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SCENE 1 - INT. MORGUE - AFTERNOON (Introduction) Title text comes into shot. The first scene fades in and Soft, introduction music is being played over the top of the film. The title text stays on screen for 2 seconds and pops off screen with a bubble popping sound effect The first scene reveals the main autopsy table in an empty morgue. On this table there is the wet body of an apparent Window Washer with a fishbowl on his head. The camera slowly pans around the table from the bottom of it, round the side of it before stopping at the head of the table. When the camera reaches this point, the music fades out and the story truly begins. There is a quiet pause. A subtitle appears a few seconds after saying "Earlier". (The story then goes on to explain how the Window Cleaner got there). Sound Effects: Soft instrumental music like it's coming from a radio/P.A System. FADE OUT FADE IN SCENE 2 - EXT. PET SHOP (This shot isn't a continuos zoom, it cuts at certain points and is edited by being blended together where each shot is cut.) Camera fades in to scene 2. The camera slowly zooms in closer to the Pet Shop, a run down building with obvious signs of cosmetic distress. The camera then travels through the door, sounds of (a dull knocking noise) distress and frustration become increasingly louder and prominent the closer the camera travels inside the shop. The shot shows the interior of the now obvious run down pet shop, it lays in complete desertion. As the camera passes through the rust stained door you are inundated with the sheer isolation and run down state that the shop now finds itself in. Echoes from the strange noise starts to fill the near empty room is covered in a thick blanket of dust and specks of rust that sparkle like a small haze of bright orange. The empty bird cages stacked on top of each other create a tower of clutter on the floor. The camera cuts closer to a backroom in the depths of the shop. A big, lonely and dust blanketed fish bowl sits on the only intact table. The noise is coming from the murky waters of the bowl. Sound Effects: Thudding noise, clock ticking, outside noises


of traffic, people, weather, birds etc getting duller as the camera moves further inside the building.

INT. FISH BOWL The camera moves through the murky waters towards a faint shimmer of gold, specks of plants and small debris hit the lens of the camera. The shimmer is repeatedly knocking back and forth into the same spot, as the camera draws closer it becomes clear that the shimmer is actually a living object. The inhabitant, Finley the Fish. He is very frustrated at something. It appears that we have come into the shot the very moment AFTER Finley has done something which has failed. In the shot you can see the remains of a freshly snapped noose laying on the dusty floor of the bowl. Finley is staring longingly at a poster that resides on the glass of his fish bowl, a poster of utopic paradise. A utopic paradise filled with fish, piercing blue sea, golden sands, brightly coloured formations of coral reef which lace the whitish blue shallow depths of the seabed. (describe the paradise) Camera cuts to close up of his face - His eyes widen as they dart from left to right, trying to see as much of this beauty as possible, hoping that he might possibly have the chance of happiness and freedom. (describe his facial expression) His eyes are sodden with emotion and his mouth is slightly open. The camera cuts to a 3/4 side mid shot of the fish, poster and bowl to show the present surroundings of the fish compared to the poster. He looks down at his fins and bows his head. His eyes sadden and he looks completely dejected. Sound Effects: Thudding noise again, Water splashing.

EXT. FISHBOWL (INT. PET SHOP) The camera pans out to show the sheer isolation of the fish bowl, a dim light flickers around the room and slips in and out of the debris and old cages. INT. FISH BOWL Finley gets angry at his incarceration and starts to furiously swim around his bowl, splashing water over the sides and smashing into his bowl repeatedly. Suddenly his attention is captured by a poster on the floor - (The Camera cuts to a close up of the poster and the phone number on the


front) - an advertisement for "Mr Washee window cleaning services, now with even stronger bleach and 100% customer satisfaction or your money back". This calms Finley down as he starts to realise the potential of this situation. He stares at the phone number and imagines himself being set free from his dismal life. Sound Effects: Water splashing.

INT. MR WASHEE'S OFFICE Camera cuts to the inside of the office, The camera is a close up shot of the desk so the viewer does not see the face the body of the person who answers the phone, He is sat on a swivel chair facing the opposite direction from the desk but you can see his right arm holding the phone and hear a voice. His office is big and is high up, the view from the window is vast. A gold placard proudly sits on the desk. The mysterious man sits in a big, distressed leather chair with modern office furniture meticulously clung to the walls. There is a photograph of the mysterious man with a picture of the other main Character Bob Bubbles, this gives indication that the mysterious man could be Bob's Dad, Mr Washee himself. The camera angle stays the same. After a brief phone call, Mr Washee hangs up and the camera cuts back to the interior of the Pet Shop. Sound Effects: Man talking on the phone, chair squeaking, scribbling, Phone ringing, phone being picked up and put down, motoring traffic noise.

