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Case study: Out-patient Information System

Istvn and colleagues has a practice in Nyregyhza. The owner of the practice is Istvn; he is the employer of his colleagues. They are practicing internal, surgery, psychiatry and gynecology, assisted by their own nurses. Istvn employs the nurses also. He wants a system for their practice and asked you to make a system design. The system needs the possibility of the admission of patients; making up accounts has to be computerized. If he likes the system design he will try to convince the practices in his area to build the system together and maybe advance the system with medical records in the future. Katalin Gaspar is leading and supervising the nurses. Activities of the nurses The following functions she has to fulfill: Admission of Patients Administer of the assignments (operations) Making up accounts Admission of patients If a person wants to become a patient he will make a request by telephone. She tells the request to the dentist and he will give her permission to become a patient. That depends of his insurance, he does not want more then 50% of governmental sick fund. She has al1 the patient data on cards. She gets the data from the patients themselves. Administer of the assignments The nurses have writing blocks in which they administer all the operations had made with date and name, birthdate of the patient. They get this information handwritten from the doctors. Making up accounts Katalin Gaspar makes the accounts every week. The patients with a private fund get a bill at their address. The patient from the government fund only has to pay special treatments that the fund will not pay (for example beauty surgery, advising in lifestyle). The bill to the patient is the patient account. For the treatments paid bye the governmental fund will be send a bill direct to the insurance company. This bill will be called fund account. She has got a book with addresses of the different funds. The following data has to be on the bill: Name and address of the patient Month of the treatment Names of the operations with the amount Total amount For making up the bills Katalin is using the data from the Medical Society (common bill of fares) and if necessary the specialist of the governmental funds (had given by them). On these list are the amounts specified by the kind of operation. Katalin puts the bills in envelopes and send them away. The bills for the governmental funds are posted in a special envelope. Sometimes one of the nurses helps them in posting. Financial Gza Kiss is the bookkeeper of the Ltd. His task is dealing the waging, and all of official finance affairs. The self-government supports the replacing the used instruments and accessories. For this reason the Ltd. has to have timely inventory included them

System demands The system has to print: List of patients with address and telephone number (For the nurses to change the appointments when necessary). List of all the different operations (done by the doctor) in a certain period. (For Istvn, and the doctors) - Outline of the amount of governmental and private ensured patients. (For Istvn) List of the posted accounts (patient name and amount) (for Istvn) Patient account (for the patient) Fund account (for the insurance company) Special Remarks There is no check with the admission if the Patient is already in the system Sometimes a patient can be deleted out of the system The patient who has paid the bill will not be registered by the system. Istvn himself (or his wife) will do it by marking the list of posted accounts.