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February 2013
Principal Karen Smith Deputy Principals David Macleod-Jones & Stan Pianko March 21 March 25 March 26 March 29 Collegiate Deputy Principal Joe Camilleri Catch up Photo day Yr12 Marine Studies Sydney Aquarium Yr11 Ag-Royal Easter Show GOOD FRIDAY-PUBLIC HOLIDAY FEBRUARY 2013 February 18 Yr11 Agriculture-Farm visit, Camden February 19 Friends of Wyndham BBQ & School Tour February 20 Yr12 Earth Environment Australian Museum February 25 Yr12 Mid Course Exams commence February 26 Yr11 Art Express MARCH 2013 March 7 Yr11 Biology- Longneck Lagoon March 14 Yr11 Snr Science-St Marys Water Management March 18 School Photos Day March 19 Friends of Wyndham

APRIL 2013 April EASTER MONDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY April 8 Yr12 Phy/Chem Snr Science ANSTO April 9 SRC Leadership Camp April 12 Last day of Term 1

FROM THE COLLEGE PRINCIPAL Welcome and Welcome Back As we begin yet another year together at Wyndham, might I welcome all new parents of Year 11, and of course welcome back our parents of Year 12 students. I am pleased to be able to report that we have commenced well with Year 12 settling quickly into their work and with Year 11 successfully oriented into the college. 2012 Last year was a very productive year which led to many successful outcomes. Significant progress was made by students in Year 11 and some outstanding successes were the result of hard work. Our HSC results showed that our students are capable of great things. Again we had students in the merit list and the college itself was again included in the merit list. We had 4 students, who successfully made it into Art Express Oliver Kirby, Eleanor Saxon, Afarah Elshafie and Jordan Forbes. Victoria Nemeth and Aimee Cookson both were invited to call back HSC Dance. Congratulations to Eleanor Saxon. Eleanor was outstanding in achieving an All Rounder, this is where she scored a Band 6 (90+) in all her subjects. Whilst high academic results are not the only achievement we aim for, they are certainly important to us as a college and also, of course, to the individual students. Celebration Assembly this year we will have our celebration assembly on 14 February to recognise the achievements of the class of 2012. Many thanks to Miriam Birkmann-Little, Vanessa Wickens and Alaina Seymour for organising this event.

FRIENDS OF WYNDHAM COLLEGE (P & C) All Parents are invited to attend the Get together BBQ and Tour of Wyndham College Tuesday 19 February 2013 6.30pm-9pm

Administration Block Verandah

Wyndham College

February 2013

Thanks also to Mark Vennard, Gary Poulton and Ron Pratt for organising the photo of the Merit students from 2012. Their achievments are proudly on display in A Block foyer. Broadest Curriculum It is official we have the widest range of subjects in NSW. The Board of Studies has confirmed that we have more Preliminary HSC and HSC subjects being sat at Wyndham College than any other school in NSW. When we combine this with access to university subjects at UWSCollege and the extra access to VET through Nirimba College of TAFE, we can see what a wonderful choice and opportunity our students have. College Growth this year again sees our student numbers well over 800. I do not believe we can comfortably increase this in the future. We have several demountable classrooms on site and in operation, and the trade school is now complete and fully operational. In 2013, the college has welcomed the following staff members: Joe Camilleri, Collegiate Deputy Principal, Nitha Sewlall in the English Faculty and Brendan Hewitt in the TAS Faculty. Focus Areas for 2013 During this year we will focus on student engagement and motivation, connecting with learning and high expectations. Our philosophy at Wyndham is that all subjects are equally important and deserve our full attention in both teaching and resourcing. I believe our students have a fantastic opportunity for success through what we provide. Ultimately, success depends on hard work so, in closing, might I say to all parents and caregivers, that hard work from the beginning of the year is the key. All students should be establishing a good routine. For Year 12, they are already a third of the way through their courses with exams in a couple of weeks. For Year 11, although it is obvious that their courses have just commenced, please encourage them to not get behind. I wish all students a year of success. Karen Smith College Principal FROM THE YEAR 12 DEPUTY PRINCIPAL Welcome back to 2013 and what will be, amazingly, your last three terms at Wyndham College! These three terms will fly by and will be full of learning experiences. I dont feel that I need to remind you of college expectations, but I will mention one; once in college, stay in college. If you dont have a scheduled class in Session 1, you can come late. Similarly, if you dont have a class in Session 3, you can leave early. If you dont have a class in Session 2, however, you MUST remain on college grounds. The Higher School Certificate will not be the most important experience in your life but it will be the most important thing you do this year. Ensure you are prepared for it. This means: Completing all assessment tasks on time Attending all your lessons Making good use of study periods Implementing a solid study plan that you can keep to Putting aside personal time Seeking advice from your teachers Taking advantage of tutorials e.g. in Science and Maths and the LINKS Looking at your shifts at work and maybe cutting back on one or two a week Cutting back on your social life Remaining positive David Macleod-Jones Deputy Principal _______________________________________________________________________________ 2

