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An Interview with my Nephew

Kanook Tlingit Nation April 21st, 2010 The first item on our agenda was the status of all our world governments and how Mr Nephew feels about the direction he smiled and said, look I am little bit short on teeth to be worried about what is going on around me, but as I watch the news I cant help but chuckle over the stupidity I see in the adults relax I say, have a suck on a good bottle of milk and gives thanks youre alive! He gave me a stern look the other day, you know what I said the other day I meant, come on guys put a plug in it and get a grip, you are really messing with my future and your shenanigans are getting a bit out of hand. You know, when you my future although it too bright, is still my long ride in an TV with my dad and popcornand just maybe tomorrow what else is a do, worry about what next day and a fresh cut think about it might not be future. Me, today, I enjoy a good automobile, a quiet night watching mom, with a hot bowl of think about yesterday, focusing on 10-month-old man supposed to happened or look forward to the of cheese or a chilled bottle of milk? So you see, life is simple, but you folks are making it a bit

too complicated. Dont get me wrong, I, just like the rest of you enjoy a little serious thinking from time-to-time, but yala, I dont let it overwhelm my daily activities, you know like taking a look at a pretty flower once in a while or some kids playing tag or hide and seek simple games, none of these shootemup bang-bang TV games for me I might do a car race or two, but I draw the line. I asked him how he liked Morocco, well, he said, my moms family lives here now, and I have her brother Tarik, my uncle who is a bit crazy, but like the man said many years before me, you can pick your friends, but you

cant pick your relatives, in Tarik I have a true friend and we get along pretty good at times we both get pretty nuts. You like Morocco? Well as you know Im Lebanese, and in my country the leaders more than us in the street are having a difficult time deciding who they are, to me this is more than confusing but very disruptive to our entire society Im not sure how this all came about, but for me having one parent raised as a Christian and the other as a Muslim, Im sure that as I get older the discussions at the dinner table will get a bit animated from time-to-time, albeit my mother who is Muslim has a pretty open mind as does my father it will still get wild. I love my dad too much, and he and I mix it up whenever were together one of these days I will win one, but whos in a hurry? I tend to relax with a good piece of bread and bottle from time-to-time, my Mom worries that I drink too much water, me I shine it on and enjoy. My wants are pretty simple, compared to the person who wants a 2 story large home full of stuff, me, Im happy with an empty box or a card or two from a brand new deck to crumple up, this really cranks my parents but what the heck, Im quiet and cards are cheap! Watching the news the other day I was set back by all that stuff coming out of that mountain, although I know little about flying having only flown one time, my Uncle Jim explained to me all the mess it was causing in Europe, my immediate reaction was to wonder if I was going to get back home to Beirut. As it turned out, the planes are flying once again and it seems the mountain has calmed down a bit. You caught me at a bad time, as I like to do most of my thinking while taking care of natures business but thats okay. You ask about environment, as I progress my Moms trying get me to stop using diapers she says its good for the earth, me it really doesnt matter that is until Im walking around with a load in my britches than I wonder about all the fuss about the environment try my problem on for size. After a good snooze was in order so we

broke off the talk for a bit. It is true I have an opinion, but most adults dont understand what Im talking about! My Aunti Nadia (Ya-Ya) and I have a lot of conversations, some confuse me but I just think its our different personalities, she is kinda of kicked back and relaxed whereas I like to stay on the go but you know I give her the benefit of the action since she seems to need more rest than I. Her and Mom ganged up and me and decided to trim my nails, normally Im against this sort of thing, but my Aunt had a strong hold on me and I figured fighting it would only get my finger cut-off. So what the hey, enjoy I say! We took a ride the other day, the grown-ups were talking about some politics, and you know how that bores me too tears, made it known and my Aunti informed the others and they began discussing food, my favorite subject. Dad took us to this Morocco eatery that appeared to have a pretty good selection, when he gets in the mood food for him jumps to the head of the list we ordered! Dad let me taste the vino, wasnt that bad so him and Uncle Jim ordered the whole bottle, Aunt Nadia tried it once and it sat there and turned moldy I guess she didnt like it. After lunch we drove around a bit, tell you the truth I think Dad got a bit confused but hey its a strange place and he is from where the drivers cruise on the white-lines and not

between themobeying traffic laws is new to most Lebanese drivers most, ha about 99.999% of them. But, then again Im just along for the ride and really nothing pressing to do.

