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Nhng cu chc Tt bng ting Anh hay nht

C mi xun v,cng l thi khc giao tha v cho n nm mi ang n gn. Ta cng chc nhau nhng li chc chn thnh v tt p nht n mi ngi ! V c nh th hy cng Cheese Group mang nhng li chc Tt bng ting Anh tht ngha, tht m p dnh tng cho bn b v nhng ngi thn yu ca chng ta nh! ^^

1. May all your new year wishes come true (Chc mi iu c nm mi ca bn u thnh s tht ) 2. Best/Warmest wishes for a happy and successful new year (Nhng li chc tt p nht, m p nht cho mt nm vui v v thnh cng ) 3. Happy new year to you and yours (Chc mng nm mi n bn v nhng ngi thn yu ca bn ) 4. Wishes of peace and joy from our family to yours (Gi nhng li chc yn bnh v vui v t gia nh ti n gia nh bn ) 5. Wishing you love, luck and longevity in the new year (Chc bn s thng yu, may mn va trng th ) 6. Fly high through the new year ( Hy bay cao sut nm mi )

7. Wishing you all the magic of the new year (Chc bn mi iu thn k ca nm mi ) 8. Let your spirit soar and have a joy-filled new year (Hy tm hn bn bay ln v chc bn mt nm mi tan nhng nim vui )

9. Peaches open, swallows returns, spring is coming. Wish thousand of things to your liking, ten thousand of things as your dream, million of supprising things and billion of happiness... (Hoa o n, chim n v, ma Xun li n. Chc nghn s nh , vn s nh m, triu s bt ng, t ln hnh phc)

10. Wishing you have a good health as tiger, longlife as turtle, eye like eagle, move as agile as rabbit, dick as fox, eat a lot as...pig, lots of money as water flow and happiness and fortune as herd of grasshoppers. (Chc mi ngi kho nh h, sng lu nh ra, mt tinh nh i bng, nhanh nhn nh th, tinh ranh nh co, n nhiu nh heo, mau n chng nhn, tin v nh nc, phc lc nhiu nh dch chu chu trn v.)

11. Nice day, New Year, my dears! By all my heart, I wish you will improve in love, in common sense and more healthy. May be these are most valuable properties. (Ngy lnh, nm mi, chu yu qu! Bng tt c tm lng mnh ti chc bn c tng tin trong tnh thng, trong l phi v nhiu sc khe. l ti sn qu gi nht)

12. Everything starts a new with the New Year coming. May your new year be filled with the happiest things and your days with the bring test promise. (Mi th li bt u khi nm mi ang n. Chc bn nm mi y hnh phc v nhng thng y trin vng v hnh phc nht.)

13. Security, good health and prosperity. (An khang thnh vng.)

14. Live up to 100 year. (Sng lu trm tui.)

15. A myriad things go according. (Vn s nh .)

16. Plenty of health. (Sc khe di do.)

17. Congratulations and be prosperous. (Cung h pht ti.)

18. Money flow in like water. (Tin v nh nc.) 19. With 2013 fast approaching, we wish you both all the best and a very Happy New Year. May this year bring health, prosperity, and peace to us all? (Trong khi nm 2013 ang nhanh chng n gn, chng ti chc cho hai bn nhng iu tt p nht v mt nm mi cc k hnh phc.Cu mong cho nm nay mang li sc khe, thnh vng, v an bnh cho tt c chng ta)

20. Let my deep wishes always surround the wonderful journey of your life. I hope in the coming year you will have a good health and smooth sailing life. (Hy nhng li chc su lng ca ti lun bn cnh cuc sng tuyt vi ca bn. Ti hy vng trong nm ti bn lun khe mnh v thun bum xui gi trong cng vic.) 21. The new year is coming soon, procession lucky that into a satieties home, cable presents beyond measure,, gold and silver full of cabinet, host grow rich, the man-child female young senior, happy together... (Nm ht tt n, rc hn vo nh, qu cp bao la, mt nh no , vng bc y t, gia ch pht ti, gi tr gi trai, xum vy hnh phc.)

22. Everything as you wish it to be, milliard events dreamily, working as poetry, life is as Glad as music, consider money as garbage, consider argent as straw, loyalty with cooked rice, sharply cinnabar with rice noodle.

(Vn s nh , t s nh m, lm vic nh th, i Vui nh nhc, coi tin nh rc, coi bc nh rm, chung thy vi cm, sc son vi ph.)

23. Braiding to jubilantly poetry open Associates, spring about pen boisterousness blossom, ogled begin a new-year writing perfume hand-basket is new, all home Warm the beginning of the year wish (Tt n tng bng th m hi, xun v rn r bt m hoa, a tnh khai bt ln hng mi, li chc u nm m mi nh.)