INT. PET SHOP The Camera cuts to Finley putting down the phone and walking on his fins back into his bowl. It is clear that Finley had just called the Office of Mr Washee, who also answered the phone. He swims in a full circle then stops dead, He has a mad glint in his eye and a small smirk. He stares longingly at the front door and does not move. The shot fades to black to indicate the end of the scene. Sound Effects: Water splashing.


FADE OUT FADE IN SCENE 3 Shot fades in to introduce the next scene. INT. FISH BOWL The camera remains in its last position, inside the fishbowl, looking out towards the front door of the shop. Several moments pass before the Window Washer turns up. The door opens, fresh air seeps in and dilutes with the bright sunshine that now engulfs the shop. Camera cuts to the bottom of the character's feet and slowly, dramatically, travels upwards to his face. He is smiling and looking around at his new environment, his expression changes when he notices the dilapidated condition of the Store. He slowly moves towards the window and puts his mop, bucket and cleaning utensils down. (camera is mid shot behind the character) He steps backwards to inspect the dirt on the windows and assess the situation. He keeps looking over his shoulder expecting to see someone. He starts to clean the window when he see's the reflection of something shiny in the background. He takes no notice of it. He then bends down to start preparing his tools to start the job. Sound Effects: Creaking door being opened and closed, crunching footsteps, small metallic bang from the bucket being placed on the floor, brief outside noise gets louder whilst the door is opened.


INT. FISH BOWL Mean while, as Finley is watching Bob he sees neat bleach being poured into a bucket C/A cut to close up of Bleach Bottle. Finley's face lightens up as he imagines the possibility of ending his life by poisoning himself. He doesn't hesitate in attempting to get in Bob's bucket. He climbs up the bowl, pulls himself up over the rim falls off the edge. He flips in the air and lands on the dusty floor with a dirty thud. He slides himself towards the bucket, carefully avoiding the gaze of the occupied Window Washer. He starts to walk on his back fins and waddles to the foot of the bucket, he inhales the fumes of the strong industrial bleach and starts his accent up the bucket. He gets to the top, looks down, breathes in again, as he starts to slowly


fall over the for is almost bleachy water Finley, who's anger.

edge he closes his eyes and smiles as he waits near death. The exact moment he hits the Bob's outstretched hand unknowingly grabs expression changes from true bliss to sheer

Sound Effects: Water being poured into a bucket, footsteps, general noise made by Bob, Bob muttering to himself, Finley straining to get up over the bucket, Inhaling, thud noise, squelching noise as Finley moves around, whooshing noise as Finley dives in, splashing noise.

Camera cuts to the perspective of the Window Washer as he starts to swipe the window left to right with the fish in his hand, he stops dead when he realise's he has a fish in his hand and not a sponge, Finley's disturbing appearance causes Bob to jump out of shock and throw Finley upwards towards the ceiling fan. Finley hits the fan which catapults him across the room where he hits the fish bowl. This impact makes the Fish Bowl tip over the edge/ launches into the air towards the window washer, The bowl gets closer and closer until it is just about to smash into Bob's head. Camera cuts from wide shot to Bob's P.O.V of the bowl coming at him. Sound Effects: sound of a a sponge rubbing on wet glass, a shriek from Bob, the sound of Finley getting hit by a fan, a thud for when he hits the bowl, a gulping noise.

Cuts back to Scene 1. FADE OUT FADE IN SCENE 4 - LATER, INT MORGUE The shot fades in to the same spot it faded out from in Scene 1; The first scene reveals the main autopsy table in an empty morgue. On this table there is the wet body of an apparent Window Washer with a fishbowl on his head. The camera slowly pans around the table from the bottom of it, round the side of it before stopping at the head of the table. The camera travels around the other side back towards the foot of the table, half way around the Credits start rolling and carry on until the camera fades to black. Sound Effects: Soft instrumental music like it's coming from a radio/P.A System.


SCENE 5: INT. PET SHOP After the credits have come on screen, the scene fades in and shows Finley slowly swimming around in the bucket, more worse off than he was before. His facial expression shows he has given up and is emotionless. This shows the irony that he is still alive and has made matters worse for himself. FADE TO BLACK END OF SCENE



A timelapse of him staying in the same spot but the shop gradually getting darker, then lighter again to indicate that a day has passed (the light coming through the windows and the shadows in the room would achieve this)
matt heatley Feb 15, 2013 11:04 AM


Maybe delete?
matt heatley Feb 18, 2013 7:56 PM

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