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Darren White
2/17/2007 3;58: 17 PM

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Scott Jennings;

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Scott- [agree with Mick on outside help. From what [ have heard from inside the USA's otllce, Gomezwas David's. downfall. One very respected AUSA told me it was no secret that Gomez ran the shop. DW

----------- Original message -----------. From: mickey > Scott Rumor around the U S Attorney's otlice is,that Gomez will be made acting USA at the end of the month. [ am informed that he is much more culpable than. Iglesias on the faiutes of the office the past few years. For my two c,ents it would be far better tabring in someone from outside than allow Gomez to even continue in his pr.esent position. . > Mickey . > Mickey O.Barnett

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