Nasal Allergies and Homeopathy

May 3, 2010 Nasal Allergies in Summer Dr. Vikas Sharma Have you been sneezing very often this summer? Do you have itching in the nose , roof of mouth and eyes? Are you getting a watery discharge from your nose? If yes then there are good chances that you have Allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis refers to an allergic condition that occurs in the upper respiratory tract and also in the conjunctiva of the eyes. This is usually a harmless condition but can throw one‟s life out of gear. Most of the people who suffer from its seasonal form, have recurrent episode in late spring, summers and fall. Homeopathy provides a great hope for all those who suffer from it in treating this kind of allergy from its base and thereby stopping its annual recurrence. People who suffer from allergic rhinitis usually have these following symptoms- 1) Sneezing , which may occur any time and can occur in bouts ; where one may even have 20-30 sneezes in a row . Morning sneezes are very common in those suffer from allergic rhinitis. Such sneezing episodes may occur as early as one wakes up .2) Runny nose – sneezing is accompanied by profuse watery discharge from the nose. Along with other symptoms one may also have same king of watery discharge from eyes. 3) Itching in the eyes, nose and the roof of the mouth – itching in the nose roof of moth and eyes are very common symptoms in allergic rhinitis. Most patients complain of a “crawling” sensation in the nose and the roof of the mouth. 4) Some patients may even suffer from breathing difficulty if the attack gets serious. This kind of breathing difficulty is usually noted in spring weather during wheat harvest season. 6) Fever may also be present in some individuals during a severe attack of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis usually occurs in two forms. The kind of allergic rhinitis that one would have it in only a particular weather is called as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis. Late spring, summers and early autumn is the main weather when it occurs. Such kind of allergic rhinitis occurs due to sensitivity to pollens from trees, grasses or weeds, or to airborne mold spores. The second type is the „Perennial Allergy‟ and occurs all the year around. In such kind of allergic rhinitis ,the sensitivity is mainly to substances that one encounters daily . Examples of Such substances are – cockroaches, dust mites, pollution and animal dander. Homeopathic medicines are one of the best forms of natural treatment for allergic rhinitis. They works both ways – By controlling the acute symptoms and also treating the chronicity of allergy; thereby gradually stopping the recurrence of attacks. Homeopathic medicines work by desensitizing the overactive immune system in allergic rhinitis patients. Homeopathic medicines Natrum Mur, Sabadilla , Allium Cepa lead the homeopathic table in treating allergic rhinitis and can treat both the acute as well Chronic nature of the disease. Allium cepa and Aralea Racemosa are very effective in treating allergic rhinitis that occurs in spring . Lately, some

It is primarily used to treat various allergies. As a homeopathic remedy. and that ingesting minute amounts of that substance gradually strengthens the body's resistance to it. oral sprays and nasal sprays. Scientific studies have been done on this homeopathic remedy. meaning a substance causing an allergic reaction. it is advisable to consult a physician before using homeopathic remedies.htm Histamine is an organic nitrogen compound produced by the body's immune system when a person is exposed to an allergen. relaxing blood vessels and narrowing the bronchial airways. nasal congestion and breathing difficulties. hay fever. Histaminum hydrochloricum can be bought in natural food stores. and homeopathic practitioners often recommend it as a treatment for problems like asthma. Homeopathic remedies like Histaminum hydrochloricum are produced by diluting the active ingredient with water until the remedy contains a very small. It is used both to alleviate immediate allergy symptoms and to reduce future allergic reactions. http://www. pellets. gastric pain. on the Internet and from homeopathic practitioners. amount of the active substance. Histaminum and Luffa Operculata.medicines have been introduced in Homeopathy which have been found to very effective in treating allergic rhinitis – they are Galphimia Glauca . a process called dynamization that is thought to enhance their potency and healing properties. even infinitesimal. hives and itchy eyes. the more effective the remedy. insect bites and pollen. It is used in mainstream medicine to treat certain forms of cancer as well as other conditions. This is done because homeopathic medicine teaches that the lower the dose. including stimulating gastric secretion. but there is no firm evidence supporting its effectiveness. and allergy symptoms such as skin irritations. Homeopathic remedies are also shaken during manufacturing. histaminum hydrochloricum is thought to work by decreasing the amount of histamine released during an allergic response and thereby reducing the effects of that histamine. muscular pain and joint pain. the substance is used in much smaller doses and is also prepared differently than in regular medicine. Pregnant and nursing women should not take this remedy. Histaminum hydrochloricum is commonly sold in the form of tablets. If one is suffering from allergies or other medical runny nose. Histaminum hydrochloricum is also sometimes used as a remedy for non-allergic conditions like bronchitis. including those caused by food.wisegeek. In this way. Histaminum hydrochloricum is a kind of histamine used as a homeopathic remedy. In homeopathic medicine it is believed that an illness can be cured by the same substance that causes it. . Histaminum hydrochloricum is identical to a substance known as histamine dihydrochloride that is known to have several effects on the body. eczema.