Wyndham College

February 2013

FROM THE YEAR 11 DEPUTY PRINCIPAL Year 11 and Parents Welcome to 2013. Its almost hard to believe that we are in the middle of February approaching the middle of term 1. I cannot stress enough how important it is for students to complete all assessment tasks on time. The assessment and exam schedule information has been given to you so please make sure you refer to it and acquaint yourself with the dates and requirements for successfully completing the various tasks. Spare booklets are available from the administration office if you dont have one. Other Matters The car park Students may use the upper most northern end of the front car park parking as well as the newer dedicated student parking area. Please ensure that you dont occupy staff spaces, this includes spaces allocated to Terra Sancta staff as well. Leaving the college grounds The rule is very simple, DONT! Once you are here you stay here. If you do leave then you are truanting and your absence will be recorded as such. Leaving the grounds also includes going to the TAFE canteen. Use ours. Smoking Smoking is not permitted on the Precinct, certainly not on college grounds. The smokers hide-outs, e.g. behind the gymnasium, U8, are well known to teachers and if you are caught the college policy regarding smokers will be applied. If you are caught in the company of a smoker you will be treated the same as if you were smoking, even if you were not. No one is holding you back. You are in the persons company because you want to be. You will be treated the same way. Uniform Wyndham is a uniform college. You came here at the end of 2012 and absolutely nothing has changed regarding the wearing of uniforms. I will deal with chronic uniform defaulters. We treat you as young adults and expect you to show young adult behaviour which includes complying with all aspects of the uniform code. Help! If you are finding it tough going dont forget there are skilled and caring people who are prepared to help you. They are: Your year advisors, Megan and Chris assisted by Kasia. The head teacher Welfare, Shelley. The college chaplain, Janine. The college counsellor, Anna. Your class teachers. The faculty head teachers. Your Connect teacher. Last but not least, me.

Again welcome and have a productive, successful year. Stan Pianko Deputy Principal

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Wyndham College

February 2013

FROM THE SCHOOL COUNSELLOR Hi, I would like to introduce myself as the School Counsellor at Wyndham College, particularly now that we have a whole new cohort of Year 11 students. I work at the school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Students should be aware that they can selfrefer to the School Counsellor if they are having difficulties at home or school. Parents who are concerned about their child can call me at school. The senior years of schooling often present all sorts of pressures for students who may find themselves unable to cope and in need of support. It is not uncommon for students to seek counselling for the first time in their senior years. It is important for parents as well as teachers to monitor students' mood and behaviour for any changes. Students should know that there are many sources of support at Wyndham including their friends, teachers, Year Advisors, Head Teacher Welfare, College Chaplain and of course, myself. "A problem shared is a problem halved." Yours Sincerely, Anna Jakymin

A NOTE FROM THE COLLEGE OFFICE On behalf of the SAS staff I would like to convey a warm welcome to our new Year 11 students and their families and also our returning Year 12 students and families. For all those new to the college I would like to stress that the office staff are more than happy to attend to any enquiries from students and parents / caregivers. We would like to encourage students who are making enquiries or payments etc to do so, as much as possible, before school, at recess and lunch times. Invoices will be sent home in the near future for your information to enable you to pay for subject contributions, textbook hire and general school contributions. Dont forget our incentive payment scheme. If you pay both the general contribution and the textbook hire before the end of Term 1 we will give you a discount of $25.00, therefore making the payment for both contributions only $100.00. With regard to subject contributions, we are happy to accept payment by instalments. We understand the financial pressures that some families face and hope by providing this facility it will be of some relief. I hope this information is of assistance to you and please do not hesitate to contact the office for any enquiries you may have. Wendy Birrell School Administration Manager

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Wyndham College STUDENT WELFARE 2013

