can come into perspective. whenever you need or want to. And you can remain in this special place of yours. you can receive what you most need right now. that whenever you need to rest. maybe a voice in your mind. for as long as you need. things come into proper perspective. I'm going to stop talking. You can be aware of actual feelings. after you have awakened.that you spend here. this experience may remind you of other places and experiences. I know you have a conscious memory of what you have experienced and learned. As you rest in this place. free from the distortions of a mood or set of circumstances. And what you have experienced can remain with you. or seeming to come from deep inside you. Or perhaps. And in this special place. independent of anything that I say. And there's something that's going to be embedded and remain in your mind: you will know. Now. and happiness. You will know. recharging your batteries. Your unconscious mind knows what you most need. bringing these wonderful feelings. It may be that you hear a still voice. and return to this place. for as long as you like. and recharge your batteries. refreshed. giving you the suggestions you most need to receive right now. a special gift. You can remain in this place of contentment. where you've felt happy. And in a moment now. Review all of your learning and Page 9 . that you can put yourself into a deep and peaceful hypnotic state. and contented. and soaking up these feelings. you'll receive from your unconscious. what you need. saying what you most need to hear. you can drift back across time and space. And I don't know exactly how you'll receive that. and it can do that much more quickly and completely than you could do it consciously. that you can return to this special place of yours. and tranquility. receiving what you need. And as you rest here.

comes into your mind. Perhaps you will be more aware of some of this. but the thought of it makes you feel good about yourself. somewhere behind it you will see a source of light. fluffy cloud hovering over your head into which you will be able to place all the reasons. just as your unconscious mind works on problems and continues to operate beneath your awareness most of the time. they need to be erased. now they will represent a challenge to you. a positive experience. put it into the cloud. that gives you a good feeling. just a good feeling and you can enjoy it again. Thus. When you have put in every reason you are able to think of. direct and indirect. At first quite dim. causing the cloud to become increasingly dark. Look at the black cloud containing all these negative programs and. soft. Review them.experiences. or many years ago. the sun of your own desire to be free of everything that has been preventing you from living life to its fullest. which you think have contributed to your lack of confidence. it will become increasingly bright. no matter how trivial. These reasons are the unconscious "computer" programs which are maintaining your unwanted behavior. And although you won't be aware of most of this consciously. and feeling good about it. and strengthen them. just a positive feeling. As you do so. and you will have the inner strength it requires to pursue some positive strategies that we have talked about. it will be going on beneath the surface. last month.The Cloud Visualize a normal white. or perhaps this feeling may be unattached to any particular experience. confident. last year. it will be inky black. and where some of these may have been threatening before. Then. That light is really a sun. Let your mind drift in a pleasantly relaxed way and. whenever any reason for your lack of confidence. and you will feel positive about taking a bit of a risk in meeting this challenge. scan all of them and select only positive experiences and feelings. perhaps occasionally a good feeling will surface. a small sample of it surfacing into your conscious awareness — perhaps an experience. The light grows stronger and brighter until it begins to burn away the black Page 10 . Confidence Building . as you do so. a feeling of inner strength. It may be one that happened last week. You'll begin to feel much better about yourself. happy. a feeling perhaps of being secure. and begin to make them available to you as your inner strength to cope with whatever you need to cope with now. your unconscious mind will put in other reasons of which you are unaware.

the forces of failure and defeat. so that it looks dark and ugly like a piece of coal. you attempt to gather this treasure. all the potential for good and for achievement. All of this treasure is rightfully yours. No matter how much you may take. for you will be able to return to this treasure room whenever you want to. You are now free to gather up as many of the treasures as can be carried. It has been placed in the room as the guardian of the treasure. Yet. the statue may then be pushed so that it falls and breaks into many pieces. Some force is preventing you. you must first overcome the negative tendencies. standing in the desert before the cave-like entrance to a large pyramid. for it is rightfully yours. powered by a brilliant jewel embedded in its forehead. As this is happening. is the embodiment of all the negative forces of failure and defeat within you. As it lies on the ground. or how many times you Page 11 . To free this vast storehouse of your potential so that you can become the person you are capable of being. This can be stepped upon and crushed into black dust. as the cloud burns away completely. Go to the statue and knock the jewel from its forehead. well lit with torches. these tendencies being personified and embodied in the guardian statue. At the very end of the passage is a vast storeroom filled with treasures of all descriptions. feeling the sun's rays penetrating every cell of your body. you cannot. you will become increasingly aware of the warmth of the sun so that. for it has been stolen from you through force of circumstance. Its power gone.cloud. Confidence Building . This is the storehouse of all the vast untapped resources. There is no need to attempt to take all the treasure. its lustre fades. bringing a wonderful sense of self-assurance and self-confidence. within you which are acting to prevent this. taking it with you as you retrace your steps up the passage to the entrance. However.The Pyramid Imagine yourself back in ancient Egypt. leaving no trace of either cloud or anything it contained. you will be able to bask in this warmth. As you enter. making all other guardians unnecessary. you find yourself in a downward sloping passageway. unless you carry it back into the world outside to enjoy and to share with others. you follow this passageway as it takes you deeper and deeper into the heart of the pyramid. Naturally. This statue. Feeling a sense of security and confidence. a force emanating from a huge black statue in the center of the room. which you have not yet turned to your advantage. it will eventually be sealed up within the room and lost forever.

