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Lesson Plan # 185 Title: Romance? Level: C1.1 Materials: Making Headway Phrasals pgs.

70, 71 (1 copy/pair st), board, marker. Time: 60 to 75min. Group size: ideally from 6 to 9 people Goal: use this vocabulary: Phrasal verbs: to come across as something to settle down to go off s/o to go on at s/o to fall out with s/o over sth to break off to call off to get over sth, s/o Expressions: to drown the sorrows to be head over heels in love to be (neg) on speaking terms with s/o love at first sight to be heartbroken Warm-up : Put title on the board. Ask st what comes to their mind when they see it. ~3min E: Pair st up and give them pg 70. Tell them its a love story and the pictures are in the wrong order, so they have to discuss and decide the correct order of events. Note: make sure they see therere 3 different men in the story. Give them apprx. 6 min and then ask 2 pairs to report their answer, just to show the different opinions total time: ~10 min. S: Now give students the text (pg71) and tell them to compare what they did to the story. Allow 5-6 min for this. Meanwhile put the goal words on the board (2 columns, leave the middle area free for writing). Check if they understood the correct order for the pictures, make brief comments, and move to the board: Ask them to give definitions for these words based on the text theyve just read. Put them on the board and correct if necessary make sure everyone participates approx 6min. total time: ~12 min.

A: put these questions on the board and ask students to interview each other using the vocabulary theyve just learned (NOTE: They must rephrase the questions so to use the new words here too): - What impression do you give of yourself when you first meet people? - What would you say to someone whos always criticizing you? - What kind of things would make you stop liking someone? - When do you think is the right time to live a more quiet, stable life? - Do you agree with the saying: Its love which makes the world go round? Why? Total time: 10 min. (go round the class, checking for doubts, mistakes, etc). Then, ask st to make groups (preferably of 3 people, being careful not to have too many groups though). They should create a dialog using all the words. Allow 15-min. Each group stands up and acts it out. ~ 9min. Cool down: Everyone sitting down, ask each student to say 2 words from the lesson they intend to use. ~1 min.

Self-appraisal: a) Last time I taught it I had 8 students (monolingual class). The lesson seemed to have gone well. Students were engaged and seemed to have had fun while learning, which for me is key. b) Among my strengths I can mention objectivity and flexibility. I am able to adapt previous lessons and ideas to new contexts without much problem. I am also good at explaining, mainly grammar structures, making it easier for the student to identify and understand their mistakes. As for my weaknesses, I have to control myself not to talk too much in class and allow the student to practice and show more. I try not to jump and attack the mistake right away, but sometimes I slip. I also need to review grammar rules and collocations from time to time because I have two problems: the first is that speaking 4 languages can

occasionally cause short circuits saying a word/expression in one language meaning something else in another and the second is that my frequent contact is with informal English, spoken by friends and family members who, though native speakers, do not make the best formal use of the English language and that can be. contagious.