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Why Islam?

There are so many religious in the world today with millions of followers. Majority of the
followers believe that there religion is the truth and all others are false. How can be sure that there
religion is the truth and all others are false (or at at lest incomplete to our satisfaction) every thing
can seem to be confusing when every body claims to be on the right path while all are moving in
different direction. One of three important means of understanding whet5her ones religion is right is

• Offering good reasons for our belief and opinion

• Deciding whether others are offering good reasons for there belief and opinion.
Essentially god reason needs to be compromise of the fallowing:
• They should be based on fact
• They should be relevant
• They should be provide understand and explained an opinion
• They should be believable to the listener.
Fortunately, in our quest for a true and valid worldview, human beings have a special gift or
power –the power of reason and logic. Of course we must realised that this power is in itself limited.
still , if reason is properly used .it could point to some of the the real answer about our place in this
world .at lest , this power of reason could be used to show which theory or which worldview is false
or inadequate .we shall start by asking the question :Does God exist?


For every ting , like man .that has beginning in time .there can be only three ways OF TRIYING to
explain how it come to be .
1. Either, it was made, or created, or course by noting at all. In other words, it comes out of
2. Or, it created itself. Or, it has a creator, cause or maker out side it self

The first and second explanation is obviously imposable. it is inconceivable for something that
has beginning in time tom come out of or be made of nothing at all . it is also inconceivable for
something that it should bring it self into being . The universe and all that is in it. Therefore, could
not have created itself nor did it come about by chance. The conclusion then is clear. The universe
and all that is in owe its existence to creator or maker out side itself.


The creator must be of different nature from all that has been created. This is because if he is of the
of the same nature as they are, he will need to have a beginning in time and will therefore need a
maker. One for ‘to have a beginning in time‘‘is temporal ‘if the maker or creator is not temporal, he
must be eternal .Eternal means to have no beginning or end in time. If the maker is eternal. he
cannot be caused and if nothing coursed him to come in to existence , nothing out side him courses
him to continue to exist . And if he does not not depend on any thing to exist, then his existence can
have no end the creator is therefore eternal and everlasting. if the creator then all his quality must be
all-knowing . The creator then does not lose or get any new qualities. Qualities that do not change
and that last forever are absolutely are absolutely qualities. The next question we would ask is: can
there be more than one creator with such absolute attributes? Can there for example be two
absolutely powerful creator?


This is not possible because if the maker is absolutely powerful, it that he is absolutely free to-do
whatever he likes. But if another maker with similar power exist and they differ over the making of
something, the one of two things can happen, either one will overcome the other, in which case the
latter can not be absolutely powerful. Or the y will neutralised each other. In which case the power
of both are limited. even if we assume that the two power s agree on everything or complement each
other .they can not both absolutely power full because in doing anything one at least will need to
assume that the other will not inter fare or is not capable in inter faring . in other word, one will need
assume that the function of the other is redundant, or that the power of the other is limited .therefore
the creator must be one .there cannot be any other like him so he must be unique .the creator must be
all-powerful and must be able to do whatever he wills .therefore what ever qualities the creator
posses must be absolute and perfect in him. Also, there must be clearer distinction between the
creator and the created. it fallows that no man can be god and god cannot be man god cannot have a
son or daughter . The sun, moon, or stars or any heavenly bodies cannot be god. In other words, God
cannot have the limited qualities of man because he is unlimited.
from all the above analysis , one can safely assume that any religion or world view that regard any
human being or any part of creation as god must be false religion or world view .similarly ,any
religion or world view that regards god as having human shape and suffering from tardiness and
needing rest and sleep , must be a false religion or world view .

Using the reasons above, we can try to analyse the major religion of the world and by some kind of
elimination process find out which one best fits our description of a religion worth fallowing.
1. We can categorise all human being into two group .the first group is those who do not believe
that there is a creator and sustener of the universe called god. The second group is those who
believe that terhe is creator of some sort in the universe. From the above analysis, we can
conclude that whoever has world view that claims there is no creator must have an un-
reasonable and false worldview. In this category, the atheist and the agonistic have to be
regarded as false concept .therefore, we are left with those who say there is creator and sustener
of the universe.
2. We can categorise all those who say there idols a creator of some sort in to two group. those
who say that there is only one god and those who say there is possibility of multiple god s .is
from the above analysis ,we can conclude that whoever `has a world view , which claims that
there is the possibility of having multiple god is an unreasonable and false worldview . In this
category, some of the ancient religion s of the Far East especially Hinduism, Buddhism’s and
others can be regarded as false worldviews.
3. We can categorise all those who say there is only thee possibilities of one creator into the three
main monotheistic religion of the the world mainly Judaism’s, Christianity, and Islam nudism’s
has maintained the essential massage of the oneness of the creator. the main problem of
Judaism is the fact that the it has tribal or ethnocentric worldview about its followers mainly the
child of Israel .the Jew believe that they they are chosen children of creator to the exclusion of
all other human beings on earth .however, one major problems with this idea is the fact that
tribalism’s, racism partiality, and nepotism can be regarded as part of the weakness of human
beings. To ascribe this attribute to the creator assume that he has human weakness .therefore,
this worldview can not necessarily be correct. Similarly, any worldview that happen s to be
correct cannot seclude guidance from the creator to a few selected human being and leave the
rest of all human being in darkness.
4. We are left with two main religions of the world today mainly Islam and Christian .there are lot
of similarities between Islam and Christianity. on doctrinal issue , both religious believe in the
fallowing :
• The one universal approachable God who is loving and caring for his creature .His reality is
beyond the human perception .he has sent prophets to guide mankind. Some of these prophets
have brought revelation, which became scripture s. accountability for our deeds on the day of
the judgement. God special guidance to those who turn to him. Mortal teaching from god. The
need for our rightetiou s action and not mere lip service. About there personality of Jesus Christ
(p) , both religious beliefs in the fallowing : he was born miraculously ,he performed miracle s
by god permission . He was messiah. He verified and modified the forah the most fundamental
difference between Islam and Christianity is that Christians believe Jesus Christ is the son of
god and God. The problems with this ascertain is that Jesus chariest never claims to be god in
the bible. On the other contrary, Jesus Christ claimed to be only human messenger of god

