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Description of Classroom: 15 Latinos, 17 blacks, 4 whites males and females 15-17 age 11th grade Background:
Students will have background knowledge of racism or inequality from previous lesson. This Lesson will be to end the unit and compare/contrast racist regimes and their laws

Content Objective(s):
The students will learn the similarities and differences of racist laws and what leads to civil rights movements

Language Objective(s):
The students will watch the PowerPoint, The Students will discuss laws and motivates civil rights movement. The students will make connections between the Nazi Regime, Jim Crow laws and Apartheid

Nevada Standards:
H3.[9-12].9 Identify and describe the major issues, events, and people of minority rights movements, i.e., Civil Rights Act of 1964, Black Power Movement, United Farm Workers, American Indian Movement, Viva La Raza, and Womens Rights Movement. H3.[9-12].14 Compare and contrast racial segregation in the United States with other racial and social policies, i.e., apartheid in South Africa.

Key Vocabulary:
Apartheid, Jim Crow, Nuremberg Laws, AWB (Afrikaner resistance movement)

Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups

Links to past learning Strategies incorporated Integration of Processes Listening Speaking Reading Writing

Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Application Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) Linked to objectives Promotes engagement

Partners Independent Assessment Individual Group Written Oral

Teaching Strategies:
Discussion, Guided practice, independent practice note taking popcorn reading

Warm Up Activity:
The warm-up activity will be watching Terry Blanche give a speech to the AWB. 10 min Short discussion and questions after (1-3). Students will take notes while using the following Guidance questions that will be written on the board: Does the AWB resemble any major country or organization in history? What justifications do the AWB use for their cause? What strikes you as interesting? Troubling? Confusing?

Lesson Sequence:
Before the students come in the teacher will draw a timeline of when the AWB, Jim crow Laws and Nuremberg laws came into effect. The students will begin with the warm-up activity watching the video of Terry Blanche from The AWB. Students will be asked to take notes from the video. The teacher will then Transition by saying we will be playing a game fact ball. I need you all to take out a piece of Paper. The students will receive a short brief before the lesson from each section of the PowerPoint after being asked what they already know. The students will read the fact and then pass the ball. The object of the games Is to catch someone off guard to win a free homework pass, 2 if you can catch 2 people or 3 get You the grand prize. (20-10 min) Students will then use the same piece of paper to write down 1to 2 facts Per slide. After all facts have been stated, the students will make write 10 of their own Discriminatory laws towards the green people. Those who do not finish will have it assigned as homework along with A venn diagram of the three regimes. (remainder of period)


Accommodations will be based on need in accordance with 504s and IEPs

Supplementary Materials: ball Timeline of regimes

Will make a discriminatory set of laws against the green people completely fictional. This will be the class assignment and the ticket Out the door. Homework will be a venn diagram of the regimes to be discussed tomorrow


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