You ask me what I feel about my grandmother wearing her traditional Muslim clothing, what of it? Why is that people in the West are so concerned about the females rights, dont give me that, that is so phony and full of BS it makes me sick. First of all, she is my grandmother and as long as I walk the face of the earth I will defend her right to do whatever makes her feel good and up-front and honest with her feelings toward Allah, as it turns out my Mom chooses not to wear the same coverings, but you see that is her decision and my grandmother is okay with that, so there you go! As you see, she doesnt get upset if I hang out with a little smudge on my face and a pair of diapers in my opinion, my grandmother in Morocco is right on top of my list of favorite relatives and/or persons we can step outside and settle this anytime. Now there is one thing that really cranks me up, when someone changes the channel on the boob tube when a good commercial is playing only thing worth watching in my opinion all the rest is just so much garbage. Think about it, if I changed the channel when my Dad was watching some political dialogue from the Heart of Beirut, hed have a cow milk and all! In reality Ive never seen a group of politicians talk so much, and mostly about nothing and when you look at what they do for the country it amounts to the same zip! Consider, I will most likely go on to get some kind of education there in Lebanon, makes me think. Now the greenies are hacking away at our society, next thing you know, a guy like me making a mistake

and doing the business in my drawers will be against the law well lets see if they can stop me. There are certain rights us little people have, and we dont seem to have a fair representation in our government well that is until we fill our drawers once in a while at a demonstration or two. Somewhere in the all the excitement of seeing me the other day, Dad lost his drivers license, so we all went down to the police station with him and had to give evidence he was all right yet we had to wait while they issued him a temporary one such is the cost of getting old! If you ask me being issued a card saying you can drive doesnt mean you know how to drive this conclusion I have arrived at from riding around in Lebanon and Morocco I think 75% of the drivers should be locked up and the key thrown in the sea but then again, this is just the opinion of one guy who is a little short in tooth (young), which means I havent been around long-enough to form a real position on driving. I do know for certain, that when you eat a piece of bread, youd better have a glass of milk handy this stuff will suck all the moisture in your body faster than a shot of electricity. Mom and Dad got to talking about Lebanese politics the other day did I get a good chuckle out of that conservation, you bet I almost split my drawers and get this they were serious I think it kind of made my Dad a bit mad that I laughed so hard, but I couldnt help myself. I wont let on to either of them what I was laughing about, might find myself sleeping on the porch. Mom tried to tuck me in the other day for a short snooze she finally gave up after a hard-fought battle, me I played along until Uncle Jim came in with his camera you know what happened then.

We all adjoined to the TV room watched a couple of Tom and Jerry cartoons and life went on. Mom and I are really enjoying our stay with family in Morocco tell you the truth, when Mom is away from her sister Nadia, she gets a little hard to live with and Uncle Jim has told me more than once that the same holds true for my Aunti Nadia, I know that Aunty is the proper way to spell it, but Im shy of one-year old and to assert my rights I spell it as Aunti what to step outside? When you think about, or time on the Blue Marble is kind of limited, after-all there is no time-table we can check in this I mean, enjoy the life, cool weather or hot weather you only get one trip around, so they say, and you might as well enjoy it while you can. Dad and I went for a walk the other evening, he picked us up some chocolate cones of Ice Cream or Yogurt, and we had a good time going to town on them, naturally I happened to get a bit on my face, and he tried to clean me up before we got back to Mom and failed miserably I had brown stuff all over my face, I thought Mom was going to have a cow. You have to have been asleep for the last 1000 years to not know what was going to happen next yep! A complete bath head to toe, Im telling you a guy cant have a good time once in a while whereas some women comes along and tries to clean him up and then dress him up so weirdsometimes I wonder. My Mom and Aunti even put some kind of girly thing in my hair, what do you think?

Have a good day it may be your last!

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