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daisy dessy

Summer Trends:
The key Pieces for
those long sum- RED HOT:
mer days

That’s Some N.E.E.T stuff:

An exclusive interview with the
editor of n.e.e.t magazine
Hi and welcome to the very first issue of Daisy Dessy.
I decided that it is time for a change in this year and
decided to create my own magazine.

Ever since college, I have struggled to find work

1. What’s in store for 2009
experience and now that I am at uni, I learnt that it’s
best to take incentive if you want to get far in life.
2. Summer Trends
3. In London Town
This magazine gives the latest in fashion, beauty, and
lifestyle. There is love in the air as it is the month of 4. Red Hot (Valentine Special)
Love in the Valentines Day special. Check out the key
trends for summer from the catwalk capitals. The next 5. Wine & Dine
time you are in town, visit out the exhibitions that are
happening at Tate Modern to The National Gallery. 6. That’s some N.E.E.T stuff
See you next month.
7. Beauty Clinic
8. Stockist
If you have any question or comments about the
magazine, drop an email to
Are you interested in contibutiing to the magazine, email me with your speciality
and I will get back to you
as soon as possible.

Facebook Group: Daisy Dessy

Myspace Page:
X Factor winner Leona Lewis is launch-
Calling all die hard Fashionista! Fashion week for A/W 09 ing her autobiography packed will over 100
is around the corner with British designers showcasing their behind-the-scenes photographs taken by
latest collections on the runway. Fashion week is between photographer Dean Freeman. The British
20-24th of February. ( singer from Islington will tell her story from
It’s a fashionistas dream to mingle with celebrities and fash- how she was waitress in Pizza Hut to
ion Editors but in order to get in you need to blag your way becoming an international star. The title of
in through the security guards check out this site on blag- the book isn’t made public but Leona
ging your way into fashion week: ( describes her two year journey as an
doc/5203/Blagging-Into-Fashion-Week). There is London “unbelievable experience.”
Fashion Weekend from the 4th-8th March. Check out the site
for more information tickets and goodie bags.

Topshop owner Sir Philip Green has thought

about having Christina Aguilera as the next Whitney Port leaves the sunny hills of California
celebrity designer for the London fashion based to the bright lights of Manhattan with a new job
chain. According to the Sunday Mirror Philip at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg.
“loves her style and believes she would add She has two new buddies Olivia, Erin and her
something new to Topshop”. The £4 million lover Jay to keep her company in the city that
deal will be a great career move and this is her never sleeps.
chance to inspire a whole new look for die hard
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Zip Front Top
Zip It
Browns £65

Check Zip
Zip front patent boot Skirt
Select £18 Karen Millen £44.95

Leather Faux Croc Zip Detail Purse

Warehouse £20

Zips aren’t something that would appear to the eye when looking at the latest col-
lections, but has now been exposed. Lanvin used zips on backs of voluminous jewel Black patent double zip tote bag
coloured tops and shift dresses. At Versace, snaking zips slithered around goddess Debenhams £45
Green scarf belted
gowns, giving a feminine but rock hard attitude with a heart ringed by a zipper with
love from Donatella. But at Yves Saint Laurent, caged boots had zips up the sides, dress
complimented with hand held purse bags in army green to navy blue. However, these Peacock £14
designers are not the first to use zips in their collections, Schiaparelli promoted the
zipper in her avant-garde gowns as decorations rather than keeping it hidden under-
neath the material. Junya Watanabe dedicated his whole collection on zips, spiralled Ted Baker Phora Zip
around the neck and waist over black flared unfinished hemlines. Go for unusual Deatil Waisted Belt
diagonal shapes and loops just like the ones featured at Aminaka Wilmont. Zip Print Tee Asos £25
Topshop £18
Pyjama party

