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3G Facility has been given to all 2G connections of BSNL. BSNL has 90.700 Crores 3 .86. of microwave network connecting 623 districts.885 fixed exchanges.430 RKm. it has about 43. It is one of the largest and leading public sector units provides comprehensive range of telecom services in India. 50. expanding the network. 197 Satellite Stations. BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country & now focusing on improving it. 6. 72. introducing new telecom services with ICT applications in villages & winning customer's confidence. turnover of BSNL is around Rs. 7330 cities/towns & 5. was incorporated on 15th September 2000.07. with 24. During the 2010-11.e.INTERDUCTION OF BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. 68. 37.162 GSM BTSs. Today. It took over the business of providing of telecom services and network management from the erstwhile Central Government Departments of Telecom Services (DTS) and Telecom Operations (DTO). BSNL is the only service provider.83 million WLL capacity. The company has vast experience in planning. making focused efforts & planned initiatives to bridge the rural-urban digital divide in ICT sector.644 RKm. 8.58 million wire line phone subscribers i.071 CDMA Towers. of OFC. installation.74 million line basic telephone capacity.06 million WLL customers as on 31. 71.93% share of the wire line subscriber base. In basic services.8 lakhs villages . network integration & maintenance of switching & transmission networks & also has a world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institute. with effect from 1st October‘2000 on going concern basis. The company offers wide ranging & most transparent tariff schemes designed to suit every customer.2011.60 million GSM capacity. BSNL is numerous Uno of India in all services in its license area. 12. 29.09 million cellular & 5. BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals.

It is also associated with Hostel. This training centre is located in an environmental friendly campus which is blessed with green tress. It is headed by the General Manager as the Principal of the institute and his team will act as faculty members 4 . It main function is design. By seeing this campus any one can feel it is like gurukul where we will find college with very beautiful surrounding completely surrounded by green tress. Mess and well equipped laboratories and highly talented and most experienced internal and guest faculties catering to the executives and non executives of the BSNL and other companies and also the students of engineering and management studies which is located at Hyderabad capital of Andhra Pradesh. This centre is one of the BRBRAIT [BHARATRATNA BABU RAO AMBEDKAR INSTITUTE OF TELECOM TRAINING] located at Jabalapur. The Institute Provides induction training to fresh engineering and diploma students and in-service to existing Personnel It is also head of the of the other training institute in Andhra Pradesh. develop & delivering the course for the training to the BSNL Executives and non Executives.INTERDUCTION TO RTTC .

5 .QUALITY CERTIFICATION OF THE INSTITITUTE Certified by: ISO 9001:2008 Certification Certification was done by standardization testing and quality certification services Hyderabad unit and certification is given by STQC directorate Department of Information Technology. The institute is certified by ISO 9001:2008 for the design and delivery of the training programs.Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute of Telecom Training (BRBBAITT). Jabalpur and also by Regional Telecom Training Centre Hyderabad. Government of India. Quality Policy of BSNL Conduction of Training on Telecom & Informational Technologies and Behavioral Sciences designed and developed by Bharat Ratna Dr. for employees of BSNL and other participant allowed to undergo training within the rules and regulations of BSNL.

D.D.E HOSTEL S.O functions as functions as Research associates and also other functions as per orders of their higher officials.T.E .E LIBRARY PRINTING S.E BROADBAND NETWORKING S.SWITCHING AND TRANSMISION S.M S.E PROGAM MING S.D.D.E TRANSMISSION Note:     D.E Sub Divisional Engineer J.D.E.D.T.D. 6 .E Divisional Engineer S.D.E BUILDING & ELECTRICAL JAO D.D.E T.E T.A.I S.E C.O Junior Accounts Officer Each S.DOTT S.D.E COMPUTERS S.M D.O All the above are primarily faculty and assigned additional responsibilities as given below.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE GENERAL MANAGER CHIEF ACCOUNTS OFFICER DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER D. The J.D.E has one J.T.E ADMIN ACCOUNTS OFF ICER S.D.

FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICERS The chief functions of the management of the institute are as follows 1. Accounts section: 2. Accounts officer: A. B. Taking Financial Courses as a Faculty member. Dealing with staff grievances. 3. Infrastructure Development C. Divisional engineer T. Maintains pay and allowances of the staff. electrical. Divisional engineer Admin: A. Faculty member taking classes in Finance. etc… Management of tenders for housekeeping and mess contracting. Assisting AO in finance matters in staff payments. Maintaince of building. Technical & Administration Section: 1. 2. courses will be programmed and also seeing the administration of building. 3.M[training and Management] 7 . Deputy General Manager: As per the instructions of the principal. B. JAO: Junior accounts officer A. Cash transactions of the RTTC C. Means acting as financial advisor to the principal. 3. hostel & mess. Principal: Is overall in charge of the institute and responsible for the functioning and achievement of target. hostel and mess. B. Taking Part in the internal Audit D. CAO: Chief Financial Officer A.

S. Schedule the course C.E T. 4. C.E PROGRAMMING A. lab projectors. Sub divisional engineers section: 1. conference halls.E Building A. Point of Contact to training and conferences 8 . 3. auditoriums.I [TRAINING AND INFRASTRUCTURE] A.D.A. Programming and scheduling the courses after getting approval of the principal. S.M A. Divisional engineer Switching and Transmission A.D. Maintaince of building and infrastructure 2. Preparation of course material 5. Program and design the course B. S. Maintaince of all switching labs and transmission labs.D. B. Housekeeping. Coordinate and Design the Course B. Purchases of stationary. guest faculties. 4.D. Maintaince of Hostel and Mess. Property tax payments. S. Preparation Of course Material D. Maintaince of classrooms. B.E Hostel: A. B. B.E T. Getting new equipments and instruments. Allotment of rooms to the trainees B. Schedule the course C. Arranging the faculty. S.D.

In charge of C.D. In charge of computer labs B. In charge of GSM mobile labs 10. As a librarian: C. 8.E C.D. Maintaince of computer labs. Maintaince of networks in RTTC including classrooms. B. S. S. S. Procurement of Books. Printing of course material.DOTT A. Preparation of question papers valuation and publishing results and issuing certificates.D. In charge of OFC labs.E. 9 . Preparing Reports F. 9. In charge of broad band labs. S.E TRANSMISSIONS A.E BROAD BRAND AND NETWORKING A.D. Issue of Certificates 6. Distribution of course material. Exams sections: D.E SWITCHING: A. S.E PRINTING LIBARARY AND EXAMS A. 7. ** ALL THE STAFF WORKING HERE ARE FACULTIES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE DEPARTMENTS OR SUBJECTS. cable & system labs. B.D.Dott switch labs B.

Optical fiber cables .Broad band – Networking Course B. RAILTELECOM. . Switching Course . Transmission courses .COURSES OFFERED BY THE INSTITUTE The institute offers various courses to the BSNL Executives and non Executives and also to the many companies like HCO. Operation and Maintaince. Computer Training E. This institute is the country best in transmission training The various courses offered by institute are as follows Technical Non technical Technical A.Cable Maintaince D. Mobile Courses -3 G -Value added service -Leased line C.Optical fiber systems .System Installation. Engineering Courses for Students 10 .Types of exchange -CDMA Digital -GSM Technology . and GOVERNMENT POLYTECHNIC COURSES.

P Networking Non Technical Courses 1. Implant Training -4 weeks For students of II and III rd year of engineering course B. Vigilance Courses 4. Optical Fiber Maintaince F.BSNL BTS Engineering D. Finance Courses 3. I. Customer Care Services 11 . Projects for engineering students C.A. Optical Fiber Communications e. Management Courses 2.

E.S Thanks to 12 .bsnl. Mr. Venkateswarulu www.Narendra Nath I.rttchyd.bsnl.

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