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Justin Daniel Lamudge, Petitioner V. Stephanie Lynn Kenney, Respondent _____________________/ BASIC PARENTING PLAN PARENTING PLAN OF: Both Parties 1. Parents. This Parenting Plan is for the child of: Mother: Stephanie Lynn Kenney

2309 SE Gillette St. Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952 SSN: ____-___-_____ Father: Justin Daniel Lamudge 2631 Conifer Drive Fort Pierce, Florida 34951 SSN: ____-___-____ 2. Child. The minor child of this (or relationship) is as follows: Name Sex Male Date of Birth July 06, 2010

Parker William Kenney

3. Child Custody and Visitation. A. Legal Custody. Legal custody for the purpose of this agreement refers to the authority to make major decisions regarding minor child, which can include but is not limited to health care, religion, and education. The parties agree to maintain joint legal custody of their minor child. B. Physical Custody. Physical custody for the purpose of this agreement refers to the authority to make routine and day-to-day decisions regarding the child and where the child's primary residence will be. The parties agree to maintain joint physical custody of the minor child. The joint custody arrangement will have the following schedule: MOTHER

Each parent will be entitled to visitation with the minor child every year on his or her birthday. FATHER will have physical custody from Sunday through Wednesday. The parents agree to divide holiday visitation as follows: i. summer and extended visitation defined herein have precedence over regular parenting time/visitation. Holiday. Holiday/Extended Visitation. New Year's Eve New Year's Day Martin Luther King Day President's Day Spring Break Week Easter Weekend Mother's Day Memorial Day Father's Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Holiday Break Winter Holiday Break Hanukkah Christmas Eve Christmas Day ii. Any missed visitation due to holiday or extended . MOTHER and FATHER will work together to reasonably divide time. Birthdays. with their minor child.will have physical custody from Thursday through Sunday. for each of the following holidays every year hereafter. Birthday visitation will be handled as follows: Time will be divided equally on CHILD’S Birthday. C. They will have shared physical custody on Sundays.

The parties agree that each party shall be responsible for 50% of any non-covered or co-pay expenses related to medical. Any nonmedical and non-emergency payments which exceed $100 shall be considered a major decision and must have prior consent of the other parent. Stephanie and Justin agree to jointly provide healthcare for Parker. 10. Unless there is a court order stating otherwise: A. . The parties further agree that this visitation and custody agreement will be reassessed if either party relocates or the new residence makes the current agreement unfeasible to manage. 9. Both parents are encouraged to consult with school staff concerning the child's welfare and education. psychological and law enforcement records. Non-Covered Medical. education. Information Sharing. dental.visitation will not be made up at a later date. Both parents have agreed to waive child support. physical therapy. Transportation. MOTHER and FATHER agree to share in all child related expenses equally. Information about the child's progress in school and any school activity is equally available to both parents. psychiatric or pharmaceutical needs of the minor child. A parent shall provide the other with a statement and receipts documenting any payments made and the other parent shall reimburse the paying parent within 30 days of receipt of this statement. The parties acknowledge that the child support order. Health Insurance. The parties agree to allow one another the first opportunity to have the child if he or she is unable to care for the child during their scheduled time. 7. B. Child Support. 11. 5. The parties agree to provide one another with their current phone number and physical address. 4. governmental agency. may be different. then the party who has expended the money must make a showing of what was spent and the other party has fourteen (14) days to contribute their equal share. which would result from the application of the Child Support Guidelines. Both parents are entitled to important information regarding the child including but not limited to. Taxes Related to Children. orthodontic. The Father agrees to accept responsibility for the majority of the transportation costs for all visitations. 8. Childcare. optometric. The parents will use thoughtful consideration when exercising and scheduling visitation so that the child’s education is not interfered with or hampered in any way. Stephanie will claim Parker on odd years and Justin will claim Parker on even years. The parents agree that neither party will change the residence of the minor child of the parties without adequate prior written notification. Notification. the child's current address and telephone number. 6. If either party expends money on behalf of child above and beyond reasonable day-today living expenses. The parties agree to work together to make decisions regarding childcare providers. medical.

Lucie. Disputes. when disputes arise between the parents. Arrange for the parents to meet with a trained mediator to try and reach an agreement [SIGNATURE PAGE TO FOLLOW] Signatures We knowingly and voluntarily agree on the terms of this Parenting Plan. 13. If either parent takes the child from their usual place of residence. ss: . D. Both parents will immediately notify each other regarding any emergency circumstances or substantial changes in the health of the child. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement on an important issue about our children after having discussed it with each other. Both parents will provide each other with contact numbers and addresses and will notify each other of any change in that information within 72 hours of such a change.C. Mother 2309 SE Gillette St. either parent may initiate dispute resolution by: A. the parents shall discuss the issues and attempt to reach an agreement based on what is best for the children at that particular time. in writing or by e-mail during reasonable hours without interference or monitoring by the other parent. Both parents and children shall have the right to communicate by telephone. ss: COUNTY OF ST. Dated: __________________ _________________________________ Stephanie Lynn Kenney. Whenever possible. Florida 34952 STATE OF FLORIDA. they will provide the other parent with an emergency contact phone number. Parent-Child Communication. Port St. LUCIE. 12. Each of us affirms that the information we have provided in this Plan is true and correct.

_______________________________________ Signature of person taking acknowledgment . printed. _____ by Stephanie Lynn Kenney. _____ by Stephanie Lynn Kenney.The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of ____________________. FL 34951 STATE OF FLORIDA. _______________________________________ Signature of person taking acknowledgment _______________________________________ Name typed. or stamped Dated: __________________ _________________________________ Justin Daniel Lamudge. Fort Pierce. ss: The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of ____________________. Father 2631 Conifer Drive. who is personally known to me or who has produced ________________________________ as identification. who is personally known to me or who has produced ________________________________ as identification. LUCIE. ss: COUNTY OF ST.

_______________________________________ Name typed. printed. or stamped .