Hope Daisy Cami and Bloomer Bow Pyjama Set

New Look £18
Topshop £18
Last season it was all about underwear as outwear at Alessandro Dell’acqua to Rob-
erto Cavalli with bubblegum pink ruffles and frills swishing down the catwalk. Now it’s
time to wind down and get into bed with a snugly teddy bear at the runways of Jean
Paul Gaultier, with tranquil romantic transparent slip dresses in blacks and nudes with Dolce & Gabbana
spiral lace detailing. Dolce & Gabbana held a Pyjama Baroque extravaganza with Leopard Print Chemise
gentlemen’s pyjamas in velvet and silk fabrics, Mickey Mouse shoulders, and underwear Net-a-Porter£140.70
shorts with pockets. Chole pumped up the party with scalloped detailed house coats
and shorts. Nightwear is the new daywear when teamed up either espadrilles, high
waisted wide leg trousers, or even a bubble skirt. Coco Chanel is the editor-in chief of
this trend when she created lounging pyjamas for evening and as beach wear, convinc-
ing women that women could be stylish alternative to nightwear. So get comfortable in Eye Mask
this new modern twist of pyjamas this spring summer season so sleep tight and don’t let
Slippers La senza £3.50 Tinkerbell Nightshirt
the bugs bite.
Peacocks £4
Peacocks £8

Sequin Beanie
Select £7.99

Green Sequin Hotpant

Topshop £15

Ashish Striped
Sequin Dress
Boogie on down on the dance floor with all things sequined. All the credit Browns £215
goes to Stella McCartney who kicked off this trend in her first collection with
sequined black trousers to royal blue jumpsuits. Now it’s back on the run-
ways of Paris at Dior, with golden sequins sewn on to waistcoats and halter
neck dresses worn over soft white skirts. Sonia Rykiel revamped the classic
French beret and the little black dress. Jumpers shined brightly with sequined
doves, cherries, and butterflies. For a futurist dresses look no further than Grey 80’s Sequins Dress
Balenciaga, who featured solar panel dresses which radiated the runway Miss Selfridges £25
with sugar coated coned heeled shoes. This is the time to play dress up by Anna Ombre sequin dress
experimenting with something out of the ordinary, making it come to life. Net-a-porter £450.21 Sequin Mess Shrug
New Look £3
Dolled up Demin

18th Amendment Jeans

Net-a-porter £126.70

New Sara Bootflare

Select £12
Sass & Bide Jeans
Topshop £60

Jeans history would be nothing without Levis, and its back with vengeance but this time
eighties style. Reminisce back to the times of leg warmers, power dressing, and jelly shoes.
Think Beverley Hills 92120 faded polka dot stamped jeans with M&Ms around the front
pockets at House of Holland. Flowers bloomed on demin skirt suits while Topshop Unique
had spectrums of demin from candy pink to classic blue all-in ones to roll up blazer jackets.
Skinny Jeans emerged at Balmain with a mixture of stonewashed to bleach-splashed designs Pleated Demin Skirt
and finished off with ripped jeans for rebel attitude. This season is all about being adven- Oasis £38
turous with demin and being able to mix different fabrics and textures together. Try Topshop
Unique for a youth look and for rock chick look no further than style icons such as Elvis Demin Bubble Skirt
Topshop £28
Presley and James Dean who sported this trend. Sonnet Carousel Jeans
All Saints £80
In London Town
Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones
(24th Febuary-31st May 2009)
Legendary Stephen Jones is having an exhibition at the V&A,
displaying international collections while exploring the cultural and
historic importance of millinery in four main themes. His designs are
popular with Audrey Hepburn, Anna Piaggi, and Dita Von Tesse.
After visiting the event, there will be a chance to purchase his book
Hats: An Anthology going into depth about his creations which can
be bought at the V&A shop.

Picasso: Challenging the Past-The National Gallery

(25th February-7 June 2009)
The most influential artist has been praised at the national
gallery with an exhibition held for Pablo Picasso. The master Altermodern: Tate Modern
of European painting is explored as “Picasso: Challenging (3 February-26 April 2009)
the Past” by looking at the ways he gathered artistic concerns The fourth Tate Triennial at Britain presents new contemporary art presents some of
of other painters and made the responses through his work. the best current art by international artists, ranging from media, painting, film and
Over 60 pieces of his work will be displayed showing how he video. The exhibition has been created by Nicolas Bourriaud who proposed the new
analysed great subjects of European painting tradition. Some art term ‘Altermodern’ to describe how artists are responding to the increasingly
of the pieces include self portraits, still life, and the seated global context in which we live in. Altermodern claims that postmodernism have come
female figure. to an end with a new culture emerging. This exhibition describes how artists are the
forefront of their generation is responding to this globalised culture.
Red hot buys

