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Not your average Cameraman


Keep up the good work. A lot of artists have the musical talent, but not the video talent. That is where people like you come in and capture that magic and present it in away for all of us to enjoy. Sometimes the people behind the scenes don't get any credit, but I realize what you do, because I do the same thing as well. Good work!

About Mr. Cameraman

Dantrell Dan Da Cameraman Cohen is a new visionary exposing the many talents the DMV has to offer. Dantrell lives by the motto Not Your Average Cameraman, which is proven time and time again in his work. At age 11, Dantrell started lming short lms when he got his rst Canon camera. Dantrell attended Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore Maryland, where he was enrolled in the Recording arts and Media Production program (R.A.M.P.). During the 3 year term, Dantrell learned the fundamental basics of recording lm. He studied for hours everyday, learning every function of the camera, building special effects, editing as well as lighting techniques. Dantrell was entered into many different types of competitions and always came out victorious as the leading Videographer and Director. His constant work ethic and natural ability to develop talent into lasting images is what separates him from the average cameraman. After 10 years of studying and eld research, Dantrell started his own company working with the local talent of Baltimore and mainstream artists like Beanie Sigel. He recently started taking photographs competing with some of the best names in the city. As a visionary with unparalleled skill and technique behind the camera, he is sure to deliver a story worth remembering!




Kirby Grifn & Khadija Harris

Haz feat Kenny Black



Dan is one of the most professional Photographers Ive worked with... James Patterson

Photos are amazing bruh, especially knowing we did'em spontaneously on the spot like that, were denitely getting back up soon... Kirby Grifn


Contact Dan
Level 7 inc. James Patterson (443) 801 9942

Finding a good inexpensive photographer is like nding a good inexpensive hair dresser! When you nd one you better keep them!!!! You do great work and I will be using you again!!! Marquita Cole