(reference in the bible to this effect include john 17,3john 5:30 act s 2:22) according to
Christians, Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God. The problem with this assertion is that
begetting is not an attribute of God. But that of a man. To attribute human physical
characteristic to god negate the reasoning used above. It goes against the very teaching believe
that of man, it goes against the very teaching of the bible it self (john 4:24). Islam says that
Jesus chariest was only a messenger of god Christians believe that Jesus came to the world to
die for our sin s (though he himself was sinless) the problem with this assertion is that it negate
the supreme justice of the creator for been unjust to his `only sinless son` the who came to die
for the sins of mankind. Furthermore, it does not agree with there logic above about a perfect
god because injustice is a human weakness and a godly weakness. finally , some chapter s of
the bible give a human description of god , for example , god was looking for Adam in the
garden (genesis 3:8-9)god was sorry that he created man (genesiss6.6)god will know (genesis
18:20)god rested and refresh e him self (exodus 31:17) god shaved (Isaiah 7;20)god behaved
like one drunk with wine (psalm s78 ;65 god was sorry (Samuel 15;34)

5. From (4), we may be inclined to believe that while Christian has the belief that there is only one
god. However, there are many description of god that attributes to him a physical and human
nature. such description do not fit god and ultimately our discussion about god in the beginning
do not agree with giving god human and physical nature .therefore ,the only religion left is
Islam ..
6. therefore, let us study Islam and find out what it has for us as a religion .Islam is the only
religion that gives us the description of the one and immaterial god (holy quaran 59; 22-24) it is
the only religion that gives us the purpose of our existence on earth .primarily, Islam gives us
the answer to the question of where do we come from, what we are doing here on earth and our
destination from this world (holy quran 2:3039) . for further reading see Islam , the natural way
by abdulhamid Wahid and contemporary moral issue s by Joe Jenkins (Heinemann)

Finding a purpose for your life as a Muslim


Many people think of issue such as ‘where do we come from ‘?

What is the purpose of our existence on earth? And where do we go from here? Unfortunately,
many word viewers that we have today do not present clearer and convincing reasons for our
existence on earth. a Muslim is usually asked by a non-Muslim ‘why are you created on earth ?he
usually respond by saying , o worship god (worship in this case is usually restricted to the pure act
of worship such as prayer , fasting ,pilgrimage etc) the non –Muslim respond by ask9ing the
Muslim , if you created to worship god , does it mean that god has flows and needs your loyalty to

be god ?the Muslim quickly says no . The Muslim then respond to the question by saying ‘we are
created so that does not know all hinds and would have to test us to find out the best among us ‘?
The Muslim again says no .the Muslim respond by saying ‘we are created because Adam and eve
committed the original sin in the garden and we are here on earth to save the punishment ’’. To this
response, the non-Muslim asks the Muslim,’’what then is the difference between your believe and
the Christian belief which says that Adam and eve committed sins and punishment were sent down
to earth to suffer? The Muslim then begins to doubt the reasons thought to him from childhood of
his purpose on earth. This little pamphlet is design to aid the reader in responding to the above
mentioned question posed by non-Muslim and giving a few ideas about the real purpose of life on
earth for the Muslim.


(A) It is true that man was created to worship God. the quran say :
’ I have only created jinn’s and men that they may worship me’ (quran 51:56) however, the concept
of worship in Islam is unlike that of every religion. the Islamic concept of worship is where the
Muslim submit his will of Allah and in every aspect of his earthly existence be it social , economic ,
political life etc . we hear a lot about the ’’five pillars of Islam ’’ but they are presented as the whole
of Islam , many times in a shallow way .they are not the whole of Islam any more than one can
claim to have a functional house composed exclusively of five concrete pillars . a functional house
also need ceiling ,walls table windows and others things the five pillars of Islam are presented by
most writers as mere formal rituals . Even the the pillars that is liable to appear ritualistic like the
daily prayers, is simply more than getting up and down. it involve social and political lessons to
teach the Muslim . What May appear as a separate compartment of life, such as this is business and
this is spiritual simply does not exist for the true Muslim? This is in consonance with the quaran
which says: ’’ o ye who believe Enter in to Islam whole –heartedly: and fallow not the footsteps of
evil one: for he is to you an avowed enemy ’’ (q 2:208)
(B) it is also true that god create ed us in order to test us . the quran says : firstly , the quran
describe god as-knowing also the quran talks about testing humans in the many stages of there
earthly existence /.the quaransays :’’ Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger ,
some loss in god , lives and fruits , but gives glad tiding to those who patesantly persevere . When
calamity befalls them, they say ’’from god we come and to him is our return ’’.(q 2:155-156) and we
shall try you until we test those among you who strive there utmost and per serve in patient :and we
shall try your reported (mettle )(q 47:31)
However, the test offered to us is not increasing God’s knowledge about us. The test is for us to
know ourselves better and to asses our selves as to whether we really believe or not. Similarly man
is a moral being on earth. Through test, trial and adversities, he is able to improve and grow his
moral consciousness. (with the understand that whatever trials comes to him is from god )in addition
,another issue is that if God were to place man directly from creation into hell due to his limitless

knowledge that the man is going to be bad on earth ,then we would question the validity of such
judgement . Therefore, in order to have clear evidence for or against ourselves, God test us.
Therefore the test is for us and not for God.


The simplest reason of the purpose of man’s existence on earth is the honourable title given by the
quran as God ´s ’’khalfa h ’’(meaning vicegerent /trustee /deputy )on earth .the quran says: ’’wilt
thou place therein one who will. Then will makes mischief therein and shed blood? Whilst we do
celebrate thy praise s and glorify thy holy (name)?’’ he said:’’I know what ye know not ’’ (q 2:38-39)
The duties and responsibilities of man on earth include using his knowledge and intellect for
preserving and managing the earth and all its content include human beings as planed and ordinary
by almighty God. The quran says: ’’we said ’’get ye down all from here (paradise): and if as is sure
there comes to you guidance from me ’’whosoever fallows my guidance on them shall they grieve.
But those who reject faith and believe our signs they shall be companions of the fire, they shall
abide therein ’’ (q 2:38-39)

In addition, god has mankind free will to obey god in executing his commandment s or
rejecting them. Whichever way man chooses, he will be held responsible for his actions .the quaran
says: (it is) the truth from the lord of you (all) then whosoever will, let him disable. Lo! We have
prepared for disbelievers fire…… (Q 2:29)


