Knowledge and understanding of the details of the job to be able to do what is expected. Excellent. Has Knowledge and Knowledge and Limited Lacks job thorough knowskill good. Needs skill adequate. knowledge. knowledge even ledge of the job. only occasional Requires normal Needs after normal Almost no super- direction and help. considerable instruction vision is required. supervision attention. 10 8 6 4 2 Comments: __________________________________________________________________________ 2. DEPENDABILITY. Willing to assume duties and responsibilities. Highly depenDependability Can normally be Not fully Unreliable. Never dable under any above normal. relied on to fulfill dependable. sure he will do his circumstances. Can be relied job demands. Tries to do what job on time. Does a superior upon to perform he is supposed to job even under satisfactorily do but sometimes periodic or under most fail. continuous circumstances. pressure. 10 8 6 4 2 Comments: __________________________________________________________________________ 3. LEARNING AND ADAPTIVE SKILLS. Ability to learn new assignments changes in procedure, carry out instruction, meet unexpected or emergency situations. Can do any job; Adjusts very well Adjusts well to Ability limited to Has difficulty adept in dealing to new situations most situations his job that inhidealing with new with new and learns new and can easily bits him from per- material or situations; opens materials quickly, learn new forming other situation. to new ideas and willing to learn materials. Can do tasks. Need systems set own additional skills. other jobs close repeated instrucgoals and studies to his level. tions concerning independently. new materials or new situations 10 8 6 4 2 Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________ 4 .COOPERATION. Willingness to work together with superior and other members of the team. Gets along well with others. Easy to work with. Display cordial behavior toward the public/clientele Consistently pro- Has the ability to Demonstrates Difficult to work Does not motes team effort coordinate team cooperation and with in some demonstrate towards the fulfill- effort of cotact in dealing situations. cooperation ment of the job. workers to meet with peers and and/or tact in Respected by objectives. superiors. Works dealing with peers peers and Consistently well as the and subordinates. exhibits sense of courteous, member of the Does not give his fairness in considerate, and team. fair share in the dealing with diplomatic. team effort. Has others.Goes difficulty in beyond in giving dealing with his fair share of others. workload. Helps those who slack in their job. 2 10 8 6 4 Comments: __________________________________________________________________________ Check = Supervisors Rating Circle = Self Rating

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