101 Love Songs

Amazon £12.98
Red ankle boot
Faith £40

Camilla & Miranda Pencil

Bra Set Debenhams £20 Skirt £254
Red Dress
Jane Norman £35

Vivienne Westwood Dress

Mary Jane Shoes
Dolly Dagger
Classic Hardware Retrolite Sheer Oriental top
Heart Bracelet £28 Dolly Dagger New Look £8
Zip Front Slouchy red hobo
Accesorize £29.35

R&B Love songs

Amazon £9.98
Red Check Camisole & Skirt Lipsy £39.14
Carvela Alexandra shoes
Ring Shorts
Liberty £62 Topshop £18
Wine & Dine
St. Albans (Average Price £45)
Brings contemporary European cuisine in
Cote Restaurant Covent Garden a frosty wonderland world with stream-
(Average Price £25) lined with grey walls. Bright colours are
Newly opened French restaurant in the splashed on to chairs along with murals
heart of Theatreland serving fresh food of household objects. Dishes such as deep
in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Has fried soft shell crab to Sardinian fish
been awarded for ‘Best Value Restau- stew are cooked in a real charcoal grill
rant in the Uk’ in the Good Food Guide & wooden oven fresh from Italy, Spain,
2009. The restaurant takes its inspiration France, and Portugal. The meal ends with
from many famous bistros found around a endless choice of desserts and wines as
Paris. This restaurant is the best place to the highlight of the evening.
relax with friends or someone special in
the heart of London so make sure you
book in advance to eat there.

Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill (Average

price £25)
This flagship Italian restaurant in Fishworks Marylebone (Average Price £45)
Knightsbridge reminisces back to the The fresh catch of the day served at the award
1920s Chicago jazz club. Created by winning Marylebone restaurant with a fishmon-
celebrity Chief Marco Pierre. The atmos- ger’s counter which sells fish seven days a week.
phere is filled with glitter balls hanging Mitch Tonks the owner brings all things under the
from the ceiling and mirrored walls. The sea with nautical-blue walls and wooden chairs.
food ranges from pasta to pizza topped Dishes include Lyme Bay scallops to grilled sea
off with selected Italian wines for under bass. It’s the place to be if you catch my drift.

Stephanie J is one of the hottest freelance web designers having her very own online
magazine N.E.E.T which showcases undiscovered talent, independent designers, and
stylish people around the world which has blown the World Wide Web.

The 26 year old freelancer from Berkshire began N.E.E.T in December 2005 as a quarterly “I see the internet as the way forward; a minefield of fantastic talent” says Stephanie.
online publication. “I first had the idea to produce a magazine that features “grassroots That’s the beauty of the internet; it can bring together a community of people from all
creativity” because of young artists and designers I have come across on community-based over the world where they can share and feed off each other.” I love finding new websites,
websites such as Livejournal, Style Dash, Fashion is Spinach, snowflakes & cupcakes, and the new designers, coming across a fantastic photoshoot. I find it fascinating and inspirational
Fashion Spot has helped Stephanie find people who are talented in their special fields such that there’s so much (as yet) untapped talent out there.”The inspiration for the magazine
as bloggers, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, and journalists. This has helped with comes from the daily use of the internet looking through sites such as Flickr for fashion pho-
the production process of the magazine. In each issue different undiscovered talent is shown tography and illustration. “I wanted to bring it together in once place, in a magazine-format
in the limelight. Many independent online shops can advertise in N.E.E.T to promote their digital publication, to spread the word and acts as a showcase for it all.”
business and can be in the directory section which is updated regularly.
N.E.E.T is free and one of the first magazines to be published entirely online in a flash version,
Stephanie is proud of what N.E.E.T. has achieved over the past three years and has been fea- enabling readers to click and flick the pages similar to a print magazine. The site has had
tured in blogs such as Style Dash and magazines such as Venus and Bust. In 2006, Bust maga- over 70,000 hits per month and a running cost lower than most print magazines. There are
zine called N.E.E.T “A box of tasty visual bonbons and a brilliant take on the magalog genre” links within the pages which leads straight to the designer’s website. It was made to showcase
and Venus stated “N.E.E.T. is highly’ll think you’ve stumbled upon NYLON’s creativity of independent designers and for advertising, product placement, and ideas. “I start
funkier, thrift-store chic little sister.” each issue two months before it goes online (so I started the June issue in April). This gives me
an eight week advertising window for each issue”

