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Then tol.1 he themmany things parables, in saying: "A farmer wentout to sowhisseed. hewas scattering seed, As the some along path, fell the the came at it up, and birds and plqces. Some on rocky fell where didnot have it soil. much It spr4ng quickly, up because soilwas the shallow. Butwhen sun up, the came thePlants scorched, were wrihered becluse htd no root. they 3pdthey Other seed among fell thorns, up which grew andchoked plants, the seed on good 5tillother Fell soil, -- a hundred, where produced it a *op sixty thirtytimes or what solvn. was Hewhohas ears, himhear." let
-Matthcw 13, 3-9-

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(Feb. l0' Donyl Homilton)


Reading Scripture
lsoioh8:3-ll 5 LorneFriesen
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5unday 5chool News andNotes

. . . "Our DoilyBreod"bookleis ore in. Toniqhl,7p.m. FoodGroins Bonk windupcelebrotion ot the Minilonos United Church. Communion seryice Februory on 101h.

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"ln one hundredwords,Psolm sums 23 up oll our needsin lifeond oll lhe obundonce of God's groce. ll beginswith 'TheLord,' ond it endswilh 'forever.' Whot could be better lhon lhot? - Roberi MorgonJ.

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