In order to carryout his /her duties and responsibilities as god trustee on earth, it is necessary for
Muslim to understand and prioritize his acuities here on earth with means of fulfilling the final
objective of becoming successful trustee of god on earth . To do this he has to study the manual (the
quar’an) sent down to him as promised by god (q2:38-39). In the quran, one important verse that
defines the real value of a Muslim, and the same time informs him on ways of fulfilling his purpose
of existence is in (q3:110)

This means that for one to be a true believer, he /she will have to be one of those who fulfil the
criteria of enjoining right, forbidding wrong and believe in Allah in every aspect of mans existence.
These include enjoining right and forbidding wrong in human relation. The ecology, the atmosphere,
animals and in fact everything. Enjoining right and forbidden wrong includes inviting others people
from other religion to understand Allah’s laws and commandment. The quran says in relation to
calling people to Allah’s religion

’’ And who is better in speech than he who calls other s unto the
way of Allah, and is a doer of god, and says ’’ I am of those who are Muslim (submitted there will to
Allah s will?’’ (Q 41:33)

Unfortunately, many human beings (including the majority of Muslim) have misplaced the
priorities placed on man on earth majority of Muslim think that the real purpose of our existence is

to come to earth, earn a good living and along the way carry out some spiritual activates such as
praying five times a day and fasting in the month of Ramadan. To make maters worse, many Muslim
believe they will be granted paradise on account of the fact that they are simply Muslim s born to
Muslim families. Many Muslim simply work to live and live to work throughout there lives with out
fulfilling the third aspect of there lives which is to serve Allah (s w. t) in all aspect of there lives as
much as possible.

However, the manual (the quar’an) which god has sent to mankind through his last final
messenger, Muhammad (p) tells us that life is far more than a few spiritual endeavours (q2:177).
Instead of working to live and living to work, shouldn’t the equation be working to live and living to
serve god almighty? This seems to be better way of fulfilling a Muslim purpose of existence on
earth. this seems to be more in consonance with what Allah expect from us as mentioned i9n the
quran where re it says ’’say ’’ truly my prayer and my service of sacrifice my life and my death are
(all)for Allah the cherisher of the world s’’ (q6:162).

Furthermore, the quar’an gives us guidance on how to manage the

earth in every sphere of human endeavour be it economic, social or political affairs. The same quran
warns us against carrying out our acuities with out regarding how god almighty wants us to carry
them out.

’’……..if any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed they are unbelievers ’’

’’……and if any fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath they are wrongdoers ’’ (q5:45)

’’……..if any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed they are those who rebel ’’

Also, god almighty gives us a practical manifestation of how to carry out this endeavour through
the personality of prophet Muhammad (p) the quaran says:’’ye have indeed in the apostle of Allah a
beautiful pattern of how to (conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah and the final day and who
engage much in the praise of Allah ’’ (q33:21)


According to the quran and sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (p)success is not based merely on
the number of material acquisition that to make while on earth , rather , success is based on the
ability of one be a successful trustee on earth there is no doubt that the quaran tells us not to forget
our portion of this world when giving the story of qarun and the children of Israel , the quran says
’’but seek with the (wealth )which Allah has bestowed on thee the home of the hereafter nor forget
thy portion in this world . Do thou good as Allah has been good to thee and seek not (occasion for)
mischief in the land: for Allah loves not those who do mischief ’’ (q 28:77)

However, where the danger comes in is where Muslim place themselves ine3ither the two

1. The acquisition of material wealth for the sake of acquisition and enjoyment only:

2. Discarding our duties and responsibilities ad ordained by god to human being.

The quran says ’’what is the life of this world but play and amusement? But best is the home in
hereafter for those who are religious. Will ye not then understand? (q 6: 32)

Such as took there religion to be mere amusement and play were deceived by the life of the world
’’that day shall we forget them as they forgot the meeting of this day of there s and as they were
wont to reject our sign s’’ (q7:51


A few simple advises that can aid us in our drive to be better trustee of Allah (S.W. t) on earth are:

1. What ever you do never join Allah with any being in worship in this case, meaning directing all
your decision s to be in accordance with what Allah want us to do and how.

2. Always try to fallow Allah in all that he has ordained and forbidden for you.

3. Always ask Allah (s w t) for forgiveness in your short coming – those you know and you don’t

4. Always try to make it your life ambition to make the world a better place when you leave oit
than when you first found it.

5. Alwys endeavour to help as many of Allah s creature as possible whether materially or


6. Always try to reduce the member of Allah’s creature s that you hurt and destroy on the planet.

7. Always try to align your programme with the trusteeship that Allah has placed for you on earth.

May Allah guide us in carrying out the trusteeship successfully?


The importance of reasoning

Reasoning is god s greatest gift to man. It is what makes man recognize the truth. A reason is what
has made man superior to the rest of the creature. To have no respect for reasoning is to to have no
respect for truth. in seeking for the truth , one has to be very reasonable , objective , critical
,knowledgeable , logical etc.when one has found the truth and can prove it is really the truth , the n it

may be appropriate to be diagnostic in fallowing something , it is very7 possible that one could be
sincerely wrong .
Human reasoning therefore has to access the reability of revelation. if every religion such as
Christianity ,Islam , Buddhism , Hinduism e t c. claim that its scripture is from god , what other
than human reasoning can determine whether it is truly and fully the word of god almighty ?
1. the bible says ’’come let us reason together says the lord ’’ ( 1 Isaiah 1:18)’prove all things , hold
fast to that to which is good ’’(tessalonians5:21)and god is not the author of confusion (1corinthians
2. And poul went in as his custom: and for three weeks he argued from the scriptures, explaining and
proving …….’’ (Acts 17:2-3)
3. The quar’an says ’’say thou: this is my way: I do invite unto Allah – on evidence clear as the
seeing with ones eyes …..(Quar’an 12:108)
4. Do they not consider the quar’an (with care)? Had it been from any other than God, they would
surely have found therein much discrepancy ’’ (quar’an 4:82)


1. if the original sin is inherited , and are ’’born in sin ’’why does Jesus him self say they are
innocent and pure ?(mark 10:14 -15) and ’’to such belong the kingdom of heaven ’’(Matthew 19 :14
)?also Matthews 18:3 ,luke18:17, and proverbs 20:11, etc.
2. Does god want the shedding of blood, when he says ’’for I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of god, rather than burnt offerings ’’ (hosea 6:6)
3. If …….’’the son shall not suffer for the in equity of the father, nor the father for the in equity of
the son …….’’ (Ezekiel 18:20), why are we said to be suffering from the original sin (inequity ) of
Adam and eve ?see also Jeremiah 31:29-30, Deuteronomy 24:16 , Mathew s 7:2 ,Galatians 6:3 -5,
Corinthians 3:8, etc.


