¸·«·-/·. .c// .c..
8:30Ish..- Wake up!! We're gettIng wAHHIGOʼnʼn
ĽĽTIÞŇūBave house-keeping come into the ioom befoie eveiyone aiiives to make the beu anu clean up
the ioom so it looks pietty foi photos
º:30am- LllLC¯l¯lL¯ /lll\C¦¦¦
·breakfast delIvered and mImosa's popped!
10:00am- l¯ll ¯1LLl¯1¯ have arrIved and begun
·|om's haIr wIth KarI
·Lee's haIr wIth Kelly
11:00am- FlCLC1 arrIves and makeup starts, haIr contInues
·Carol's makeup wIth FIquet
·Colleen's makeup
·Lee's makeup
·|andy's lashes
·Amanda's haIr wIth KarI
·|eghan's haIr wIth Kelly
12:00pm- haIr E makeup cont.
*ClCCl¯lCl 8 i¯1lCl¯ ¯lll\C 1C CC1 LlC¯¯CL Vl1l ClCCl¦¦*
·Amanda's makeup wIth FIquet
·|eghan's makeup
·Colleen's haIr wIth KarI
·Karen's haIr wIth Kelly
1:00pm· hcìr cnd mckeup ìs ]ìnìshed; weddìny dress yoes Cl¦
· wGIGū¯lll\C¯¦¦¦ (llC1CCl¯llL)
- SCCTTū¯lll\C¯¦¦¦ū(\lLCCCl¯llL)
**pIctures gettIng dressed/|eredIth/Scott vIsIt boys room too**
·hen begIn suItIng up together
1:30pm· yìrls deµart Marrìott jor camµus, rejer to dìrectìons A!
1:45pm· llC1C¯ Ci /l¯lL¯
**gents Ieave harrIott refer to dIrectIons A!**
2:00pm· Fll¯1 LCCl¦ (prIvate moment/brIdal party may look on at a dIstance)
**IhhE0IATE famIIy Ieaves harrIott by 2:30, refer to dIrectIons A!**
2:40pm· LllL¯L l¯l1L llC1C¯,
··amanda E meghan
··amanda E mandy
··amanda, meghan, E mandy
··amanda E lee
··amanda, mandy, meghan, E lee
··nIck E pat
··nIck E chase
··nIck, chase E pat
··full brIdal party
2:50pm· i¯llLL llC1C¯ Cl C¯llL¯,
***ALL EXTEN0E0 FAhILY LEAVE FDP CHUPCH ßY 3:00 refer to dIrectIons ß***
··amanda E mom
··amanda E dad
··amanda, tom E carol
··amanda, tom, carol E tyler
··amanda, nIck, tom E carol
··amanda, nIck, tom, carol E tyler
··amanda, nIck, carolIne, E macy
··tyler E erIca
··nIck E dad
··nIck E mom
··nIck, todd, and colleen
··nIck, todd, colleen, claIr
··nIck, colleen, and sal
··nIck, todd, and karen
··nIck, todd, karen, claIr
··amanda, nIck, colleen, sal, claIr, chrIs, macy and carolIne
··amanda, nIck, todd, karen, claIr, chrIs, macy and carolIne
··brIde E groom and ALL famIly members present/cny other combos l ]oryot
3:20pm- pcrents 8 brìdcl pcrty lecve ]or church **PEFEP TD 0IPECTIDNS C**
3:40pm· i¯llLL lCl1l¯l1¯ LCCll ¯1 ClLlCl (outsIde balcony::)
··amanda, nIck and full Ivey famIly
··amanda, nIck, mema E papa
··amanda and full benton famIly
··nIck and full carr famIly
··amanda, nIck, mIke E marIe
··nIck and full dIllman famIly
··amanda, nIck, thom, E judy
4:20pm· yuest beyìn to crrìve; 8rìde 8 6room yo to sepcrcte plcces!
4:30pm· *VlL¯Cl* begIns playIng guItar musIc of choIce
*CllC¯* asks guests to sIgn guest book upon arrIval
*L¯lEl¯* begIn showIng guests to theIr seats, brIde =left, groom = rIght
··photos wIth ElIzabeth E KatherIne downstaIrs
5:00pm· CGHGwCmYūOGGImSʼn
··groom's grandparents are seated
·thom E judy
·mIke E marIe
··brIde's grandparents are seated
·bIll E hIlda
··groom's parents are seated
·colleen E sal
·todd E karen
··brIde's mother Is seated
5:06pm· ProcessIonal 8egIns
··Feverend, Croom, E groomsmen enter through sIde door
··|andy begIns walk
··|eghan beIngs walk
··CarolIne E |acy walk
5:08pm· 8rIdal |arch
5:0ºpm· Ceremony starts
5:30pm- ****lECEl1lCl \ElLE l¯ ¯E1 1C CC FCl CLE¯1¯¦¦ĽĽĽĽ
5:40pm· Ceremony ends
··brIde E groom exIt *Meredìth/Scott ¡et to receµtìon venue*
··flower gIrls exIt
··meghan E pat exIt
··mandy E chase exIt
··ushers escort mothers out
··followed by fathers, grandparents
5:50pm· brIde E groom go and sIgn marrIage contract wIth the reverend
··ImmedIate famIly and brIdal party head to receptIon after
6:45pm- ÌntroductIons
6:48pm- FIrst 0ance
6:50pm- Father/0aughter 0ance
6:52pm- |other/Son 0ance
6:55pm- Toasts (fInal dInner selectIons beIng set up at thIs tIme)
·8est |an
·|aId of Honor
·Father of the 8rIde
·8rIde E Croom
7:00pm- 8reak for dInner/mInglIng wIth guests
7:30pm- LlClCl¯ start to JA|
º:00pm- 0Ickens take J0 mInutes break
·Cake CuttIng
·Carter toss
·8ouquet toss
º:30pm- 0Ickens rock the house tIll tIme to leave!
