LoverKaren: Hi Everyone and Welcome to Literati Literature Lovers Fan Chat with

author Emily Snow, writer of Devoured, Tidal and All Over You
lalamrcds: Hi :)
LoverKaren: Hi lalamrcds, can I call you LaLa
Lover Tifany: Good evening everyone :)
Regina: Hello everyone
Emily Snow: Evening, everyone! :)
LoverKaren: Welcome everyone,
Ellen: hi
LoverKaren: Hi Emily,
LoverKaren: Let's start this chat of. Does anyone have a question for Emily?
LoverKaren: Don't be shy?
Emily Snow: Agreed, don't be shy! I love questions :)
Kristina: Hi Emily....Love all of your books...Tidal especially....are we going to see move
of Cooper and Willow?
lalamrcds: Yes, more Cooper and Willow please! :)
stanley: how long did it take you to right Devoured? oh and Hi! I love your books!!
Ellen: Emily have you written any books that you didn't publish?
Emily Snow: Hey Kristina! So happy to hear you enjoyed my books!!! There won't
be another Willow and Cooper story (at least I don't think so!) but those two are
defnitely showing up in my next new adult romance, "Lucky Me", which will be
out later this year!
LLM: hi
LoverMichelle: If your question gets missed, just ask it again. :D
Kristina: Yeah :-X
LLM: I just read All over You and LOVED IT
Emily Snow: Hey Stanley! Devoured took me about a month to write!
stanley: Thats it? awesome! Love it! :)
lalamrcds: Do ideas just pop into your head for a story or does something trigger/inspire
Lover Tifany: Great questions!
Emily Snow: @Ellen, I have a few books that I've written that haven't been
published, but they're mostly fantasy. :D
stanley: How long have you been writing for? What inspired you to become an author?
Abbie D: Em, from start to fnish, how long did it take for you to fully write Devoured?
LLM: What inspired you the most to write?
Emily Snow: Usually something triggers an idea for me, Lala. Devoured was
triggered after I watched the Red Riding Hood episode of Once Upon a Time.
Emily Snow: And Tidal came about after I read a Yahoo OMG article about
Amanda Bynes.
Abbie D: Hi Kelli Maine ;)
lalamrcds: I love that show. Gonna defnitely look at that episode diferently now. ;)
Ellen: When you get an idea of a new book, do you have a specifc process? Or do you
just sit down and start writing?
Kristina: who is your favorite book character?
stanley: hahaha! :D
LLM: Do you have a routine before beginning to write? Something that relax you, make
you feel comfortable?
Emily Snow: I've been writing for a few years, Stanley. I've always loved reading,
and coming up with stories, so I started writing books. I started with YA, though!
Emily Snow: *waves to Kelli* :)
LoverKaren: Great Question!
lalamrcds: I follow your playlists on Spotify. Is that music you are listening to as you write
that maybe inpires what direction you might go in or just songs that maybe make you
think of your characters and their story?
LoverKaren: Hi Kelli
stanley: If you could pick an actress to play Sienna who would you choose?
Abbie D: Jess from True Blood
LLM: ;;)
LoverKaren: Please jump in with your questions, if your question is missed ask it again.
Abbie D: sorry Em, answering what I know *shrugs*
Emily Snow: I usually just sit down and start writing, Ellen. I've tried outlining and
end up making a long, detailed document that I never use.
lydiajlynn joined the chat 60 minutes ago
kelli maine: Hi :-)
Lover Tifany: welcome!
lydiajlynn: Hey Everyone
stanley: Thats who I picture too
Emily Snow: Kristina, my favorite book character are Katniss Everdeen and
Tristran Thorn!
Abbie D: Kelli! what up guuurl?
LoverKaren: Emily your Fav book characters are very interesting. Can I ask why, those
Emily Snow: Good question, Lala! Quite a bit of my playlist is what I'm listening to
as I write, but there are a few songs that make it on there because they really ft
my characters or a particular scene.