but these you overcome. you can use the islands dotting the surface of the lake as temporary resting places. In this valley is the place you have been attempting to reach. will reveal themselves in new habits. you will feel a sense of confidence. to your own determination which has. Bend down and pick up a handful of snow. in a way. This is the shore of health and normality. whipped into waves by wind and rain. Examine this. On any occasion when you feel a lack of confidence in your ability to do something. strength. you feel a tremendous surge of confidence. further progress towards your objective is blocked. the water rough and treacherous. the room will never be empty. Rowing a boat. a belief in your ability to live your life as you want to. think of the pyramid and the treasures it contains. or your efforts are exhausting. Step outside into the warm sunshine. comparable.and power surging through you. new ideas. Not only are the waves and wind to be combatted. These treasures. packing it more tightly in your hands. compressing it into a Page 12 . it is a dreary and depressing scene. As you do. These represent everything standing between you and the attainment of your goals. and new directions. Increasing Determination: The Snowball Picture yourself standing at the top of a tall snow-covered mountain. at times. lacked firmness and strength. for all along the mountainside are numerous barriers and obstacles.The Lake See yourself standing on the shore of a lake. the other side of the lake is quite different. Though your journey has brought you as far as this mountaintop. looking down into a valley below. Add more snow. Other obstacles will attempt to impede your progress from the shore of dreariness to the shore of brightness. looking out over the water. Where you stand. coping effectively and happily with whatever your environment provides. and return to the world of our everyday life with the treasures you have gathered. If the distance seems too great. When you finally reach the bright shore. Visualize yourself crossing the lake in some way that requires considerable effort. with people enjoying the bright sunshine and lively atmosphere. or even swimming would be possibilities. filling you with the certainty that you are capable of accomplishing the task about which you were doubtful. Confidence Building . which can be anything you want them to be.return. paddling a canoe. as you will. You will find it to be soft and powdery. Yet.

Stein's Clenched Fist Technique Now I want your unconscious mind to search through your memories and identify a time when you felt (e. and when you are there. as hard and as firm as the snowball being prepared for its trip down the mountainside. And notice how those feelings get stronger. healthy. allow your "yes" finger to float up to signal me. strong). growing in size as it does so. needed. strong). As all obstacles have been swept away. healthy. just allow your "yes" finger to float up. needed. It then becomes an avalanche.g. happy. Now I'd like your unconscious mind to take you back through time to that experience.. As you imagine yourself striding purposefully down the mountain. until it will become sufficiently strong to sweep away every obstacle in its path. competent. happy. I'd like you to close your dominant hand into a tight fist. You will then be able to attain whatever goals in life you have set. Good. or how long ago. as you enjoy that experience again. you can begin to descend the mountainside where your courage and determination have gone before to clear a path. as did the snowball. no matter how brief the experience. and as you Page 13 . because it isn't necessary to tell me anything about it if you don't want to.g. allow your "yes" finger to float up again. sweeping everything before it as it continues on its journey to the bottom. round. and no matter how intimate or personal the experience. confident. needed.g. peaceful and calm. straight at the obstacles below. Quite slowly the snowball rolls down the mountainside. healthy. As you do so. accepted. And as you enjoy that experience again. Just allow yourself to drift back to that experience. That's right.. The way is now clear. in your own mind. Good. you will know that. until it attains the proportions of a large boulder. Walk over to a very steep incline at the side of the mountain and gently roll the snowball down it. And now as you feel these feelings. Just allow your inner mind to identify a time when you felt (e. confident. competent. And when your unconscious mind has identified that experience. peaceful and calm.snowball which is firm. in complete privacy. competent.And when you're aware of experiencing those feelings again. accepted. confident. happy. you can begin to sense those feelings associated with it feelings of (e. peaceful and calm. feel your own assertiveness and determination becoming stronger and firmer too. your determination is continuing to grow. and hard.. accepted. strong). just as easily as you can now imagine yourself descending that mountainside.