10:30pm- L/¯1 C/LL iCl ¯LCClCL
11:00pm- FeceptIon EN0S
11:05pm- PD| PD| exIt of 8rIde E Croom!!
12:00pm- venue Is pIcked up and all vendors have left
(-a //·¸ //«·a /c»»//¸ ·«·. c¡/·.
¸/· ç-a
AŅūilCl l¯lllC11 1C LCLL 1CVCl
1. Head east toward FAYETTEVILLE ST and performIng arts center (rIght out of maIn entrance)
2. Co 2º5 ft, turn PICHT of W LENDIP ST
3. Co .2 mIIes and turn LEFT onto S SALISßUPY ST
4. Co .8 mIIes and take 3P0 PICHT onto hartIn Luther KIng Jr ßIvd
6. ContInue on WESTEPN ßIvd approxImateIy 1 mIIe
7. Turn PICHT onto PULLEN Poad (passIng DVEP the brIdge onto campus)
8. 0rIve .2 mIIes, contInue around the traffIc cIrcIe to the ßeII Tower
º. Turn LEFT just before the ßeII Tower onto FDUN0EPS 0P
*we will toke pictures ot tbe Court of Corolinos first onJ Bell Tower seconJ, tbere is o porkinq lot if you continue
tbrouqb on IounJers Brive os for os you con qo {not for ot oll reolly) onJ pleose pork tbere onJ we will toke o brisk
wolk to tbe Bell Tower for finol pictures*
OŅūFlCl l/lllC11/¯lEl/1Cl 1C /LL ¯/ll1¯ Cl¯lCL ŅĉūOILGS
1. Head west on FAYETTEVILLE ST, (Ieft) towards the CapItaI ßuIIdIng
2. Co .3 mIIes (2 bIocks from Sheraton, 3 bIock from harrIott) and turn PICHT on E HAPCETT ST
3. Co .4 mIIes (4 bIocks) on E HAPCETT and turn LEFT onto S ßLDD0WDPTH ST
4. Turn PICHT ImmedIateIy Into the parkIng Iot (125 S ßLDD0WDPTH) It wIII say "monthIy account
hoIders" but It Is free parkIng on the weekends. You can see the back of the church from there.
CŅūFlCl LELL 1CVEl 1C /LL ¯/ll1¯ Cl/lEL ăŅĂūOILGS
1. From FDUN0EPS 0r take a LEFT onto PULLEN and get In PICHT LANE
2. FoIIow the traffIc cIrcIe In PICHT LANE onto HILLSßDPDUCH ST
3. 0rIve .5 mIIes and at the traffIc cIrcIe take a PICHT onto W hDPCAN ST
4. 0rIve 1.4 mIIes and contInue on NEW ßEPN AVE .1 mIIe
5. Take a Ieft onto S EAST ST
OŅūFlCl /LL ¯/ll1¯ 1C 1lE ¯1CCllCCl
2. Co 4 bIocks or .4 mIIes and turn LEFT onto FAYETTEVILLE ST
3. Take a LEFT onto FAYETTEVILLE ST destInatIon wIII be 354 on the LEFT
*porkinq for tbe stockroom con be porolleleJ on tbe street for free, bock ot tbe botel room onJ wolk 2 blocks, or tbe
closest porkinq Jeck is H00RF´S Sµ0ARF locoteJ on WllHlN6T0N ST*
GŅūFlCl /LL ¯/ll1¯ 1C lCClEŚ¯ ¯CL/lE l/llllC LECl
1. From ßLDD0WDPTH or S EAST ST turn LEFT and head SDUTH towards E HAPCETT ST
2. ContInue past Hargett DNE bIock and turn LEFT onto E hAPTIN STEET
3. Co 3 bIocks or .3 mIIes and turn PICHT onto WILhINCTDN STPEET
4. Take fIrst PICHT Into the parkIng deck rIght past ßeasIey's û Chuck's
IR0H TEF PARKlN6 BFCK wolk Jown to WllHlN6T0N ST onJ try not to use tbe cross wolk becouse if you cross
over Wilminqton Street tbere will be o cut tbrouqb lHHFBlATFlY in front of you. Toke tbe cut tbrouqb to
Ioyetteville Street onJ cross over to tbe otber siJe, tbere will be tbe Stockroom Joor next to tbe Nortb Stote Bonk.
All SaInts Chapel
110 S East Street
FaleIgh, NC 27607
The Stockroom at 2J0
2J0 FayettevIlle Street
FaleIgh, NC 27607

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