LLM: Which was the most difcult scene of any of your books to write?
lalamrcds: They are awesome playlists!
stanley: Do life experiences help you write your books?
Regina: Emily, you are a new to me author. The Lovers have introduced me to some
amazing authors. Where do you recommend I start with your books?
Abbie D: Em, from start to fnish, in summation, how long did it it take it you to write
LoverKaren: LOVE YOU Regina :-X
Emily Snow: Sure, Karen! The Hunger Games and Stardust are two of my favorite
books. Katniss is so bad ass and amazing and Tristran made me swoon.
lalamrcds: Do you write a little bit of yourself into any of your characters?
LoverKaren: Awww Tristran
Emily Snow: Hmm, LLM. I would have to say the most difcult scenes for me to
write are arguments, especially the Lucas and Sienna confrontations!
Emily Snow: I may have once told my husband to argue with me for the sake of a
scene, but shhhh! ;)
lalamrcds: lol
LoverKaren: Lol
Ellen: lol
LLM: lol !!!
stanley: haha
lydiajlynn: lol
Kristina: LOL....
Emily Snow: Stanley, I don't use very many life experiences in my books.
stanley: I was just curious. Thanks!
Lover Tifany: Was the fnished product close to the frst ideas you had for "Devoured"?
Or did certain storylines, characters, etc change in the writing process?
Emily Snow: BUT, my husband is responsible for the Google is your friend line
lalamrcds: that's a great line!
Ellen: loved that
LoverKaren: Please feel free to ask Emily questions about her books and fabulous
Kristina: awwww I LOVE that line... :)
Abbie D: husband=genuis
LLM: That line is so TRUE!!
Ellen: When writing a new story are you ever afraid they the fans won't like it?
Abbie D: from start to fnish, in summation, how long did it it take it you to write
Kristina: Who would your ideal cast for Cooper & Willow be?
Emily Snow: It took about a month, Abbie, with the majority being written over the
course of a couple weeks!
Regina: So, is Devoured a good place for me to start?
Abbie D: wow..impressive
Emily Snow: Thanks so much, Regina! I'd suggest starting with Devoured and
then All Over You
LLM: Ohh! I started with All Over You, and I'm reading Devoured now! :(
Emily Snow: But you can also read it in the other order!
LoverKaren: Emily, you wrote such a powerful character in Lucas, did Lucas come fully
formed to your imagination or was he more like a onion, you needing to pull back the
layers to discover him.
Regina: Thanks :)
Grace: When do you think consumed will be released and will it be the fnal book in the
Emily Snow: Lucas was/ is an onion, Karen, lol. I continued to fnd out more about
him even as I wrote Consumed!
lalamrcds: Do you write a little bit of yourself into any of your characters?
LLM: I'm good, then! I was worried. Whew!
Abbie D: wheres that italian Kelli? ;)
Emily Snow: Consumed will be released this summer, Grace. It's going to be the
fnal Lucas/ Sienna book, but I'm also working on a book about Lucas's sister,
LLM: YAY! I want to know about Kylie!
Abbie D: Kylies so hot
Abbie D: Blue hair don't care
Abbie D: Lucas, where did he come from Em
Abbie D: Dream? Fantasy?
Abbie D: Etc Etc Etc?
Emily Snow: Lala, there's a little of me in my characters! Like, Willow's not a great
swimmer and neither am I. And I'm tall, like Sienna.
Grace: Good to know I can't wait to read consumed and I loved all your books. I can't
wait to read what u have coming up :)
Emily Snow: LOL, Abbie!
Abbie D: hehehe
Emily Snow: Lucas came from staring at my Jared Padalecki screensaver and
listening to Framing Hanley while staring at a blank word document, lol!
Abbie D: nicely done.
Abbie D: how tall r u
Emily Snow: I put the two together and said, Oh boy! Hot tall rocker? Yes please!
Emily Snow: I'm almost 5 foot ten.
Emily Snow: Thanks, LLM! Can't wait to see what you think of Kylie! :)
Abbie D: dang girl!