That which is cause by Galphimia is removed by the same in higher potencies seems the most plausible answer in the same way as Sabadilla does to hay fever. hay fever. eating offending foods. swelling. hay fever. decrease frequency with improvement. etc ) May 20 2011 To my mind. hay fever. Galphimia Glauca can be a good remedy for allergic rhinitis in the area of the world where Galphimia are grown or in abundance. Homeopathic Histaminum is safe and effective in relieving breathing difficulties and nasal congestion following exposure to allergens. Histaminum is helpful following exposure to allergens. Histaminum can be use for contact allergies to lessen itchy rashes and swelling. gastric pain. pellets. while it does not cure most cases of hay fever. including bronchial asthma. etc ) By: lal_anar By: shehzad May 22 2011 May 22 2011 Udaya u r right about Ars & Allium Cepa i posted earlier in forum for someone who gets itching above the palate of mouth. or breathing difficulties from food allergies.html By: udaya kumar -- Re:Galphimia Glauca for Allergies ( pollen. First aid treatment use hourly. Arsenic.Histaminum reduces allergic reactions. burning eyes. Histaminum is useful for skin rashes. seems universal in their effect. or insect bites. so homeopathic Histaminum reduces histamines that are substances that try to attach to the cells in your body and irritate cells causing allergy type symptoms. redness. whereas Allium Cepa. Click here for questions on potency. nasal congestion. etc ) By: lal_anar May 20 2011 Galphia & Zicam showed good response to allergic rhinitis. hives.homeopathyusa. hay fever. Histaminum helps with breathing symptoms due to allergies. http://www. Galphimia Glauca for Allergies ( pollen. -Re:Galphimia Glauca for Allergies ( pollen. Histaminum is therefore like a homeopathic antihistamine. Use prior and following exposure to outdoors allergens. eczema. Homeopathic Histaminum relieves symptoms following insect stings. Histaminum's complete name is Histaminum Hydrochloricum. Day 1 i gave that person Kali Mur 6c twice a day and 1 dose of Ars 30-C before bed .org/home/eb/allergic-rhinitis. hay fever. Histaminum can be used following sunburns with nausea. etc ) deleted Re:Galphimia Glauca for Allergies ( pollen. etc. Homeopathy removes blockages. General hives and skin problems 1 pellet 3 times a day. disturb sleeping due to allergies.

Stir well and take one teaspoon dose. Patient got little relief. Day 5 stopped Kali Mur & Histaminium. hay fever. Mostly 30C works as good or as better than any other potencies and are very safe to administer upto three days or three doses. worse morning and night. The rest is to be discarded. Since lower potencies may according to the sensitivity of the patient have aggravation and those cannot be controlled through a forum. cough was rattling. one dose was given as an intercurrent.g. gives excellent results at 6C. violent sneezing. I think its combination of Allium Cepa and Ars. Age 40 years. Build was tall & slim.H. Within a day the patient felt better and was completely all right within a week. Complaint of severe headache in small spot. Prostration. burning eyes. three times a day. in different location of the head. What do u think ? By: udaya kumar -- Re:Galphimia Glauca for Allergies ( pollen. Repeated attacks of coryza. what i learned from this treatment experience that for allergies low power like 6-C is the best. He feels as if an abscess is forming in the scalp.Day 2 repeated above Patient did not feel any difference. The . Next week he had a mild attack of coryza. Bacillinum 0/6. Itching above palates. I do not suggest those potencies because this is a forum and we do not know the patient and striking in the dark. aversion to work. Expectoration difficult. disturbance of sleep was all gone. with regards. Luffa Operculata 0/3 one globule in 4oz of distilled water was given. Cough in the last two months. then one teaspoon dose of medicine to be mixed in ½ cup of water. 10 succussions to be given to the bottle.. V. 2nd Case Mr. I only work in 30C and 200C unless I am certain there are no suppressed ailments or sensitivities. I do agree with your findings and Blata for e. Day 3 gave Kali Mur 6c & Histaminum 6c 4 pellets each and 1 dose of Arc 30-C before bed Day 4 repeated above. Headache was much better within a week. -- Few cases treated by Luffa Operculata :Mr. I have seen single dose 200C potency of Arsenic Album is instant in action in Asthma. Age 20. dyspnoea on little exertion. Luffa Operculata 0/3 was repeated in the same way as in the first case. The medicine is to be taken this way. But gave 1 dose of Ars 30-C before bed Day 6 gave Allium Cepa 6-C twice a day along with 1 dose of Ars Album 30-C before bed. Lethargic. Cough was worse morning. etc ) May 22 2011 Dear Lal Anar.

contusions or mechanical injuries of external parts ( Arn. – In the evening. bland coryza (reverse of All. scanty. 3rd Case Mr. . Profuse acrid lachrymation. in lachrymation and coryza. in affections of the eyes. with a blocked nose. profuse acrid lachrymation. < on rising in morning. When attempting to clear the throat of an offensive mucus in the morning. lasting only one day ( Bar. . cough agg morning after breakfast. c. Expectoration amel cough. after exposure to south wind. On auscultation chest wheezing sound & whistling sound Respiration difficult. warmth. ). now lasting only one hour. absent-minded. Pertussis: excessive lachrymation during cough. m. burning. Luffa Operculata 6x was taken three times a day. The eyes water all the time and are agglutinated in the morning. after dinner and on alternate days. cough only in day time ( Fer. – Similar: to. Menses: painful. with profuse. Aggravation. reverse of All. with catarrhal symptoms of eyes and nose. swollen. margins of lids red. dry with little foamy expectoration. in bed.patient became much better and now he looked more cheerful. or late. short. Puls. ). Piles. especially of the eyes and nose. dullness of mind. H/O Nasal Polyp. indoors. Relations. < from exposure to warm south wind. ).K. c. ). Patient likes warm drinks. Cough spasmodic. prostration from cough. Profuse expectoration of mucus by voluntary hawking. Nat. Amenorrhoea. The treatment was continued for one month at the end of which the patient was free from all symptoms. gagging until he vomits the breakfast just eaten ( Bry. Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes. ). left side operated in 1979. moisture. Euphrasia Bad effects from falls. Patient was feeling better within two days. agg morning and night. when touched ( Hep. regular. Profuse fluent coryza in morning with violent cough and abundant expectoration. ). He continued the treatment for a month and was free from all symptoms after that duration.. was suffering from severe attack of sinusitis. Age 29 years.

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