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My Interview Details: Qns1-Tell me about yourself or describe yourself or introduce yourself.

Good morning/afternoon sir/maam I'm .. I'm basically from ____________village under District________ and currently living in____________________. About my Education:I did my basic education in my village and completed my 12th examination in ______Board in village itself. I have completed my graduation in_____(Course) in____(yrs) with major in_________(Sub). About family:My family consist of __ members, my father is farmer, mother is house maker(house wife), and myself.(if brother- we are __ brother) My hobbies are reading newspaper, listening Hindi or Bhojpuri music and I am very keen follower of finance and banking news and keep myself updated in banking financial knowledge so that I can use all this in my work. I am hardworking, self-motivated, good listener and very friendly in nature (strength) I want be an officer or manager in bank.
Expected Qns from above Ans:

How your friendly nature is your strength?

Sir my friendly nature helps me to build relation easily and that lead to get my work done everywhere so it is one of my strength.

friendly .
Connect all the banking qns from urs hobbies

Resume/Bio data Details:-

->Importance of your birth place, ->Importance of your district, ->College/University which you studied, ->importance of the different places you staying, ->great personalities born in your district etc. ->details regarding your extracurricular activities and your achievements. ->tell me about your previous job provider, ->your strong/weak points

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Qns:-Why gap in education (if there is gap)/what is your biggest achievement? My family financial and educational background was not good enough to back me up during my study so I have to be involved myself in my family business along with my study. It was a difficult time for me as I have to work hard in family business along with self-study. But still I manage to complete my education and sitting in front of you Qns:-poor performance in academic? As I told u I complete my education from village, During my year only 8-10% student pass in high school examination and in my school only 10 student out of 150. Qns2-Why r u interested in banking sector/why do u chooses banking sector/Why do you want to work here/Why bank job? Ans:-I want to work in the bank because of my core interest in bank, my skills and nature of the job. I am very friendly in nature and like to interact and build relationship with the people. I loved the banking work atmosphere and the close interaction in the teams and customer Above all banking job is more secure, recession proof and carries good social I want to be part of bank. Why did u choose sbi for the job? SBI is biggest bank in India where I would be working with the largest customer base and corporate personal so learning and skill development opportunity along with growth would be very high that y I want to join SBI. What do you know about our bank? SBI bank and its associates (Prepare yourself about organization) When MNCs are paying more salaries why you are settling down for low salaries in banks? As of now after six pay commission there is good increment in the govt. salary and this have almost zeros the gap of salary at clerk level between the banks. Above all govt. job is more secure and recession proof with intangible perk like (medical allowance, low interest rate loan) along with the good salary Combining all of these I strongly feel that govt. job is much better then private job. Why should we select you/ how u r suited for this job? (Strength Qns) I am very hardworking determined and friendly in nature. I like to interact and build relationship with the people. Being friendly and corporative nature, it helps me to work well in the team and understand people/customer easily so I would be able to perform (work) well with team as well as serve well customer. That would ultimately lead to increase in bank business so I feel that my quality well fit with the job How would you take it if you were not selected for this position? First of all I would say I have put my best effort in this process I am quite optimistic about my selection but somehow if I would not selected I would work hard on my weakness and again prepare for job in next year. What is your strength and weakness?

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Pioneer Academy
Do you have any questions for us? No (If you feel u have done well) Would you be able to work in rural areas? Yes Expected Interview Qns: Banking knowledge:Repo rate, reverse repo rate, bank rate, CRR(cash reserve ratio),SLR (statutory liquidity ratio),fixed time deposits, demand deposits, Stale cheque, Capital market, money market, intangible net worth, call money, parallel economy (black money), RTGS, NEFT, accounts, Inflation & Deflation, DD, mutual funds, Limited Liability, Consumer Credit Card, Sovereign Wealth Fund, scheduled bank, nationalized bank, CAR, NRE Account, Reinsurance, SEZ/SMES, NPA, liability, Plastic Money, NABARD, IFSC, Recession, GDP, GNP, Trade deficit, MICR Codes, ECS,Check No. Common Expected Qns:1) Who is the finance secretary? 2) Whats r d tools with RBI to control liquidity in market 3) Who is d chairperson of RBI 4) Which bank recently got submerged in SBI 5) Who is the owner of SBI at present n with what % of shares? 6) What was d name of first bank established in India? 7) When was State Bank of India established in India? 8) Who is the Chairman of SBI? 9) Why were banks nationalised? 10) What is the total count of no. Of PSU banks in India? 11) Name any two banks which have overseas centre? 12) What is PLR and who decides them? 13) Can you pls explain me monetary and fiscal policy in brief? 14) What is Forex reserve of India? 15) Where is the note printing press? 16) Which is the oldest bank, biggest bank? 17) How many atm,branches does SBI Bank have? 18) What is India's forex reserve? 19) How can we increase the foreign reserve of the country? 20) Functions of a bank? 21) IRDP Scheme 22) Rupee closing value yesterday/GBP closing value/ Euro closing value 23) Who is the father of Retail in India? 24) Who is the vice-president of India? 25) What is banking regulation act? 26) What is the reason behind fluctuation of rupee value against dollar & other currencies? 27) Functions of RBI? 28) Which currency was not printed by RBI? 29) What is RBI's clean note policy? 30) What is meant by 'carbon credit'? 31) About RTI act? 32) How much %govt. should own to make the company govt owned? 33) What is insurance liability? (Person got confused and confused me), Public liability? 34) Accounts at banks and/or other financial institutions 35) Latest news: Follow at least 2 previous month news related to banking and finance.

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