LoverKaren: Emily, when you wrote the ending of Devoured did you have a sequel
already in the works?
Abbie D: zexy
Emily Snow: Karen, yes, I had a sequel in the works. I realized halfway through
writing it that there would be a sequel.
kelli maine: When will we see paperbacks in the stores?
Lover Tifany: Emiliy, was the fnished book close to the frst ideas you had for
"Devoured"? Or were certain storylines, characters, etc changed in the writing process?
LoverKaren: Because honestly I needed another ten chapters. ;;)
lalamrcds: Do you have any new series/stand alones in the works that aren't related to
Devoured or Tidal?
Emily Snow: Kelli, it will be in stores early summer! And I get to reveal the new
covers soon--I'm so excited!
Kristina: what book if any are your currently reading? Who is your favorite author?
kelli maine: :D
Emily Snow: The fnished book was very diferent from my frst idea. Lucas
originally came from a really messed up family and there was no Kylie!
Abbie D: kelli those are some big teeth :0
Abbie D: :)
Lover Tifany: oh no!! I love Kylie!
Emily Snow: Karen, the paperback version is much longer than the original!
LoverKaren: After Consumed is release, what book plans do you have?
Abbie D: what was your Kylie creation?
Emily Snow: Kristina, I'm reading "If I Were You". I just bought it a few days ago!
Ellen: Do you ever start a story and realize that you don't like it and delete the whole
Emily Snow: Lala, I have a few new ideas in the works that aren't related to those
books. Hopefully, I'll be releasing one of those before the end of this year!
Abbie D: as in who or what spawned it if it/she wasn't part of your original story?
LoverKaren: Hello Michelle, Welcome to the chat
Michelle Valentine: Thanks. :)
Emily Snow: Abbie, Kylie just kind of pushed her way into the book. She came to
me as I was writing and I couldn't get rid of her.
Grace: Do you read on a e-reader or paper which do you prefer.
Abbie D: I can totally get that.. she is pretty aggressive..
LoverKaren: Everyone feel free to jump in and ask Emily a question.
Heidi: Do you write every day? What do you enjoy doing in your time of?
Emily Snow: I read on both, Grace, but mostly paperback
lalamrcds: Do you keep notes or summaries about your characters as you write, maybe
to keep track of all the details?
Kristina: Who would your ideal cast for Cooper & Willow be?
Emily Snow: I usually try to write everyday, unless my kids refuse to let me lol.
*glares across the room at one-year-old adversary* lol
lalamrcds: lol
Ellen: Do you have a favorite time of day to write? Or just whenever you can?
LoverKaren: One Year Olds, can be tough critics
Emily Snow: Lala, I keep notes in Scrivener along with pictures of what my
characters look like. It keeps me pretty organized!
Heidi: One year old never mind the question about free time! LOL
Emily Snow: Ideal cast for Tidal would defnitely be Liz Gillies as Willow and Liam
Hemsworth as Cooper, Kristina!
Abbie D: so would you say you are a very visual person?
Emily Snow: Agreed, Karen. One year olds are the toughest!
Kristina: just googled Liz Gillies....LOVE! and yes of course Liam Hemsworth... :D
Michelle Valentine: Em is Mega Mom! I don't know how she does it all. :)
Emily Snow: Ellen, usually I just write whenever I can, but I prefer frst thing in the
morning if I don't oversleep!
Lover Tifany: What's the one thing about Devoured that you've heard the most feedback
from via fans?
Emily Snow: <3 Michelle!
Abbie D: have you always had your beta girls from the beginning?
Abbie D: how to y'all meet?
Emily Snow: I've heard from a lot of people wanting to know what it is Sam has on
Lucas, Tifany
Abbie D: yes...and????
Lover Tifany: YES!!!! Will we fnd out in Consumed??
Emily Snow: Yes! You will DEFINITELY fnd out in Consumed! It's a big part of the
Abbie D: oh damn...
Kristina: Yes!!!! sooo excited!!