February 2013

Our Student Welfare Program at Wyndham College is a whole college approach to the well-being of our students, incorporating the Mind Matters philosophy. The aim of the program is to develop moral and social values, and to enhance each students capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially competent. We have introduced a new program called the Connect program. We have discreet Yr11 & 12 Connect groups except for Aboriginal, ESL, University, SRC, Gifted & Talented ( Yr11 ), Fast Forward Program ( Yr11 ) and Traineeships where both Yr11 & 12 are together. Our whole college welfare approach aims to foster a supportive and connecting environment which encourages students to learn from their experiences and the experiences of others. Students will develop important inter and intra- personal skills through the focus areas of cooperation, respect, responsibility and leadership. We have allocated a 50min session every Thursday for the Connect groups to be together with their Connect teacher and follow modules from the Crossroads program. Mentoring the students is also a high priority as will be able to developed through the Connect program. Within our whole college approach to welfare, each year group has 2 welfare teams, comprising executive staff member / year adviser and team patrons ( admin teacher ). The Year Teams work with the Welfare Committee to develop programs relevant to the particular year cohort, and provide specified welfare support and referral as needed. Year 11 Yellow Team Year Adviser: Megan Bond HT/ Deputy: Beth OConnor Jeff Catt Judy Staciwa Red Team Year Adviser: Chris Minol HT/ Deputy: Shelley Woodhams Chandrika Prasad Stan Pianko Year 12 Blue Team Year Adviser: Tony Quelch HT/ Deputy: Danny Oxford Jenny Linklater ( Sarah Minol relieving HT ) Ron Pratt Green Team Year Adviser: Dimitri Papanis HT/ Deputy: David Macleod Jones Denis Vlismas Julie Smith

Head Teacher Welfare:

Shelley Woodhams Year 12 Deputy: David Macleod - Jones Year Advisers: Year 12 : Dimitri Papanis Tony Quelch

Year 11 Deputy: Stan Pianko Year Advisers: Year 11: Megan Bond Chris Minol

Pathways Adviser: Transition/STLD: UWS Co ordinator: Learning Support teacher: School Counsellor: Careers Advisers: Chaplain:

Jeff Smith Tina Papas Joanne Cupac Kushma Narayan Anna Jakymin Julie Smith/Karen Tuynman Jenine Varady - Szabo

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Wyndham College Crossroads Program 2013

February 2013

The students of Wyndham College have the opportunity to participate in the Crossroads Program. This DET Program enables students to meet the mandatory hours required in this area which focuses on PD,Health and Life Skills. The students complete this program during Induction Program ( beginning Term 1 Yr11/12 ), during the Connect sessions. Sometimes special guest speakers and performances are organized for this timeslot. The Year 11 Focus Areas are: Driver Education, Bullying, Communication Skills, How To Succeed in Learning, Drug Education & Stress Management. The Year 12 Focus Areas are: Planning for study, Motivation, HIV/Sexuality, Renting, Buying A Car, Legal Matters, Leadership and Conflict Resolution. We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year ahead in the implementation of this important part of the curriculum. If you need to speak to me about any matters relating to the Crossroads program, or Student Welfare generally, you can contact me on 92087100. Shelley Woodhams HT Welfare

Widen your Horizons by learning a Language

Languages at Wyndham College We are fortunate to have three languages running in the College and they are French, German and Japanese. If you are interested in learning a different language or a language that you speak at home you can either attend a Saturday School or do it by distance through The Open High School. All Language courses whether Beginners or Continuers are HSC subjects leading to an ATAR. Please see Miriam Birkmann-Little if you have any questions or would like an enrolment form. Do not take too long as deadlines are approaching.

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Wyndham College

February 2013

SRC REPORT Christmas Mufti Day On the 12th December the SRC ran their annual Christmas Mufti Day. This year the proceeds were to go to Cystic Fibrosis NSW. After a mother of children with Cystic Fibrosis spoke on assembly students were very touched by her plight and gave generously to the Mufti Day. We raised $394 with just Year 11 students. Congratulations to all those who were involved, especially SRC Santa and his elf helper. Photos are on the SRC Noticeboard if you are interested.

Year 11 SRC Elections Year 11 are invited to nominate others or themselves for SRC from Week 3 on. See Margaret Farrey in English for a nomination form. Election will be held in Week 6 or 7. Goodbye Comfort, Hello Adukomah In December last year I received a letter from World Vision regarding Comfort Ennin our sponsored child in Ghana. It seems the parents wish to withdraw from the program and couldnt be talked out of it. We have been given a new girl by the name of Adukomah Apenoore who is 7 years old and also from Ghana. Our first collection for the year will need to be done in early March so look out for the SRC with the yellow cups to donate to her education, food, health, clean water and projects in her village. Her photo appears here and will be in the SRC Noticeboard outside C block as well.

