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ASSURE Sample Lesson Plan Katie McSherry TEC 5223: Instructional Technology Eastern Illinois University 28 September 2005

Title: Career Assessment training using DISCOVER program-Internet version. Subject: Career Self-Assessment Grade Level: College Freshmen with Undeclared majors


Participants in this class are college freshmen who are currently undecided in their major and are seeking guidance with their career objectives. The class is limited to twenty students to ensure personal attention and adequate career guidance and follow-up. Entry Characteristics Participants should have basic computer skills and the ability to recognize their individual interests, abilities, and values. Learning Styles This lesson will use methods that appeal to verbal/linguistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal learning styles using a combination of presentation, individual work, as well as small and large group discussion. Soft instrumental music may be played using headphones when students are taking the DISCOVER assessment individually to appeal to the musical/rhythmic learners. OBJECTIVES Following this lesson, students should: Be self-aware of their interests, abilities, and values. Use their individual results to explore potential majors and careers. Be able to comfortably navigate through the DISCOVER program. Know how to access and use DISCOVER without the assistance of instructor. Demonstrate general awareness of where to look for follow-up career guidance independently and in a timely fashion. METHODS, MEDIA, AND MATERIALS Methods The instructor will begin the lesson with a brief presentation and overview explaining the DISCOVER program, the benefits of taking the assessment, and the steps for students to take following the assessment. Students will then complete the DISCOVER assessment from their individual work station and follow-up with small and large-group discussions. Media The lesson will begin with a brief Power Point presentation. The students will then complete the DISCOVER assessment from their personal computer in the lab. Printed materials and tutorials


will be handed out at the completion of the lesson. These will include a tutorial on DISCOVER as well as miscellaneous career resources. Materials Computer Lab with at least 20 stations and 1 instructors station all with internet access. Access to DISCOVER -Internet Version. Overhead projector and projection screen. Headphones for each station. Handouts. Pens. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS Preview the Materials The instructor should be fully aware of all aspects of DISCOVER and know how to troubleshoot if the need arises. Prepare the Materials The instructor should do a walk-through in the computer lab prior to class to ensure all stations are working properly and that all computers are able to access DISCOVER. Handouts should be copied and ready to distribute. Prepare the Environment The lab should be checked by the instructor prior to class for adequate lighting, comfort, and to ensure all media is properly working. A back-up lab or emergency contact person should be available in case reserved lab is not adequately prepared for instruction. Prepare the Learner The lesson will being with an introduction from the instructor and an ice-breaker will be done to introduce students to one another. The instructor will then give an overview of DISCOVER and explain to students how this assessment can benefit them in their career-planning. Handouts will be distributed that will allow students to follow along with the instructor. REQUIRE LEARNER PARTICIPATION Initial Activities After introductions, icebreaker, and DISCOVER overview, students will individually complete the DISCOVER interests, abilities, and values inventories as the instructor walks the students through step-by-step. The instructor will then explain to the class how to interpret the results from the assessment. Students will then break up into small groups of 2-3 to discuss their results and share with each other some possible majors/careers based on their results. The class will then


participate in a large group discussion that will allow students to ask questions and discuss thoughts on the assessment. EVALUATE AND REVISE The lesson will close with a brief summary from the instructor and handouts/tutorials will be distributed that will explain how students can navigate through DISCOVER on their own. Students will then given the option to schedule a meeting with the instructor outside of class for a DISCOVER follow-up to further discuss result of the assessment. An evaluation on the DISCOVER assessment program will be given to students at the close of class that should be turned in before students leave. Questions on the evaluation will include:

After completing the assessment, do you have a better idea of a career/major to pursue? What did you like best about todays lesson? Least? In what ways do you think the program could be improved? What activities today did you find most helpful? Least? How do you think the instructor could improve this lesson? Would you recommend todays presentation to a friend? Why or why not? Did the instructor seem knowledgeable and prepared when presenting todays lesson? What could the instructor have done to make todays less more helpful to students? Additional comments/thoughts/suggestions/questions: