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A Sink a Prayer and

software I manage ltor applications q !ank 3pcl o[cubicles. spread workin a maze Cerms easily during flu season. Whenthe temperature the coldan,i drops, go up around oFfice tipson howto sayhealthy. the w'th srgns "washyour hands a [ull fifteen seconds," oFthemreads. one for probably the videos You've seen o[people singing (yes, of'HappyBrrth<jay" there threel) verses are allthree up to ensure they've that sudsed longenough. I came witha dlfferent up technique. prqyer l'd beenlookingf,:r a wayto incorporate of it into my dayinstead saving for bedtime. saying Lord's the Prqyer. I took out rnywatch timedmyself and It took me exactl;, seconds. 15 That's routine. washing now my hand I prayer I oftentackon my own persona reguest i'm at the sink. while -qpd wayto stayhealthy physically spirituallv. It'sa great
-Chri5tina McHalc-




February 3'4,2013 Worship 5ervice Welcome andPrayer

Greg Thiessen
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Congregational Singing Announcements & Offering Kid's Korner

Elizobeth Abrohomson
(nexi - Puppet Showj

(Special Number)
(feb. l0 - Dorryl Hqmilton)

1John 2: I 5-29 Michoel Plell Nepinok) lnexl-Rondy

"Sloying Firm"

5unday 5chool News and Notes

. Toniohl, ChurchBoordMeeling. lf you hove ony concerns, suggeslions, or inspirotions, lo one of the boord members. tolk . Fridoy, /:30p.m.Fomity nighl bibtestudy. yourbible ond come prepored Bring 10leornond grow. . Communion service nexl Sundoy. 11 time once ogoin for our choirslo get iogether is proctices begin thii to singond proise! will Mondoy,Feb.4th TempleBoptist oi Church. Theperformonce dole isEosler Sundoyevening. proise,' This be "An Evenino Eoster will of wherewe willsingo vorleiyof music from choruses, hymnsond somenew music oll cenlered oroundChrist's socrifice ond consequences our lifeiodoy. for -CherylDohtri

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TieSpence- Feb.srh Michoetpteti- Feb.81h



Soturdoy, Feb.9ih, meel ol BirchRiver for rink rec hockeyfrom Z-9p.m. Followed by God tolk ond goodieso.tihe cnurcn. Coslis$3.if you don't hove o poss.


Church Cleaning
Anyvolunteer(s)? ?