1.why is word ’’begotten ’’in john 3:16 taken out of most modern bible s such as the revised
standard version , new English bible , new international version , the living bible , etc ? is he no
more the ’’begotten ’’son of god ?
2. if Jesus is said to be the only begotten son of god , what of David in (psalms 2:7) ,who is also said
to be a begotten ’’son of god ’’

3. if Jesus is the only son of god , what of Adam (luke3:38)Israel (exodus 4:22)ephraim (Jeremiah)
31:19)Israel(exodus 4 :22) Ephraim (Jeremiah 13:9),etc ?see Mathew s 5:45 Roman 8:14 ,
deuteronomy14 :1, romanns8:29 etc


1. if Jesus was the one and only true god , whom did he pray to ?(Mathew s 26 :36 , john 12 :27 )etc
2. How could Jesus be god if he didn’t know when the day of judgement would be?(mattews24 :36
and mark 13 :32 )
3. Were the miracles of Jesus not all by God power? See john 5: 30, Luke 11:20 acts 2:22, etc was it
not god who performed three miracle of the birth of Jesus? If so, who is more ’special ’’Jesus or
4. Timothy (6:16) says god is immortal (i.e. can’t die).can Jesus be god if he died?
5. Jesus is reported to have said ’’I am the way , the truth and the life , and no one could go to the
father but by me (john 14 :16 )but during the time of mosses , mosses was the way ,the truth and the
life , and no one could go to the father but by him , since he was the only way to salvation at his time
, does this verse not therefore apply to all prophets at their respective times .
6. Jesus is reported to have said he who has been the (john 14:19). Can this verse be taken literally if
Jesus also says (to those looking at him) about the father that ’’you have neither heard his voice at
any time nor seen his shape (john 5:37n)
7. God is god (1 corinthians 16:34) but Jesus says he is not good (mark 10:18) can he be God?

Trinity !
Some Christian quotes the New Testament (john 1:1) to prove that Jesus had no beginning but was
co –eternal with God. ’’In the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was
god ’’this is also a contradictory assertion that two things are different and yet are the same. How
can the word be god if hew is with god himself? It is like saying that ’’in the beginning was the cup
and the cup were with the plate and the cup was the plate ’’such language seems designed to cause
obscurity and confusion instead of conveying meaning. If the word was God, does god have
1. If the word Trinity is not in the bible (ie is not biblical, can the Trinity be a divine teaching, or
doctrine? why does the church teach a confusing doctrine if god is not the author of confusing
(1cointhians 14:33)

2.the New catholic encyclopaedia (19 67 , art the holy Trinity ‘ vol 14, page 299) says that the
trinity was not solidly established in the Christian faith prior to the end of the 4centuary (i.e. .400
years after Jesus ) in view of this fact , can the trinity be considered as part of god as word to Jesus
or the dispels or any other prophet ?what does this imply ?


3. If Jesus prayed to be saved from death (Luke 22:42, john 12:27 and Matthews. 26:39) and his
prayer was answered (Hebrew 5:7why is he said to have died? see also provebs 15:29 and jams 5:16.
4. If Jesus was dead on the cross s, why was he still bleeding from his side (john 19:3). Does a dead
person blled?
5. If Jesus was really dead in the tomb, why would Mary want to anoint (rub with ointment) a 3days
old corpse (mark 16:1) which would be swallowing and decomposing corpse?
6. If Jesus was really dead, why would marry want to take him away (john20:15)? What did she
want to do with a decomposing corpse? Where did she want to take him how did she intend to take
him by herself? This question only makes sense if jesu8s was a live
7. If the dead become immortalized angelised, spiritualised (Luke 20:36, mark 12:25, Hebrew s
9:27 .1 Corinthians 15:42-44 etc why did Jesus not appear to the dislikes as a spirit ?instead he
appeared to them as normal man with ‘flesh and bones (Luke 24:36-43)etc could Jesus really have
died ?
8 .The sign of the prophet Johan 15-17, 21) was a failed execution. All those were on the ship with
Jonah believed he would be just as that of Jonah (mathews12:38 -40)
9. Therefore the sign of Jesus would also be failed execusotion , that is he would be thought of as
dead when he was actually alive but in his case in the heart of the earth . How do the actual of
Jesus fulfil this prophecy?

Salvation !
If Jesus himself says in the kingdom of heaven is not his to grant but for god to grant
(mathew20:20-23) how then could he be mans saviorur
1. If god in isaih 43:11 that I am the lord and besides me there is no saviour how then could Jesus
be man’s saviour?
2.If it is truly belief in the death of Jesus that count (towards salvation )why didn’t he preach that ?
instead as seen in Mathew (19-19)he says ……if you would enter life keep the commandment’s .and
in Mathew 7:21 Jesus says
‘Not every one who says to me ‘lord, lord ‘’…….shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who
does the will of my father who is in heaven ‘’

If God cant be seen (1 timotyn6:16, john5:37) why did Jacob see him (genes is 32:30) did mosses
really see god ;s back (exodus 33:23)did mosses speak face to face (with god ) and a man speak to
his fiend ‘exodus 33:11)?
If Jesus forbid cursing and says ‘’who ever says you fool shall be liable to hell ‘’ (Mathew s 5:22)
could he be the same person who call Jews ‘’young blind fools ‘’
‘(Mathew 5:22) could he be same person who calls the Jews you blind fools! (Mathews 23:17)?
1. Was Jesus crucified on the third hour (mark 15:25) or was it after the six the hour (john 19:13
2. Was Jesus killed on the cross or by hanging on a tree (acts 5:30)?
3. Was ahaziah 22 yeas old when he began to reign (2 king s 8:26) or was he 42 years old
(2chronicles 22;2 )?
4. Is it proper to say god (genesis (32:2Is it proper to say god rested and refreshed himself after
creating the earth?(exodus 31:17)
5 Could the mosses have written Deuteronomy 34;5-12 where it says and mosses was a hundred
and twenty years old where he died ?could mosses have written about death in the past tense (i.e. not
a prophecy )and in the third person singular ?
6. .Is it right to say the lord god shyaves the hair on his feet, head and beard (Isaiah 7; 20)?
7. . Is it right to say god behave like one drunk with wine (psalms 78; 65)?
8 . Can the bible be the complete word of god (Isaiah 40 ;8if the fallowing verses are missing from
most modern version of the bible (mark11;26 ,7;16,15;28,9;44,9;46,mathew 17;21
,21;44,23;14,12;47,lukwe 22;43-4423;17,24;1224;40,17;36etc

