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SPM BK Requirements ..

for students who aim to DO WELL

This SPM BK paper (Code 9221) requires students to make an indepth study of 2 books of the Bible. It equips a believer with truths and principles for life! It lays foundations for understanding this world and our future as God presents it through the life of Christ and His apostles.
Form 4: Attend classes to study Lukes Gospel / Acts of the Apostles (1 or both) Form 5: Attend classes to study Lukes Gospel / Acts of the Apostles (1 or both)

Attendance at weekly classes ( 1 to 2 hours) must be..regular, punctual and equipped. English Language proficiency : Students to be quite good as this SPM subject is in English. The paper: 2 hr paper in English. Section A has 8 context questions (40%) and Section B - to do 4 essay questions out of 6. (60%) Interest in Gods Word must be expressed in regular and systematic READING of the text. Shown in doing weekly exercises, active participation in class and preparation for tests. Homework is provided by the Guide books and by the class teacher. Work needs to be marked regularly. Context questions and essay questions train and develop various skills. Personal preparation Heart preparation to know Gods Word is as important as the effort to understand Gods Word by reading, enquiry and application. The OIA method is basic. O=observation I=interpretation A=application Preparation for tests and exams (monthly short test / term test /end of year exams ) A candidate prepares by making extra efforts to know the text in detail and to acquire the skills in answering accurately and with understanding. Background knowledge needed: Some O.T. background would be very helpful. The Guidebooks, however, provide notes on geographical, biographical, historical and cultural and religious aspects for many items. SPM BK basic kit: The 2 complete SPM guides (RM 20 each) which contain the GNV texts for Luke and Acts, many exercises and sample answers, plus very helpful notes. Also available are Exam

guides (RM10) with past years questions and sample Trial exam marking schemes.
Please note HIGH STANDARD: The SPM paper is a fair and well-designed paper. The standard is high as there are many who are serious Bible students who score 1A and 2A. Those who failed did not attend class or fooled around in class, did little homework and even skipped tests and exams. No. of classes per year range from 30 40 (depending on hours allocated). There are breaks for holidays and during school exam seasons. New classes are arranged privately. Some churches and a few schools have fixed weekly classes. Some classes are free of charge. BK Quizzes: April The national postal quiz for secondary students. August SPM Oral BK Quiz Additional helps: + BK lessons can be viewed at + Movies on Luke and Acts ( DVDs in Christian book shops) + Training DVD for Teaching BK (for teachers /parents/pastors) Contacts: Guidebooks- Luke & Acts /BK brochures/ Exam

guide/DVDs/ BKClasses / Quizzes

MCSC (03-7956 5310), Pustaka SUFES (03-7782 8239), S.Union (03-7782 9592) Teachers Christian Fellowship-TCF (03-5637 5623) , MCEC (0320785062) WEBSITES / E-mail: / / / /
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