Assignment 3 – Privacy Isuru De Silva 1.

I would agree that it is a very good move to inventing the Verichip in recording peoples data. Because the this invention could come in really handy when it comes to a patient identification. Verichip also comes in use not only for patient identification, but also for infant protection, wander prevention, asset tracking, Asset Control, Tool and Equipment management, Vibration monitoring and also emergency management. So the Verichip can also consider as a move to enforce security. Therefore I support the idea of the future technology of data storing in the Verichip 2. I think ECPA is too extreme on people because it invades the persons privacy is a really strong manner. I believe that the phones should be a device that allows a person to have a private conversation with whom ever they like. When this act is enforced the people are aware that somebody could listen to this phone conversation and the caller could feel uncomfortable talking freely the way they want. So I think this act is unethical. 3. CALEA completely takes away the privacy of a person. Since it not only taps your phone but also intercept you email, this act ruins a person private life. Mostly a person uses digital technology to have a life separate from the world to have a life style of their own and I think it's unfair to invade that privacy. So it think CALEA act is too extreme for the society. 4. Patriot Act can be as extreme as CALEA. Since the wire tapping can lead to a police warrant, the police would be depending more on wire tapping rather than a thorough investigation. Because of this people are more likely to lose their privacy to the law enforcement without any reason. Also extend a jurisdiction of a court ordered wire taps to the whole country. Since he conditions and the law varied from state to state i think this is not suitable. Also Patriot Act involves conduction surveillance without any warrant it's a more extreme method of ruin a person privacy, more than CALEA. The Patriot Act gives the law enforcement more then the

power they required. Therefore I personally don't vouch for the Patriot Act 5. I think the movie Enemy of State, exaggerate the power and capabilities of NSA. The powerful agency like this cannot just conduct a personal mission with out being investigated or noticed by the other authorities or officials. And when you use the NSA technology to use for a personal use, it's clearly going to be noticeable. Also the 3D rotation camera images that they got though a surveillance camera is above the reality. This proves that the movie it self is quite extreme for the NSA power and also some technology used is in the movie is hardly could be reality.