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Studies in Global and Transnational Politics Series

Call for Proposals:

Series editors: Chris Rumford, Sandra Halperin and Luis Lobo-Guerrero Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

The core theme of the series is global connectivities and the implications and outcomes of global and transnational processes in history and in the contemporary world. The series aims to promote greater theoretical innovation and inter-disciplinarity in the academic study of global transformations. The understanding of globalization that it employs accords centrality to forms and processes of political, social, cultural and economic connectivity (and disconnectivity) and relations between the global and the local. The series editors see the multi-disciplinary exploration of global connectivities as contributing, not only to an understanding of the nature and direction of current global and transnational transformations, but also to recasting the intellectual agenda of the social sciences. The series aims to publish high quality work by leading and emerging scholars critically engaging with key issues in the study of global and transnational politics. It will comprise research monographs, edited collections and advanced textbooks for scholars, researchers, policy analysts, and students. We invite proposals for a variety of books from both established and up-and-coming authors. To discuss your ideas at any stage of the project, please contact: Series editors:


Chris Rumford: Sandra Halperin: Luis Lobo-Guerrero:

Nicola Parkin, Associate Editor for Politics and International Studies at Routledge:

Submission Guidelines:
The proposal you submit is the basis on which we judge the book's suitability for publication. It therefore needs to be organised in such a way that the reviewers are given the right amount of information on which to assess the suitability of your work for publication and to offer constructive feedback. We would, therefore, ask that you include the following: 1. A statement of aims 2. A detailed synopsis, including chapter summaries 3. Definition of the market 4. A review of the main competitive books 5. Format & Timing 6. One or two sample chapters, if available (or more) 7. A Curriculum Vitae 8. Notes on the contributors (if this is to be an edited volume) 9. Third party material 10. Details of academic referees For more information on submitting a proposal to Routledge, please visit:

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