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Conocimiento: Both of these questions require recall of knowledge that was learned, memorized and used in examples. 1.

Which of the following demonstrates the correct use of a verb + infinitive? a. I want to go shopping. b. Lets go to the bank now. c. I want one too! d. Is this the way to Sesame Street? 2. Which of the following is the correct English spelling of a synonym for smart? a. inteligente b. intelligente c. intelligent d. inteligent Comprension: The first question requires the learner to remember a definition and also to differentiate it between meaning and similarities in 2 languages. The second question requires an understanding of tense and to realize that willmust be followed by be in order for the second choice to be correct. 1.What does embarrassedmean? a. to be angry b. to be confused c. to be pregnant d. to be mortified 2. Which of the following sentences is not correct? a. The sun is shining today. b. The sun will shining tomorrow. c. The sun has been shining all week. d. The sun was shining yesterday. Application:The first question requires that a rule is applied to find the correct answer. The second requires a valid choice of methodology for improving the use of logic in solving logic puzzles.

1. Which of the following rules should be followed when determining whether to use hope or wish in a sentence? a. Use hope + present tense/will/can b. Talk about things we would like to be different in the present or the future. c. Use hope + past tense/would/could d. Talk about things that are impossible. 2. What is the best method to solve logic puzzles? a. try to think about all the possibilities b. be sure to read all the instructions carefully c. guess d. practice with many different types of puzzles Analysis: The first question requires students to know what the second conditional is, how it is used and then to find it. The second requires a differentiation of the 2 words and an extrapolation of the proper form in order to get the correct answer. 1. Read the lyrics to Firefliesby Owl City. How many instances of the second conditional occur? a. one b. two c. three d. none 2. Look at the grammar table on page 61 of your text. Which of the following is not a good example of how to use hope and wish? a. He hopes his friend will visit him. b. I wish I wasnt here right now. c. I wish I had a better job than this one. d. I hope I didnt have to say this. Evaluation: The first question requires learners to evaluate a text based on their knowledge of good grammar practices and then to determine which criteria best answers the question. The second question requires a choice of the best of the criteria that is presented students must evaluate the sentence and then each option.

1. Read the lyrics to the song Firefliesby Owl City and judge them according to proper use of English grammar. a. There are more than 5 grammatical errors, but they are all related to punctuation. b. There are less than 5 grammatical errors. c. There are no grammatical errors. d. The grammatical errors enhance the casual language of the song and make it rhyme better. e. Grammar rules dont apply to popular music. 2. Evaluate the sentence below according the criteria given and choose the best answer: When an injury is painful, we focus only on the pain of the moment and not on how that pain will diminish over time. a. Painful is an example of using the suffix fulcorrectly to mean full of pain. b. The sentence is written in the present tense with a clause at the beginning. c. The sentence is written in the past tense with a clause at the beginning. d. The clause phrase could be moved to another part of the sentence. e. All answers are correct with the exception of c.