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The Original Super-Man

Basics of Belief Series: (Christology) WHO WAS JESUS? WEEK 1: Who Was The Original Super-Man?
1. Was set here with a mission, to save the planet & to die.- John 3:16-17 a. 1992: "Death of Superman", Comic Book b. Wrapped in the cape and material that he was send to earth in 2. He lived and grew up in a "smallville"- Matt. 2:22-23 a. Until he left home and started his mission as an adult 3. He had human parents but Real Father from somewhere else- Matt. 1:16 a. Supermans Fathers name Jor- EL- Hebrew: "EL"-God" b. Human Parents: (M & J Mary and JosephMartha and Jonathan 4. He came down to become human and live among us- Phil. 2:6-8, John 1:14 5. A star was seen and announced His birth- Matt 2:1-2 a. Supermans Kyptonian Name Kal-El- Heb:"Star God 6. He came from another place, above- Col 3:2-4 7. Came to battle evil- Matt. 4:1-3 a. Lex Luthur----Lucifer b. Prepared by going to the "fortress of solitude", Prepared by going into the wilderness alone 8. He died and rose again.- Luke 24:6 a. Resurrected and dressed in White 9. Goes away, prepares and returns- I Thess. 4:16 a. "Superman Returns movie and comic book TIPS & RESOURCES:

Introduction or Closing Video: Original Superman

WEEK 2: Welcome to Smallville: Jesus Was a Teen Like You? (*adapted from: YS Idea: Creative Lesson)
7 PARTS OF BEING A JR. HIGHER/MIDDLE SCHOOLER 1. Pulse: He was born and had a life- Luke 2:7 2. Parents: He had A Mom, Dad AND Family- Matt. 13:54-56 3. Personality -He had feelings and emotions: Sad-John 11:17 Tired: Matt. 26:28 Anger: Mark 3:5 4. P.U.- He Had A Body- Luke 24:39 5. Puberty - His Body Grew and Developed- Luke 2:40 6. Pig Out- He ate and was thirsty- Matt. 4:2, John 19:28 7. Pain- He felt pain, physically and emotionally- John 19:1-2 Closing Thought: Jesus, the Original Super Man came her to earth to live and die a human life. He experiences and lived the experiences and struggles of being a child, a Jr. Higher, a teenager and an adult. TIPS & RESOURCES: Introduction Video: Television Series: Smallville Opening. Video Illustrations: Television Series: Season 1, Episode 1 o Suggestion: Use scenes that illustrate each of the points Great scene for Puberty- Clark and Dad talk about changes that he is noticing

Great scene for Pain- Clark is hung on a cross in a corn field with kryptonite hung on is neck that keeps him weak. Great illustration of pain, suffering and the burden of sin that nailed Jesus to the cross.

WEEK 3: The Original Superman: Was and Is God

KEY VERSE: John 8:58 Like God. 1. Pre-Existence - John 1:1-3, John 17:5,24, John 6:38 2. Godly Attributes - Eternal: Gen 1 - Unchanging: Heb. 13:8 - Omnipresent: Matt. 28:20 - Omnipotent: Phil 3:20-21 - Holy: Acts. 3:14 3. Worshipped: - Luke 4:8, Deut. 5:13 He Claimed It 1. Equal- John 5:17-18 2. Son of God- John 10:36 3. Salvation- John 6:39-40, 11:25-26 4. The Claim- John 8:58, Matt 4:7 Others Said What Matt 16:15-16 John 11:27 John 20:28

Titus 2:13

TIPS & RESOURCES: Video Introduction: This Christ (youtube) Video Illustration: Instead of reading the passages from John use: The Gospel of John (3 dvds). They go verse by verse through the whole book of John Closing Video: Who is Jesus Chip Ingram (Bluefish TV)

WEEK 4: The Superman We Were Looking For? (Prophecies)

KEY VERSE: II Peter 1:16-21 - Jesus was and is God ButWhat He the Messiah, the promised SuperMan? 1. Is He Really? Video: Why Jesus? (Reel - Jer. 28:19 2. What are the Chances? Video: Probability of Just Eight (youtube) - Matt. 5:12, Matt. 13:16-27 3. Where is the Evidence? Video: Evidence (Steelhouse media) Birth o Jer. 23:5=Luke 2:4 o Micah 5:2=Matt. 2:1 o Is, 7:14=Luke 1:26-27 Death o Zech. 11:12=Matt. 26:14-15 o Zech. 11:13=Matt. 27:5-7 o Zech. 12:19=John 19:34 o Zech. 13:7=Matt. 26:56 o Ps. 22:16=John 20:25-27

o Ps. 22:18=John 19:28-29 o Ps. 24:20=John 19:33 o Ps. 69:21=John 19:28-29 Closing Song/Video: Jesus Messiah Closing Verse: Matt. 1:23 TIPS & RESOURCES: Illustration Idea: The Shell Game, play a couple quick rounds of the old shell and ball game to see if people can predict where the ball is going to be. Great illustration about predictions, prophecy, and probabilities. * If you dont want to play the physical game, the use the virtual version on Race This: Pick a Shell (simply youth)

WEEK 5: Its a Bird, Its a Plane? (Super Names & Super Powers)
KEY VERSE: Matt. 1:23 - Opening Activity #1: Super Hero Names Quiz- Show a picture of a super hero and see if people can guess their name and also their super power. Find a few obscure ones. - Opening Questions: If you were a superhero, what would your name be? What would your special power/ability be? - Matt. 1:21-23 2. Super Powerful Names Name to Save- Acts. 2:21 Name to Heal- Acts 3:16 Name to Pray to- Eph. 5:20

1. Supermans First Name?

Name to Live by- Col. 3:17

3. Super Hero Names? - Listen to each of these names: What would the outfit look like and that would the special super power or ability be if these were super heroes? The Bread The Door The Light The Shepherd The Lamb The Lion The Rock The Vine Power of Creation: Mark 4:36-41 Power to Heal: Matt. 15:28 Power over Evil: Luke 10:17-18 Power of Life and Death: Rev. 1:17-18 Power of Justice: John 5:27 Power to Save: Mark 2:5-7

4. Super Powers

TIPS & RESOURCES: Video Illustrations: Names o Names of Jesus (Sermon Spice) o Names for Jesus (Bluefish TV) Video Illustration: Jesus as Superhero (youtube) Video Illustration: Heroes: the Ultimate Sacrifice (god tube) Closing Song/Video: Your Name- Paul Baloche


Super Hero Quiz: Youth Leader Stash (

Super Hero Trivia: The Source for Youth Ministry

Video Resources: The Case of Christ: Lee Strobels- DVD Video Resources: The Real Jesus- DVD Book: The Gospel According to the Worlds Greatest Superhero- Skelton