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A large group of hyperactive children whose regular diets included food containi ng large amounts of additives was observed

by researchers trained to assess the presence or absence of behavior problems. The children were ten placed on a lowadditive diet for several weeks, after which they were observed again. Originall y nearly 60 percent of the children exhibited behavior problems; after the chang e in diet, only 30 percent did so. On the basis of these data, it can be conclud ed that food additives can contribute to behavior problems in hyperactive childr en. The evidence cited fails to establish the conclusion because (A) there is no evidence that the reduction in behavior problems was proportiona te to the reduction in food-additive intake (B) there is no way to know what changes would have occurred without the change of diet, since only children who changed to a low-additive diet were studied (C) exactly how many children exhibited behavior problems after the change in di et cannot be determined, since the size of the group studied is not precisely gi ven (D) there is no evidence that the behavior of some of the children was unaffecte d by additives (E) the evidence is consistent with the claim that some children exhibit more fr equent behavior problems after being on the low-additive diet than they had exhi bited when first observed Ans- B Since 1985, pollution levels in Lake Thomas have dropped considerably, primarily because of a state program to clean the lake water by means of a water refinery . Ironically, during this same period, the once-abundant population of sunfish i n the lake has dwindled. Which of the following, if true, would best explain why the sunfish population o f Lake Thomas has dwindled at the same time that the lake water has become clean er? The life spans of sunfish are not diminished by high pollution levels, but the n umber of offspring they create during their lifetime is diminished. Several artificial chemicals are introduced into the lake as a result of the ref inement process, but these chemicals are known to have a benign effect on fish. The water refinement process creates an environment extremely favorable to pike, a predator fish. The heaviest concentrations of sunfish population in the lake are at its norther n and northeastern shores, many miles away from the water refinery. Ever since 1972, a strictly enforced state regulation has prevented anglers from over-fishing Lake Thomas. Ans- C

13. The recent decline in the value of the dollar was triggered by a prediction of slower economic growth in the coming year. But that prediction would not have adversely affected the dollar had it not been for the government s huge budget de ficit, which must therefore be decreased to prevent future currency declines. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the conclusion abou t how to prevent future currency declines? (A) The government has made little attempt to reduce the budget deficit. (B) The budget deficit has not caused a slowdown in economic growth. (C) The value of the dollar declined several times in the year prior to the rece nt prediction of slower economic growth. (D) Before there was a large budget deficit, predictions of slower economic grow th frequently caused declines in the dollar s value. (E) When there is a large budget deficit, other events in addition to prediction s of slower economic growth sometimes trigger declines in currency value. Ans B..GC answer is D..dunno why. 19. A greater number of newspapers are sold in Town S than in Town T. Therefore, the citizens of Town S are better informed about major world events than are th e citizens of Town T. Each of the following, if true, weakens the conclusion above EXCEPT: (A) Town S has a larger population than Town T. (B) Most citizens of Town T work in Town S and buy their newspapers there. (C) The average citizen of Town S spends less time reading newspapers than does the average citizen of Town T. (D) A weekly newspaper restricted to the coverage of local events is published i n Town S. (E) The average newsstand price of newspapers sold in Town S is lower than the a verage price of newspapers sold in Town T. Find definititve answer. Farm animals have certain behavorial tendencies that result from the evolutionar y history of these species. By imposing on these animals a type of organization that conflicts with their behavorial tendencies,current farm management practice s cause the animals more pain and distress than do practices that more closely c onform to the animals behavorial tendencies. Because the animals tend to resist this type of organization, current practices can also be less efficient than tho se other farm management practices. If the statements above are true, which one of the following can be properly inf erred from them? A. Some of the behavorial tendencies of farm animals can be altered by efficient farm management practices B. In order to implement efficient farm management practices,it is necessary to be familiar wit the evolutionary history of farm animals. C. In order to create farm management practices that cause less pain and distres s to farm animals ,a significant loss of efficiency will be required. D. Farm Management Practices that cause the least amount of pain and distress to farm animals are also the most efficient management practices. E. Some changes in farm management practices that lessen the pain and distress e xperienced by farm animals can result in gains in efficiency.

Ans - E when the rate of inflation exceeds the rate of return on the most profitable inv estment available , the difference between the two rates will be the percentage, by which,at a minimum, the value of any investment will decline. If in such cir cumstance the value of a particular investment declines by more than that percen tage, it must be true that ................ Which one logically completes the argument? A. The rate of inflation has risen B. The investment in question is becoming less profitable C. The investment in question is less profitable than the most profitable invest ment available D. The rate of return on the most profitable investment available has declined E. There has been a change in which particular investment happens to be the most profitable Ans - C