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An award winning bakery caf

A range of national awards are just the icing on the cake for the family owned and operated 10 Oclock Cookie Bakery Caf because for the Kloeg family, baking is in the blood.
Based in Mastertons Queen Street, the Ten Oclock Cookie Bakery Caf supplies a diverse selection of cakes, rolls, sandwiches, pies, tarts and pastries for both dine in or takeaway. In 2006 the bakery was expanded to include a caf with the ability to seat 80 customers and a separate kitchen allows the company to cook meals to order. Food is not just a job for us, co-owners John and son Michael explain. Its very much a hobby as well. So whether were at home, work or travelling, we get to indulge in that passion and try out new things. From delicious free range eggs on their own freshly baked bagels to the best ever The Sammie, with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato on their signature seven grain artisan bread, the Ten Oclock Cookie Bakery Caf strives for perfection. Michael landed in the deep end of the business that his parents, John and Anneke, had purchased in 1988. I really grew up in the place, he says. I suppose I wanted to finish school, they wanted me to stay, one of the bakers left at work and I was handy at the job. Its a humble explanation for a business which is anything but. Michael won the International Australia/New Zealand Live Baking Competition in 2005, the bakery was awarded Bakery of the Year by BIANZ in 2009 and at the recent National Bakery of the Year Awards, the business won the Best Bread category and other pastry awards. Over the past eight years we have continued to develop our recipes and many people dont realise how much time and money goes into these awards, Michael explains. They have also been crowned the countrys best hot cross bun bakers for three years running - in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately they stopped running the competition. It really encouraged us to think for ways to improve our already famous buns, but it also confirmed that we do have such a quality product, John says. We are delighted with our success. Accolades are quite literally the icing on the cake, Michael says. We always push ourselves to do our absolute best and to be recognised at a national industry level is like a pat on the back for all our effort. These competitions provide us with an opportunity to network with other bakers who have a wealth of knowledge in the industry and its a good chance to share that knowledge and encourage others to carry on that good work.

Fast facts
Established in 1975 Purchased by the Kloeg family in 1988 Now owned and operated by John and Anneke Kloeg, and Michael and Rosalie Kloeg Has numerous awards under its belt including Bakery of the Year Includes a caf seating 80 guests A separate kitchen can cater for made to order foods Provides catering, cakes, freshly baked artisan bread, and seasonal food supplies A range of cookies, cheesesticks and hot cross buns available at Moore Wilson Fresh.

Baking in the blood

The Kloegs started off with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the baking industry, initially from Johns training in The Netherlands, and wife, Annekes expertise in shop and customer service. The Ten Oclock Cookie Bakery Caf has gone from strength to strength. In terms of future planning we believe we can bring anything to fruition that we put our minds to, but right now were in a very good place with a family/work balance, so were happy with the status quo.

The beauty of what we have here is that we have kept our finger on the ball and that contributes to the way the business is run. So popular is the business that people are always suggesting the Kloegs open another store, but better trumps bigger for the family. Its important to us that we are always improving in what we are doing, so we place a fair bit of emphasis on training, internal systems to train our caf staff, and we have two apprentice bakers were training. We would much rather have one top quality bakery caf, than a bunch of average ones.


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