Abbie D: how clues?? ;)
LoverKaren: Are there any upcoming events that you would like to tell us about? Who all
is the Naughty Mafa and how did you come up with the name
Grace: Can't wait to fnd out lol
Emily Snow: You trying to bribe me, Abbie? ;)
Abbie D: always...
Emily Snow: Yes, quite a few upcoming events!
LoverKaren: please share.
Emily Snow: I'm going to Book Bash in Orlando the last weekend of June,
Romcon the week before which is in Colorado
LoverKaren: Hi Anima, please feel free to ask questions.
Ellen: going to Book Bash!!!
Emily Snow: RWA in Atlanta (I've got to go fnd the date for that one)
Emily Snow: and Naughty Mafa Rocks Vegas in August!
Kristina: will we get another consumed teaser before the release?
Lover Tifany: OOO!! Yay!
Emily Snow: *waves to Anima*
Emily Snow: Yes, Kristina! There will be a few more Consumed teasers! :D
LoverKaren: Naughty Mafa, how did y'all pick the name. Curiosity and cat thing.
Emily Snow: Wow, that smiley has big teeth!
Kristina: :-X
LoverKaren: Hi MorganKay Jump in ask questions
Kristina: made my night...I need more Lucas in my life~ lol
Emily Snow: There was a "Mafa" in the YA community a few yeas back and one of
us made the comment about being the Naughty Mafa and it stuck!
Emily Snow: Hi Sami! :)
Emily Snow: Hi Morgankay!
Sami: Hello
Abbie D: I met Katie Ashley..closet to the mafa I could get right?!
Abbie D: Or am I WAY of base?
morgankay: can we get a hint to expect the next Consumed Teaser?
LoverKaren: Katie is Mafa
LoverKaren: how about a consumed teaser here, during the chat.
LoverKaren: Hi Stephanie, feel free to join in.
Stephanie: Thanks
Sami: I love Devoured, cant wait for Consumed :)
Sami: teaser would be wonderful
lalamrcds: I defnitely vote for a Consumed teaser! :)
Emily Snow: @Morgan, next Consumed teaser will be toward the end of this
month when my new covers are revealed! :P
morgankay: listen to us we are desperate for Lucas
Emily Snow: Did you read the V-day scene on my blog, Morgan?
Stephanie: The piano scene in Lucas' POV?
Emily Snow: Yep, the piano scene! And hi, AGehrke! :)
LoverKaren: Yes a little Snippet, Emily, please. Glimpse of Consumed. >:D<
AGehrke: Hi Emily
stephani: I can't wait for the next teaser. I read Devoured in 1 day. Do we get another
chapter from Lucas' POV?
Sami: oh n loved the Lucas' pov in the piano scene
Kristina: would love to read another scene from Lucas' POV!
morgankay: who do you picture when writing about Lucas and Si? and i read the piano
scene from Lucas's POV loved it btw he is much more romantic than i originally
expected :)
Abbie D: Do you have any idea when your pretty new covers will be revealed?
Emily Snow: I'll be posting a new snippet very soon, I promise!!! :D
stephani: Oh Emily you tease ;)
Emily Snow: And Kristina, there will defnitely be another Devoured scene in
Lucas's POV in the near future as well, but shhh! It's a secret. ;)
Emily Snow: Morgan, I pictured Jared Padalecki with a ton of tattoos as Lucas
and Deborah Ann Woll as Sienna. *goes to get a picture of both*
Sami: such a tease:)
Kristina: lips are sealed...your secret is save with us!!
LoverKaren: Emily Do You know the name of the cover model. We as bloggers have
been asked several times.
Stephanie: Are you working on anything else besides Consumed ?
AGehrke: You should write a book with Lucas POV ;)
Emily Snow: These are the pics I looked at when writing it:
stephani: I like All Over You, how it switched back & forth between Lucas & Si's POV
LoverMichelle: Emily, will we see your books in major bookstores any time soon?
lalamrcds: Wowwza...that Padalecki is a hotty!
