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Subject Area: HEALTH: Stress: What it is and What Causes it.

Grade Level: High School Special Education Day 6 Overview and Purpose: Students lead busy lives and as they reach young adulthood, they get busier. In this lesson, students will evaluate their lives, what makes them stressed and how they can relax when they get stressed. State Standards: Apply critical literacy/thinking skills related to personal, family and community wellness. Objectives: Students will describe the stressors in their lives and how they can relax. Students will identify two general types of stressors. Timeframe: 1 period (60 minutes) Materials: Stressors Worksheet Vocabulary Handout Pencil Paper Formative Assessment: The students in class work will serve as a form of assessment. Here I will be able to check for students understanding on what stress is and what can cause stress in someones life. Detailed Procedural Steps: 1. Today we will begin the next section of our unit on health, Stress. Students will be asked to write down all the responsibilities they have in a week. 2. As they finish, they are to come up and write one or two of their responsibilities on the board. 3. I will then explain what stress is, what some stressors are and ways of reducing stress. We will also go over our vocabulary. 4. Once the students have put their responsibilities on the board, we will review them. As a class we will discuss how these responsibilities can make you feel and if there is anything that you do to feel better. 5. We will then look deeper into the responsibilities, seeing if they are caused by one off the four causes of stress; major life changes, catastrophes, everyday problems and environmental problems. 6. As a class we are going to come up with a couple examples for each category. I will give them a couple examples, to start with, and they will have to tell me which category it is to go to.

7. After I feel that the students have a handle on the content, I will pass out a handout on classifying the stressors. This will either be turned in at the end of class or the next day. Differentiation: If students do not want to share their responsibilities or feelings while stressed, they will not be required. To check for understanding, I will meet with them, while others are doing their independent work, to hear at least one stress that they are faced with in the week STRESS (Vocabulary) StressThe response of your body and mind to being challenged or threatened. StressorsAn event or situation that causes stress. CharacterThe mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Fight or Flight ResponseThe initial reaction of the body to stress during the alarm stage.