The Great House of York

H.M. Margrethe II deValdemarsdatter Scandinavia
Crowned Queen Farnese Royal of Denmark and France Since 1963

My Blue Valentine Sincere Sentiments My Father’s Land Today

Blue Valentine Sincere Sentiments
Saturday, February 14, 2009 9:12 AM From: "Queen Margrethe II of DK & FR" <> View contact details To: "foreign affairs dk" <>, "prime minister denmark" <>, "CENTRAL BANK OF DK" <>, "royal mint national bank dk" <>, "IMMIGRATION SERVICE" <>

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The Prime Minister of Denmark The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark The Minister of Immigration The Banking Industry & Finance

No Political will to combat against this entire Evil Notion? The Duke Of Windsor had overcome everything 1960s recession by securing Denmark Acceleration Of Royalty to Suzerainty by West Germany France Japan China And Scandinavia With Sultanate of Jolo Suzerain Royal Power Collateral by The 1971 Constitution Of which you just taken for granted by prostitute irresponsible politic. Despite of Russia and Berlin indifference and Germany in Ruble. You are being quoted as "A country who doesn’t admit bankruptcy."

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At Moment like this Queen Elizabeth In England beheaded Her enemy back 1580s. To practically preserve the integrity of England banking notes gaining power across sea commerce. Securing State Royal collateral worth. A 100 billion loss is Denmark under the sea economy. A prostitute no matter what. is always a dreaded disease of a society. Perjury is always a perjury. hiding an evil by covering evil by evil is always an evil. An under wear with incurable venereal disease who’s face on billion krona bank note always had its evil gonorrhea bank note spirit on

Politics & Banking guilt and shoulder.
Why can’t you reminiscence those years 1702 - 1776 When Denmark Seek association to Releigh New found land just to defend your sovereign right against the towering notions of Racist aggravation of Charles of England against Danish Legal Sovereignty. Reminiscence The Political Will Of Three Danish Musketeers One of them was The Count Of Monte Christo Maupassant of Marlborough Ammallieborg. Sad to realize He was prostituted subjected to indiscriminate perjury and gangsterism. For me freedom is truth and overflowing diet of prosperity and truth in aristocracy. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from corrupt political aggravading.

H.M. Margrethe Valdemarsdatter II QUEEN OF DENMARK & FRANCE Crown Deed of License © iCROWN OF DENMARK AND FRANCE mobile +639104474717

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Jus Sanguiness Jus Gladii Royal
Naturalized 1965 Section 44 [Naturalization]

Crowned 1971 Christiansborg Copenhagen Denmark

Crowned 1982 Versailles Paris France

Section 44 [Naturalization] · Part II [The Queen Since 1971]
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Section 5 [Reigning no Other Countries] Section 6 [Member of the State Church] Section 7 [Of Age With 18 Years] Section 8 [Sworn on the Constitution] Section 9 [Vacancy of the Throne] Section 10 [Civil List] Section 11 [Annuities]

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