The search for truth

God never dines a person access to the truth if he sincerely searches for it in the right way.
However some fell no comfort in the truth because it might lead to some shattering self –revelation
or because their comfort or competency might be disturbed. There is non one who is not aware that
there is something he or she should know living deliberately in ignorance of the truth brings no
real peace of mind in this world or in the hereafter. Thought the truth may be sometimes heavy and
better. If is the only way to eternal success s
It is hoped that this small pamphlet will help our brothers and sisters to make a reasoned analysis
of the evidence for certain Christian beliefs as fund in the bile and as put forward by some of the
churches. The q1uran has long ago given us guidance that we should reason with Christian in a
polite and proper manner sp that they should come back to the pure teaching of Jesus (p) about the
absolute oneness of god
They quar’an says: O followers of earlier revelation come unto that which we and you hold in
common that we shall not ascribe divinatory to aught beside him and as forward by some of the
churches . The quar’an has long ago given us guidance that we should reason with Christian s in a

polite and proper manner so that they should come back to the pure teaching of the Jesus (p) about
the absolute oneness of God.
The quar’an says: o followers of earlier revelation! come unto that ( one which we and you
hold in common : that we shall not ascribe divinity to aught beside him and that we shall not
take human beings for our lord besides god .and if they turn easy . then say ‘ Bear witness
that it is we who have surrender ourselves ( as Muslims) unto him (q 3: 64) also the quar’an
say o my servants who have transgressed against their souls ! despair not of the mercy of
Allah . for Allah forgives all sins for he is forgiving most merciful . turn ye to your lord ( in
repentance ) and bow to his (will) before the penalty comes on you . .after that you shall not be
helped . (q: 53-54) .

(II)For the sake of power

Some people that Muhammad (p) may not be interested in wealth but it must be that he was
seeking worldly power. in history , there have been such personalities who have acquired power
not to possess anything material but to , if possible , have the power of life and death over their
people . let us again analyzed from his life and teaching whether or not he was not
interested in power . in the life of prophet Muhammad (p) one funds hoe he emphatically
repeated to his companions saying ‘ do not praise me as the Christians have prised the son of
Mary , for I am but the servant of god . Rather call me the servant of god and his prophet. once
he arrived at a gathering of his companions leaning on a stick and they all rose up in respect
for him . he said to them ‘’do not stand up for me as the Persians do in aggrandizement of one
another ‘’ . whenever he joined his companions , he always sat at the edge of the space they
answer the call of freeman ,slave , maidservant and destitute alike . he used to visit the sick in
the farthest district of medina , to take always smiling in the face of everyone . in his home ,
he felt no superiority over the members of the his family . he washed his own robe servant , and
fulfilled the request of the weak , the orphans and the destitute . whenever he found somebody
in need , however lowly or plebeian , he preferred to attend to him first rather than to himself
or his family . He washed his own robe and mended it by his own hand. he milked his own goat ,
repaired his own sandals attended to himself and his camel , ate with his servant , and fulfilled the
request of the weak , the oppe3rsed and the destitute . whenever he found somebody in need ,
however lowly or plebeian , he preferred to attend to him first rather than to himself or his
family . His kindness and mercy extended not only to human beings but even to animals. he used to
rise and open the door for a cat to enter . he attended with his own hands to a sick rooster
and rubbed down his own horse with his own sleeve . when his wife , Aisha (RA) rode on an
obstinate camel and pull him hardly , he said ‘’softly and gently please ‘’ thus , the quar’an
describes him as a ‘’mercy unto the whole worlds’’ (quar’an 21;107)
Once prophet Muhammad (P) was asked by his cousin n Ali in talib concerning his Sunnah (i.e.
his actions and habits ) and the former replied ‘’wisdom is my capital , reason the force of my
religion , love my foundation , longing my vehicle , the remembrance of God my constant
pleasure , trust my treasure , mourning my companion , knowledge my arm , patience my robe ,
contentment my booty, poverty my pride , ascetism my profession ,conviction my strength

