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Potential occurrence of tornadoes in Pakistan:

Tornadoes occur in the following conditions: Humid air Cold dry air Jet stream Keeping in mind the above stated conditions, tornadoes can occur where such conditions are met. It can be either a barren land or a densely populated area. In Pakistan, many areas are likely to meet these conditions, but our area of interest is if these tornadoes occur in those cities that are revenue generating, industrial cities that contribute in Pakistans GDP, then what would be the consequences and destructions. Like if a tornado occur in these revenue generating cities, it can be lethal to the whole country i.e. like Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala. GDP of the nation would be effected seriously, businesses would tore apart, and insurance costs would rise significantly. Nowadays, every businessman buys insurance for the safety of his business, but if a catastrophe occurs like tornado, the insurance sector would be highly effected, and small insurance companies would liquidate of not having the capacity to meet the claims.

Potential consequences of tornadoes: Infrastructure Business Agriculture Livestock Insurance sector

The transport system would be effected, roads would get blocked because of droping down of trees and electricity poles.

Due to this, all the telecommunication network would get stuck. Electricity supply would cut off, and this whole scenario would be alarming. School buildings, hospitals, homes, factories, all would bear the consequences. Windows would shatter that could cause serious injuries, portable automobiles would crash and would cause damage.

Businesses would be effected seriously because of tornadoes, like in the manufacturing sector, they would suffer damage to stock, power supply failure because of which production would cease. Because of roads blockage and damage to infrastructure supply of raw materials would cut off. Machinery could bear the damage too, and as a whole the production would stop, due to which imports would increase in the country, exports would fall short, there would be a current account deficit, and inflation would occur and in the end consumers and domestic producers would suffer.

Farmers would bear serious consequences. Their crops would be damaged, their tools and machinery that are used for the betterment of crops would be damaged, and as a result those farmers would suffer. And if that farmer had bought insurance for his crops and machinery, the claim costs would increase as compared to the predictable claim costs.

Livestock could die because of the severity and destruction of tornadoes, and their owners would have to suffer the losses.

The insurance companies would have to bear all the costs, because claims would arise from every sector of insurance i.e. life insurance claims, property damage claims, health insurance claims, motor insurance claims, etc. As we know that insurance companies in Pakistan are not much stronger, so it may happen that an insurance company might lose its capacity to cover all claims, and may get liquidated.

Warnings / Protection From Tornadoes:

There have been many suggestions about what to do in the case of a tornado. The places where you are most likely to be injured are in a vehicle or in a mobile home. The safest place to be is either in a basement, a reinforced room or a purpose built safe room if you have one. If you are in a permanent structure get into the centre of the building, preferably away from windows and doors as these may be broken during a tornado allowing dangerous debris to enter. If you are in a vehicle, NEVER TRY AND OUTRUN A TORNADO, this can be very dangerous as vehicles are one the most dangerous places to be. It is advised if you are in a vehicle to get out, and lie on the ground, preferably in a ditch or hollow to reduce the risk of being injured by flying debris.