“That’s the beauty of the internet; it can bring together a community of people
from all over the world where they can share and feed off each other.”
“I don’t follow trends as such. I feature quality, unique items in N.E.E.T. I like colour, pattern, and
texture and value fresh design above trends. I don’t have a favourite era - that’s one of the
great things about fashion in general, it constantly refers back to past eras. I like the hippie
feel of the 60s, the glamour of the 70s, the trashiness of the 80s - I’m even enjoying the idea
of plaid and tie-dye and Doc Martens again - from the 90s! N.E.E.T is very eco-friendly takes
it seriously when it comes to fashion. The products featured in the magazine are handmade and
not made in sweatshops on the other side of the world. In the next issue of N.E.E.T, there will be
a feature on Fairtrade items.

“Fashion has a reputation for being expensive and not very serious - however, it can also make
an important statement. I feel N.E.E.T. shows that you can help the cause of looking after the
environment and the world without compromising on style.”
The future is bright for N.E.E.T and also for its readers because there is a possibility of N.E.ET
moving to print. Stephanie is interest in the idea of moving towards print, which is very differ-
ent area to online journalism. “I feel that there is a gap in the market for a magazine, where you
don’t have to have a degree in something, or a rich dad or a million contacts to be able to get
your work into it. There is a wealth of talent out there, and so many great, often young, people
“I layout, design and organise each issue. I decide what will go in each issue, from the front cover to creating off their own bat, and there needs to be a showcase for that.
the editorials to the product pages. For photography, I choose work from a photographer’s existing
portfolio and bring it together to create a spread for the magazine. So, while it’s only me compiling N.E.E.T shows that there is more to fashion than the style and price tag. It has brought a scene of
the magazine, it wouldn’t be possible without all the fantastic shops, advertisers, photographers, writers reality in its pages featuring talented people and issues affect our everyday lives. It inspires one
and designers that showcase in each issue.” to change the world we live in. It’s a pretty N.E.E.T magazine with a philosophy is to showcase
global style straight from the streets – to sell a lifestyle not a brand. N.E.E.T. is inspirational, not
Her favourite designers are people who are doing independent work from graduates straight from just aspiration.
fashion school to photographers snapping their friends. “When I come across a photographer, I’m
excited by the looks and feel they’ve created and captured; or a new shop I hadn’t heard of, and
the originality of the items for sale.
“My ultimate fashion icon is Carrie Bradshaw. For me, she embodies
My ultimate fashion icon is Carrie Bradshaw. For me, she embodies everything that is great about everything that is great about fashion - experimentation, mixing styles,
fashion - experimentation, mixing styles, creating looks, getting things so right (and wrong!)”When it creating looks, getting things so right and wrong!”
comes to shopping, N.E.E.T makes sure that readers receive reasonable prices for vintage clothing,
indie designer jewellery, accessories, bags, and clothes. The trend pages are full of endless recy-
cled fashion and jewellery captured as a new form of art. Stephanie is a perma-skint kind of girl
who buys her clothes from Primark and H&M and has a love for vintage clothing and spends hours
on eBay.
Beauty Clinic
Renew Strength

Tresemme shampoo
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
(fine hair)
This whipped mousse formula gives an air-soft, flawless
matte finish. The weightless foundation feels like you have
no makeup on at all, but with the same great coverage.
Bloom’s Lip Plump with Maxi-Lip™ £4.99
Designed to plump lips, reduce fine lines
and improve lip moisture.

Shampure Shampoo
Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
A luxurious, silky moisturiser formulated
especially for dry skin. Locks-in moisture
to provide long-lasting hydration and
protection. Helps to restore the skin’s
natural moisture barrier with regular use.
Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths Skin is left feeling silky smooth, comfored
Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths provide and well protected.
3-in-1 cleansing, toning and skin smoothing for the
quick ridding of makeup, dirt, and oils. £12
1. Boots
2. Beautyexpert
3. Superdrug
4. Beauty counter direct
5. Aveda
6 Net-a-porter
7. Faith
8. Warehouse
9. Amazon
10. Lipsy
11. Topshop
12. DollyDagger
13. Debenhams
14. Browns
15. Select
16. Karen Millen
17. New Look
18. BodyShop
19. Accesorize
20. AllSaints
21. Miss Selfridges
22. LaSenza