,truthfulness my intercessor , obedience my argument , striving and exerting effort in the path of
god my ethics and prayer my supreme pleasure.
Does a man like the one describe above sound as if he was in search of power ?. Does it
sound as if an impostor is speaking? no .therefore , we can conclude that prophet Muhammad
was not in search of worldly power . this same man emphasized in one of the hadith that
‘whoever has pride as much as the size of a grain would be punished ‘ it is in view of these
arguments presented above that a third reason is advanced for prophet Muhammad (P) wanting
to claim prophet hood.
(iii) For the reformation of his people (i.e. out of pity and love for them )
The reason advanced here is that firstly they admit that he ( Muhammad (P) was a good man
who wished well for his people . he felt sad about his people attitude towards their in- moral way
of life particularly their idol worship , drunkenness, prostitution , adultery etc. He thought that by
claimin proohethood, he could influence their decision and way of life. before , we start the
argument , we must understand that the quar’an which he preached and recited day and night to
his people condemned people who claimed to be prophets when they were not . therefore , for
whatever reason , he would not condemn himself in his own book . the quar’an says ‘’who is
more guilty of wrong than one who invents a lie against Allah or says I have received
inspiration when he has received none ‘,,(q6:94) first when we talk of a god man , he cannot
be an impostor ie lying to the people for 23 years of his life about his prophet hood . Then in
that case, we are not talking about a good man. second , is it possible that Muhammad (p) would
undergo all the trials , tribulations and persecution in the desert simply to reform his people
while undergoing ridiculed , mockery and torture by his enemies . he suffered battles , teaching
his followers the quar’an , domestic problems in and around medina . All types of people
surrender him. The Jews gave him no peace. The musriks (polytheists) gave him no peace. The
munafiqs (hypocrites) gave him no peace. there were constant threats from every direction were
waraqah ibn naufal who was Christian and tried to translate some portion of the evangel . Others
were umayyah and quss. They gave up once their effort s proved furtile. finally , if prophet
Muhammad (P) was concerned about their moral wrecklessness alone , then he would not have
done the job . the idea of oneness of god and a repudiation of their idols could have been
avoided if it would bring so much problems as it did . the makkan leaders offered all types of
material wealth and power if Muhammad (P) would only stop the preaching . Therefore the only
available option for us is to accept the man for what he claimed to be, Muhammad (P) the messenger
of Allah.
c. Reasons for Muslim belief in Muhammad
(i)they believe that Muhammad (P) that PROPHET was foretold in the testament by prophet
mosses (P) in Deuteronomy 18;18-19 . he was the prophet mentioned in the book of Isaiah
42;10 -11,28 ; he was also mentioned in the songs of Solomon 5;16 . other references are in
the new Testament john 1:19-25, 16:7-12.
Ii Muhammad (P) was a man of complete integrity according to very reliable information who
they know had never lied or ever misplaced the trust people had in him . a man who had
compassion for both the rich , the poor , the weak , the oppressed and the destitute .
(iii) the type of struggle in his life and all the untold hardship and sacrifices he went
through did not point to an impostor in him .

(iv) There is no credible argument both historically and scientifically against Muhammad (P)
teaching. Therefore, there was no need to belief him.
(v) There was the manifestation of the highest moral character practiced by Muhammad’s (p) in his
everyday life.
(vi) they saw in his teaching the most perfect and elaborate way of life that removed all riddles
and beliefs that were brought about by human interference in religion and brought the
restoration of the worship one God and a sense of balance between the extremism of both
Christianity and Judaism.
Was Muhammad a true prophet of god ?
Every one of five people on earth today believes in Muhammad (P) as a true prophet of God. They
also believe him to be the last and final messenger of God to the entire human race. however , the
majority of people on earth still do not believe him to be so .Non-Muslim’s therefore leave us with
no option rather than to rationally analyze this claim of Muhammad’s prophet hood and using our
special gift of reasoning , find out if he was indeed a new messenger of god to mankind in our
analysis we would be analyzing the fallowing points :
(a) Muhammad‘s integraty among his people.
(b) The possible reason’s why Muhammad would want to claim prophet hood such as :
(1)for the sake of material wealth (2) for the sake of power (3) for reforming his people (out
of pity and love for their immorality )

(A) Muhammad’s integrity among his people

Before we start our analysis we first of all be clear on the absolute integrity of Muhammad (P)
in the society he grew up in he was never known to have uttered a single lie from his birth to
his death , indeed the people of makkah trusted him so much that they called him by the
nickname ‘ al-amin ‘ meaning ‘ the trustworthy ‘ if there was single person who Muhammad
(P) had lied to at any time before or after revelation that person would have been quick to
point it out. History records that at a certain time in the early stages of Muhammad’s prophet
hood he climbed to the top of the mountains of makkah and the people gathered around
him . He said to them
‘O people of quarish! tell me if I were to tell you that I see a Calvary on the other side of the
mountain . would you believe me ‘’ they answered ‘ indeed for we trust you , and we have
never known you to tell a lie ‘’ he then said ‘ know then that I am a Warner and that I warn
you of a severe punishment . ‘the point been made here is that the people so much trusted
him that whatever he said they were ready to accept , it is possible that such a man would
finally turn out to be an impostor claiming prophet hood after the age of forty? Is it possible
for such a person whom history tells us that when he received the first revelation he rushed
to his wife trembling and telling her to cover him up with a blanket ? as an impostor , what
he probably would have done was to be vary jovial and excited about his newly
commissioned prophet hood . people just don’t change their pattern of behaviour after the age
of forty . however , if the doubt for his prophet hood still exist , then there would be the
need to analyze Muhammad ‘s claim of prophet hood and verify its validity or the lack of it

(c) the possible reasons why Muhammad would want to claim prophet hood such as ;
1. for the sake of material wealth
2. For the sake of power.
3. for reforming his people (out of pity and love for their immoral and decent behaviour )
1. for the sake of material wealth

this is to analyze and find out if Muhammad ‘s claim to prophet hood was in order
to gain some material wealth in order to find out whether Muhammad (P) pretend to
be prophet so that he could possess material wealth we have to look at this life both
before his commission to prophet hood and after . before prophet hood , Muhammad
(P) was married to khadija ( who happened to be a widow and was a very successful
merchant . she out of love for him absolved him from all the trouble of looking for
the basis necessities of life and even beyond that . he therefore resorted to
contemplation about God and the problems of his people at a cave outside makkan
called Hira . before prophet hood ,he had access to whatever the best of makkan
could offer in terms of material wealth . however , when he became a prophet and
his wife died (some years after revelation had begun ), the situation of his life
changed radically . he lived a very ascetic life . he slept in a bed of palm fibres . at one
time , one of his wives , hafsah thought that that she should make the prophet’s bed
more compatible , so she folded the piece of canvass on the bed into two . in the
process Muhammad (P) overslept in the morning he asked her what she did to his bed .
when she told him , he said to her ‘ don’t do that for it prevent me from waking up
to pray at night ‘ he never ate his fill . he never ate barley bread on two consecutive
days gruel being his main daily meal together with dates . he once said ‘ we are
people who never eat until we are hungry and when we eat never have our fill. He
felt the pungs of hunger more than once , and learned to press a stone against his
stomach as a means of silencing those pangs . In his dressing, he was very ascetic as
he was in his food. one of his wives once gave him a new robe because he was in
need of one . one of his companion asked him for something to shroud a dead
relative , and Muhammad (P) gave him the pair of sandals and he did wear slippers
until the Negus of Abyssinia sent him some together with clothes. There was a
certain time when due to some domestic problems in the household of Muhammad (P) he
secluded himself for a month in a storeroom he owned. umar (RA) , a close companion
of the prophet come to see him when umar entered the room ,he looked round it . all
he could see was only furniture the prophet was lying on , the straw mat whose
pattern of weaving had imprinted itself on the prophet’ s side . a little barley a skin
and small container of water was in the room . Umar (RA) began to cry. the prophet
asked to him why he was crying he ( umar ) said ‘ o prophet of god ! The leaders
of Persia and Byzantium are living in luxury and enjoying themselves. you , the
messenger of god and his beloved one are living in this condition . The prophet said
to him ‘o umar! are you still in doubt about this matter that the hereafter is better
and more lasting ? suffice it to say that this was the way prophet Muhammad (P)
lived after his ministry began ( which lasted for 23 years ) .before he died , he said ‘