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Wyndham College

February 2013

SRC Suggestion Box Any students with sensible suggestions can put them in the SRC Suggestion Box located in the schools Library. The SRC meet every Thursday at lunchtime in E6 so suggestions can be dropped off there or given to a member of the SRC. All reasonable requests are discussed at meetings

UNIFORM SHOP The shirts are now available from the Uniform shop. Unfortunately we are waiting on an order for Jumpers. Sizes available are 8,10,18,20 up to 30 The uniform shop is open at lunchtime on Thursdays in the CVET Room, Block C.

FREE -MATHS TUITION All students are invited to join the free Maths tuition that is held in C4 every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 4pm. Be there FREE -CHEMISTRY TUTORIALS Every Tuesday at 3pm 4pm in B01 FREE -PHYSICS TUTORIALS Every Monday at 3pm 4pm in B01

Helpful Tips
Anaphylaxis Information If your child is diagnosed at risk of a severe allergic reaction, particularly anaphylaxis, the Anaphylaxis Procedures contain information for schools and parents designed to minimise the risk to students. If your child has an allergy it is important to let us know see Action steps for parents. Find out more: Job Outlook Career Quiz Heres a quiz to help your teenager identify what occupations they are most likely to be good at. Find out more: Apprentice Stories Apprenticeships can be the passport to a better job, a higher pay packet and a more rewarding life. Watch videos of real stories and achievements as told by well-known apprenticeship ambassadors. Find out more: 2013 Homework Planner Kids and families run more smoothly when theres a plan. The 2013 Homework and Study Calendar includes key dates and school holidays. You can print it out month by month, or by the whole year. Find out more: _______________________________________________________________________________ 8

Wyndham College

February 2013

Community Announcements

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Wyndham College

February 2013

Student Exchange Memories and Skills for a Lifetime Give your child the opportunity to gain international experiences and language skills to kickstart a future career. Along with distinct language benefits, exchange students mature, gain confidence and develop a much more worldly approach upon their return to Australia. World Education Program Australia (WEP), a not-for-profit student exchange organisation registered with the education departments, is now accepting applications for students to live overseas in 2013/14 as exchange students for a summer, semester or year. WEP is offering two $3000 scholarships towards semester-long student exchange programs to Argentina and China commencing in 2014. Find out more! Visit Attend one of WEPs information evenings and open days

Call 1300 884 733

Upcoming Information Sessions Sydney 13 Feb, 13 Mar, 14 May 2013 - 7:30-9pm Bowlers Club of NSW Level 2 / 95-99 York Street, Sydney

Kings Langley Hockey- Based at Cavanagh Reserve Tennis Courts Lalor Park
Register now with Kings Langley Hockey Club for the 2013 winter season; 6 to 9 year old beginner programmes Junior competition for 10 to 17 year olds Open Age 4-a-side programme

For more information phone Lyn on 9674 2876

LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF ! As Marcel Proust, a late 19th century novelist wrote: the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Volunteer to host an international high school student in July 2013 through Southern Cross Cultural Exchange and prepare to be amazed at the way this unique and rewarding opportunity helps your family to become closer, to understand themselves better and to see the world in a new light. Carefully selected students will arrive in July for one or two semesters from France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Japan, and Spain. They will attend a local secondary school, arrive with their own spending money and comprehensive insurance cover all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Visit us at our website, email or call us toll free on 1800 500 501, request our international student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship. Robert Lindsay National Business Development Manager Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Tel: +61 (0)3 9775 4711 Toll Free: 1800 500 501 Fax: +61 (0)3 9775 4971 _______________________________________________________________________________ 10

Wyndham College

February 2013


SMS - the College number is 0416 906 146.

Excursions Excursions are an important part of the school curriculum. They provide students with a diversity of learning experiences that are very valuable. However, the excursions take considerable time and effort to organise so that they run efficiently. For this reason the school policy is that all excursion money must be paid by the date indicated on the permission note. Students who do not pay by this date will not be able to attend the excursion. If there is a special circumstance preventing payment by the due date, your child should see the Head Teacher.

To keep student records as up to date as possible please complete the slip below, if you have changed address or changed phone numbers, and return to the front office. Student Name ... New Address Home Phone ... ..

Mobile Phone Mother Name.... Mobile Phone -Father Name Date...............

Signed .

If you have recently changed your email address please complete this slip and return to the office:
Student Name ___________________________________________________ Email Address ___________________________________________________
Please print carefully

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