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March 4th 2013 For immediate release (first released 4th Feb) Web Infrastructure Masterclasses – a great CPD opportunity or Local IT expert to run IT Infrastructure Masterclasses in Nottingham Bieber fever reached Nottingham last weekend. When an entourage of the scale Bieber travels with comes to town there are certain expectations. In this modern age Internet connectivity is essential. Tom Geraghty is IT Manager at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena.
Respected local IT expert Tom Geraghty is offering a unique training and development opportunity to businesses and SMEs in Nottingham this March. Tom will run a series of four IT Infrastructure Masterclasses to give people working in IT the chance to refresh their skills and knowledge within an industry-focused, workshop environment. Tom explains: ‘The sessions are suitable for non-IT workers who need to learn to “speak the language”. That might be a small business owner looking to communicate more effectively with his IT consultant, or a key client sent along by an IT manager who thinks they’ll benefit from an improved background knowledge of web infrastructure and how it all fits together.’ ‘You can attend any or all of the sessions,’ says Tom. ‘But you’ll get the most from your experience by coming to all four, so we’re offering the incentive of “buy one, get one free” – a saving of £150. I’m hoping to create a really positive and relaxed working environment for delegates, with a maximum of 6 people per class. The sessions will be short and sweet to avoid information overload, but there’ll be lots of time for questions and informal chat afterwards, when we decamp to a nearby bar.’ The Masterclasses will run on Monday evenings (6.00pm - 7.30pm), so people working full-time can attend; as IT Manager at Capital FM Arena, Tom is well aware how hard it is for busy IT professionals to find time for CPD! Each session will focus on a different area of web infrastructure, bringing delegates up to speed with latest industry developments as well as encouraging knowledge-sharing and debate. The four Masterclasses will cover: • Email and communications (11 March). Topics to include: different service providers and set-ups (e.g., using hosted email, managing it in-house) and

transferring data and keeping it secure. theft. The idea is to help people broaden their existing industry knowledge whilst sharing expertise and experiences with other practitioners.   Tom is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is highly experienced at helping businesses design and implement complex IT infrastructure solutions. who are providing support and resources to the event as well as the venue and physical infrastructure at Lace Market House in Nottingham city centre.getting it all working for PCs and on mobile and keeping your systems up to date and secure.pcmwebinfrastructure. analytics. in the Boardroom at Lace Market House. ranging from 5000-user email systems.’ Says Caron.pcmcreative. The Masterclasses will be held on Monday evenings in March 2013 with the final session running after the Easter Holiday. Places are limited to six people per sessions. . domain names. Topics to include: how to stay safe and keep trading. and connections to social technology. back-ups. Bookings can be made online at www. an update on the current climate. is hoping that Tom’s workshops will equal the success of the four ‘social technologies…in focus’ Masterclasses that she organized and ran last November. loss of confidential or valuable data. Topics to include: an overview of web/IT infrastructure and how it all fits from 6pm to 7:30pm. reliability vs. NG1 1HW. PCM Projects’ owner and event manager. For more information. Topics to include: managing data storage and growth in your business. rather than offering an academic or college-style course. so please book early to avoid disappointment. cost. hack attacks. websites and social strategies. We’re talking to busy. • Internet security (18 March).uk -------------------------------------------ENDS Notes to editors About Tom Geraghty Tom Peach-Geraghty is currently the IT Manager at the National Ice Arena and Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. How to book Each Masterclass costs £75 per delegate – but if you attend all four. • Data storage (25 March). ‘The aim and focus are the same for both sets of Masterclasses. security firms and universities. internal networks and cloud storage. access controls. Tom is running the Masterclasses in partnership with PCM Projects. 54-56 High Pavement. speed vs. Caron Lyon. he’s previously worked in senior IT roles across a number of sectors. you’ll only pay for including prestige car dealerships. good email practice. what are the threats – viruses. Nottingham. please contact Caron Lyon on 07889205914 or visit www. • ‘Technically speaking’ (8 April). professional services businesses. keeping your business (and family) safe on the internet. through to complete Disaster Prevention and Recovery. professional people about the work they do every day. With over ten years’ experience.

He blogs about technology (and mountain biking) at to find out PCM works to develop sustainable platforms and an informed strategy to enable forward momentum. development and future investment as technology evolves. platforms. Find out more For more information. Please visit www. About this press release This press release was written by Faye Stenson at Black & Write. please contact Caron Lyon on 07889 205 914 or email cj. ‘PCM creative’. PCM facilitates and supports existing executive Or visit key employees and lead practitioners by introducing appropriate . About PCM projects PCM projects is a collaboration banner for artists and freelance creatives working with Caron as lead practitioner. tools and services into existing creative for the latest updates on Tom’s Masterclasses. The strength to support these structures comes from Caron’s passion and drive to create events and training Masterclasses with the confidence to build creatively with clients to deliver balanced and engaging audience experiences. a copywriting and marketing communications service based in Nottingham.tomgeraghty.