we prophet do not leave anything for inheritance . Whatever we leave goes to the poor
‘. and when he died , his shield was in the hands of Jewish pawnbroker a collateral
for a loan he collected . even before he died , he had seven dirham which he ordered
to be distributed to the poor .due to the prophets illness the people forgot . When he
asked them about it they forgot. He told them to bring it. when they did he said ‘ what
will gods messenger say when he meets God with this (referring to the seven
dirham ) .and he ordered it to be distributed to the poor . Does this sound like somebody
who was seeking wealth and material benefit? It can therefore be seen that he was better
off before prophet hood. therefore , we can conclude that he couldn’t have pretended
to be a prophet in order to gain some sort of material wealth or benefit. the quar’an
says ‘ say (o Muhammad ) ‘no reward do I ask of you for it but that each one who
wills may take a (straight ) path to his lord ‘ (q 25;57)

Who wrote the quar’an god or Muhammad?


The basis for belief of most religions is their scripture. these scripture from the bedrock
of belief and constitute the essence of the teaching of the religions . The Muslim
belief the holy quar’an to be the inspired word of god to the prophet Muhammad (P)

Source or Authority of The Quar’an

concerning the authorship of the quar’an , Muslims believe that it was revelled
verbatim by god to Muhammad (P) . non-Muslims however who do not support this
view can have no difference with Muslims concerning the fact that the quar’an was at
least uttered by Muhammad (P) ,a makkan Arab in the 6 centaury CE . the Muslim claim
of ‘ internal evidence ‘ for the divine authorship of the quar’an from the quar’an itself
(eg q4;82,6;92,45;2 etc ) is understandably looked upon with skepticsm, as nearly
anyone can quote passage from his or her scripture that claim the scripture in
question is revelation from god . we are therefore forced by reason and objectivity to
look elsewhere for for ‘external evidence ‘ of the quar’an divine source or authority .
the simple proposed structure for the presentation of this ‘external evidence ‘ is one
where we get to the answer of the question –who wrote the quar’an ?by non
elimination process of those alternative answer to this question which are definitely
wrong . in other words ,the daintier or (at least) most probably author or source of the
quar’an is identified by eliminating unacceptable alternative candidates.
There are various contradictory views and options by some non-Muslims as to the
source of the quar’an. The fallowing list of ‘possible ‘authors reflects the main theories.
(A) Muhammad (P)
(B) Some other Arab poet ,Scholars etc

(C) Some non-Arab scholars-poets or religious or religious personalities
(D) Monks or rabbis (i.e. from bible or judeo-Christian sources)
(E) Satan (or other deceitful ‘ spirit or aliens ‘ etc )
(F) god we may now proceed to examine from a closer study of the quar’an and
history how plausible these theories are .

The fallowing argument are aimed at discussing the possibilities of the authorship of the quar’an to
be attributed to Muhammad (P)

(A) Muhammad; unlettered and uneducated

The fact that Muhammad could neither read or write (quar’an 29;48) is well known and
uncontested by even his non –Muslim contemporaries and present day historians . he had no
schooling or teacher of any kind . he had never been known to compose oral poetry or prose .
The quar’an with its all-embracing laws, freedom from all inconsistencies. Has its greatens
acknowledged even by non-Muslim scholars (see Frederick Denny (1987) in ‘Islam ‘p 88. Dr
Maurice (1983) in the ‘ bible ‘ , quar’an and science ‘ p. 163 and H.A.R Gibbs (1932) in ‘
whether Islam ‘ p. 350) its content treat social economic , political and religious legislation ,
views of the universe , li9fe thought , human transitions , war , peace , marriage , worship ,
business and everything relating t life –with no contradicting principles . The quar’an has never
yet been edited or revised. Where and when has history ever produced an illiterate and uneducated
author of such a scripture?

(B) Muhammad’s known integrity

Muhammad’s sincerity , truthfullenes and integrity were so well known that was even
nicknamed ‘ al-amen ‘ (the trustworthy )by his pre-Islamic community . No single lie is
recorded against him. if his integrity had been in question , and he was supposed to have
been motivated by the desire for personal glory to produce the quar’an , why then would
he disclaim authorship and instead claim it was from God especially when it was clear
that no one could produce such scripture (q2; 23-24, 17;90) etc , but only marvelled it ?
how reasonable is it to believe that unlettered Muhammad (P) would author the quar’an
for personal benefit and then within the quar’an correct and prove himself (Q80:1-
2,33:37, 9:115,18:23-24)
Why would he embarrassed himself when he could simply omit or
favourably modify such verses in the quar’an ? the existence of such verses only proves
that Muhammad was indeed a truthful and sincere messenger of god.
(C) The style of the quar’an
There is a world of difference between the style of the quran and Muhammad’s own style
recorded in the book of hadith. the differences between the two in every respect -style and
contents –are immediately evident . the sayings of Muhammad (Hadith ) are conversational

, oratical , expository , of a kind the Arabs were already familiar with . By contrast the
style of the quar’an is authoritative.
Which fallible human being would writer a book and challenge
humanity to find discrepancies in it , as does the author of the quar’an (q2:82) ? would
any sensible student after writing an exam paper add a to the lecture saying ‘read my
answer with care and find any discrepancies or mistakes in it if you can ? The style of the
quar’an is simply that of the all-knowing creator.