Emily Snow:
Emily Snow: and that's Sienna! :)
Abbie D: i totally wasn't showing everyone this weekend my "handcuf" collage with
Deborah Ann Woll "naked" *Rolls eyes in denial*
stephani: Wow!
AGehrke: I like the way you wrote All Over You too....loved it
Ellen: love her!!
morgankay: aww he would look great with sleeves
Emily Snow: Karen, I wish I knew the name of the cover model! I've tried so hard
to fgure out who he is lol!
Grace: Deborah Ann woll would make a good sienna
Emily Snow: and thanks, Stephani, glad you liked AOY!
Stephanie: Same guy as on Tammara Webber's Easy right?
Sami: got kicked, def agree with the pic of si
LoverMichelle: Emily, will we see your books in major bookstores any time soon?
Abbie D: Lucas Wolfe is a force to be reckoned with..
Ellen: Emily, thank you for the opportunity to chat with you. You are quite the inspiration
for the rest of us. Keep writing. Night All.. :)
morgankay: i agree reading both POVs adds another level of intimacy
Emily Snow: Michelle, Devoured and Tidal will be in bookstores early summer
(June is what we're thinking)!
stephani: You're Welcome. I can't seem to get enough of your books lately. Read
Devoured, AOY and Tidal Pull in just over a week.
Emily Snow: Thanks so much, Ellen! <3
LoverMichelle: btw, we've been changing the room preferences trying to fnd what works
best. So if you timed out, we apologize.
Lover Tifany: hopefully in time for Orlando Book Bash!! :)
LoverMichelle: awesome Emily, that has to be a thrill for you. :)
LoverKaren: Oh Everyone will need ;) books for Orlando.
stephani: so exciting to see them on the shelf. Very excited for you :)
Stephanie: I am excited about the Book Bash. Talked my sister-in-law into going with me
tonight actually! :)
Emily Snow: Stephanie, yes, it's the same guy. I didn't realize how popular he was
until after I hit publish! He's also on the cover of one of Olivia Cunning's books
and a few more.
LoverKaren: Does anyone have anymore questions for Emily, before we let her go. She
does have a one year old.
Emily Snow: How many of y'all are going to Orlando or Vegas? *hopes to see everyone!
AGehrke: he is awesome...
Abbie D: I am SO excited for BOOK BASH just for Emily alone..she is AMAZE
LoverMichelle: Book bash in Orlando
LoverKaren: Vegas all but two Lovers are going
Stephanie: I am still working on Vegas... but Orlando seems to be set for me. :)
Emily Snow: Thanks AGherke!!
Sami: Ok i think i missed they guy we are all talking about lol
Abbie D: Love you EM and I will ship your present soon...
lalamrcds: I will be in Vegas and can't wait!
Emily Snow: AGehrke* My typing sucks tonight!
Abbie D: <3 <3 <3 NIGHTY NIGHT MY BABE! <3
Emily Snow: YAY! I can't wait to meet all you ladies! <3 <3 <3
LoverKaren: Emily, on behalf of us all fans and Lovers, thank you for coming tonight.
stephani: Aaaah Vegas, my hometown
Emily Snow: Thank you so much for having me, Karen, and thanks so much
everyone for coming out to chat with me!
Emily Snow: You guys rock so hard!
LoverKaren: We will be posting the chat tomorrow.
Grace: Good night thanks for all your books I loved then all I can't wait to read ur future
Kristina: Thank you Emily!!! This was soo much fun!! xoxox Cannot wait to read
Sami: Thanks Emily
Regina: Thank you Emily, Thank you Lovers, good night all!
Stephanie: Thanks Emily - see you in Orlando! :)
Emily Snow: Thanks guys! :)
LoverKaren: Can't wait to meet you in Vegas and Can't wait for Consumed. cover and
LoverMichelle: thank you Emily and all you fans who came out to support her and us
too. :-X
AGehrke: lol, it's a hard name ;)
stephani: Good night!
Lover Tifany: Thanks Emily for joining us!! :)
morgankay: gnight!
Sami: Good night, Thanks again cant wait for cover and snippet:)

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