as inner resources. whenever you close your dominant hand into a tight fist like this. and deeper hypnotic state. happy. and allow yourself to drift into an even sounder. That's right. Your unconscious mind has memorized these feelings. confident. competent. these feelings of (e.. and just continue enjoying that experience. and feel a sense of confidence in knowing. allowing them to fill you. healthy. All that you'll need to do is to clench your right hand into a fist. whenever you need them. In a moment. Whenever you want to experience these feelings again. wash back over you. and replace them with feelings of (e. to recapture these feelings. flowing back over you and filling you. happy. do they not? And I'd like you to appreciate. This is the hand that you trust and depend on.. competent. And as you continue experiencing these feelings. strong). take several deep. all of these wonderful feelings. And the stronger you clench that fist. and these same feelings.g. notice. these positive feelings become even stronger. happy. that you have learned a method for recapturing these feelings. accepted. which will allow you to even more effectively neutralize the feelings of negativeness. and positive feelings. you will feel once again. strong) becoming even stronger.do so.. while your unconscious mind memorizes.g. That's right. knowing that they are always there. Go ahead. all you need to do is clench your dominant hand into a fist. confident. just close your dominant hand into a tight fist. confident. accepted. whenever you wish. And when you're aware of feeling those feelings even more strongly. And now you're going to have an opportunity. Page 14 . And I'd like you to demonstrate this for yourself now. your own ability. these experiences.g. needed. And because of this conditioning. needed. peaceful and calm. Now allow that fist to relax. they will be readily available. And now you can feel pleased. just beneath the surface for you. feel the feelings of (e. healthy. I want you to squeeze that right hand into a confident fist. Because in the future. peaceful and calm. to learn another method. whenever you need them. and these good feelings. just notice how one of these same wonderful memories. and this same kind of memory and feelings. And as you clench it tightly. refreshing breaths. as these memories. will come back into your experience. And as you do so. and to flow all through you. and they will remain just beneath the surface. come back into your experience. just nod your head to let me know. the more vivid the feelings become. And enjoy this experience. as a sign and symbol of confidence and determination.

That's right. and strength. you're the person who can remove and neutralize them. keeping them there until you're reasonably sure that all of them. letting go of all those unpleasant feelings. I'd like you to permit yourself to remember an unpleasant experience. allowing all those unpleasant feelings to flow out of your hand. as you close it into a fist. with that happy fist tightly closed. But allow just enough of an unpleasant memory to come back. since you're the one who put those feelings into that left fist. And you can enjoy that happy memory again. I want you to squeeze your right hand into a strong. strong). as if they were just evaporating. where you can control them. and for creating this Page 15 .peaceful and calm. accepted. I don't want you to be that uncomfortable. are collected into that fist. and as you do so. In a moment. down into your left fist. where you yourself have displaced and transferred them. be aware of how those unpleasant feelings and sensations funnel down. to flow down into your left hand fist. You now have a method for controlling your own feelings. condensing and concentrating there. Close your (left) hand into a fist. Allow all those unpleasant feelings and sensations. And when you're experiencing some of those unpleasant feelings. that made you feel negative. And you'll discover that the unhappy memory disappears. competent. Enjoy taking several extra deep. I want you to notice. Now. And I want you to observe how easy it is. into your non dominant left hand. happy fist. Good. All right. And now I want you to enjoy discovering something. Lock them up tightly in that fist. needed. signal me with your "yes" finger. It doesn't have to be so unpleasant that it makes you miserable. very interesting. and determination. or the majority of them. your arm. and is replaced by a positive one. Just move those fingers around. And as you do so. relaxing breaths. but you'll be able to transfer them into your left hand fist. And when it feels as if all those unpleasant feelings. to get rid of those feelings. as a symbol of confidence. just nod your head to signal me. allow your left hand to relax. through your shoulder. far longer than you might expect. And these good feelings will remain with you. how these negative feelings can be transferred and displaced. healthy. confident. or falling onto the floor. as you just luxuriate in these positive feelings for a while. those negative emotional and physical knots. You may not always be able to keep unpleasant feelings from appearing in your mind or body. are in that fist. and replace them with positive feelings. your forearm. so that you begin to feel some of those feelings of negativeness. in complete privacy.

all the positive feelings. good feelings. and nothing to disturb you. by clenching that right hand fist. and wonderful memories that flow over you. Page 16 . will remain with you. and let go of all the unpleasant feelings and sensations. when it feels as though all those unpleasant feelings are locked up in that hand. And I want you to really enjoy. just close your (non dominant) hand into a fist.same sense of well-being. that for a long time. while you open your left hand. by simply squeezing your right hand into a tight fist. the tighter you squeeze that right hand fist. whenever you need to. you'll feel all those unpleasant feelings and sensations flowing. there's just nothing to bother you. and concentrating into your left hand. So whenever you feel (negative feelings). And after a minute of two of clenching that fist. and then replace them with positive feelings. and that will increase. As you do so. and funneling. you've infused your whole being with so many. good feelings. you'll discover that those pleasant. with so much of those natural endorphin substances from your brain. Almost as if. You can get rid of them. And after a short time. then you can neutralize them.