(D) similarities and discrepancies between the quar’an and the bible

• How could the quar’an have been sourced from the bible when the first Arabic
version of the old testament appeared 200 years after the death of Muhammad
(P) ,and the first Arabic version of the new testament appeared 1000 years after
Muhammad (P)?
• The more existence of similarities between any two books is insufficient to prove
that one must have been copied from the other . both could have drown
information from a third common source , thus accounting for some similarities
between them . this , in fact ,is the argument of the quar’an that Allah is the
source of all authentic revelation (Q4;43)
• Could the quar’an have been copied from the bible if they exhibit n serious
creedal differences? Regarding doctrines such as the concepts of god and prophet
hood ,sin and forgiveness , the quar’an differs significantly with the bible.

• The quar’an also mentions a good amount of historical information about which n
the bible is completely silent . From which portion of the bible were the following
copied? the stories of the people of ‘AD and THAMUD’,their prophets ,HUD (P)
and saleh (P) , the dialogue between prophet NUH(P) and his son before the
flood , the dialogue between Abraham (P) and his father , as well as between him
and namrud , mention of imran , Jesus ‘s miracle of speaking from there cradle and
his producing (by God’s will) a bird from clay etc. see the ( quar’an 11;
32,42;19,21;57,2;258 ,21;69,2;260,3;37,46 and 49)

• Even in the case of narration common to woman for the mistake committed by
Adam and eve in the disobeying god in their garden (see genesis 3;12-17,(q9;7-
8,2;31-33) . the emphasis that Adam and eve repented to god and were forgiven
by him (q2;37,7;23) mentions that the eventual dwelling of Adam and eve on
earth was already part of God’s and were forgiven before he created them (q 2;
30) and not a sort of punishment (genesis 3;17-19.) other significant variations
can be seen in the stories of Abraham , Ishmael ,and Isaacs ,lot, Moses and Jesus

(E) Quranic teachings about morality and about Satan

If he authored or inspired the quar’an , why would Satan course himself and call himself
the worst enemy of man (Q35;6, 36;60)?why would Satan common d that before reciting the
quar’an , one must first ‘ I seek refuge in god from Satan the accursed ‘ (Q16;98)? How
could Satan so vehemently condemn himself? is it really acceptable to common sense to hold
the view that Satan would ask people to do good , to be moral and virtuous , to worship
and obey none (IE not even Satan himself ) but god and avoid and struggle against evil ?
this argument to many ‘ satanic forces ‘ be they ‘evil spirits ‘ , deceitful aliens ‘’ etc.

(G) the qur’anic factual contents and scientific information

in the quar’an are recorded facts about ancient times that wee unknown to
Muhammad’s contemporaries and even to historians in the first half of this century
(discussed below) . in scores of verses , we also find references to scientific wonders
, some only recently discovered or confirmed , regarding the universe , biology ,
embryology , astronomy , physics geography , climatology, medicine , history ,
oceanology . etc .below are some examples of modern scientific discoveries
mentioned in the quar’an .

(A) The lost city of imran (q 89;7)

the existence of the city of imran was unknown to any historian in the world prior
to the excavation of Syria (in 1973) at the site of the ancient city of elbows where
clay tablets found there confirmed that the elbows used to do business with the
people of imran . details of this can be found in the national geographic (magazine )
of 1978) . how did the author of the quar’an know of the existence of clay of
imran (q 89;7) which no one else knew it ?
(B) The ‘big bang ‘to be discovered later by non-Muslims
(q 21;30 ) In the quar’an we read;
‘ have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and the earth were fused
( ratq) and then we broke them apart (fataqa) ,and we made every living thing out of
water . Will they then not believe ‘’?
With the above verse in mind , another tenet of modern science becomes
quite intriguing . scientist have postulated for sometimes that the universe was originally
a single primary mass of nearly infinite density that subsequently split into multiple

fragment after a tremendous explosion , the ‘big bang ‘ . it has also been established that
all living cells are made up mostly of water , which is the essentailmelement for the
existence of life , as we know it . this verse accords with these conception .but there
more interesting observation ids that this challenges to unbelievers was proclaimed in the
7 century . We may ask ourselves. Which unbelievers are being addressed here? for the
contemporaries of Muhammad , those revelation had many ancient ,and presently unknown
,Arabian mythology to which they could relate it . was it then meant to be understood by
people of a much later era who would be familiar with modern scientific findings?
(c) The qur’anic description description of development of human embryo.
How many well trained modern scientist and geniuses with aid of hi-tech equipment ,
satellite , telescopes , microscope and computers were required to discover the above facts
and over what time span ?
It is even conceivable that any human being 1,400 years ago could have produced a
scripture with such information in it , let alone a person who had never been to school?
Although the inability of man to encompass all the mysteries and complexities of creation
is mentioned in the quar’an (67:4-4) , the revelation nevertheless seems to point to various
natural phenomena as if urging human beings to enquire and verify what is said . we are
merely comparing qur’anic statement that deal with the physical universe with certain
scientific notions . Often there appear to be profound similarities


In examining the possible source of the quar’an , we have covered the following points.
(1) Muhammad being unlettered
(2) Muhammad’s integrity
(3) The style of the quar’an
(4) Discrepancies between the quar’an and the bible
(5) Qur’anic teachings about morality and Satan
(6) The quar’anic factual contents and scientific information.

These points were presented to aid us in our ‘elimination process’ of unacceptable sources
of the quar’an . firstly , we can eliminate Muhammad (P) as a possible author of the quar’an in
view of points 2,3 and 6 (at5lest ) thirdly the reason for eliminating of any Arab from the
list also eliminates any non-Arab scholars , poet or religious personality . fourthly , judeo –
Christians sources of the quar’an are unacceptable in any view of points 1234 and 6 . fifthly ,
Satan (or deceitful spirits of aliens , or any one on his side etc) is also unacceptable
especially in view of points (5) above.
In the absence of any more acceptable alternative as source and author of the quar’an , one is
forced more or less by reason to accept the Quar’an for what it claims to be -revelation from
god -through his prophet Muhammad (P) .this position seems reasonable not just because is
the only option that cannot to be objectively eliminanated , but because it ids reasonable to

expect that a book with such qualities and content will come from man’s creator and guide
. of all the possible source of the quar’an ,it is only the last alternative -god who even
claim in the quar’an itself to be the author of the scripture .
The position therefore which holds that Allah is the author of the quar’an still stands and the
challenges or (FALSIFICATION TEST )(Q4;82) is note ; the evidence for the divine
authorship of the quar’an is also evidence for the existence of the divine . Allah exists unless a
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