VNC viewer for Wandboard

So you’ve got your Wandboard setup, but what if you don’t have a dedicated monitor to use with it, we can use VNC viewer. This will allow you to see your Wandboard’s desktop remotely in a graphical way, using the mouse as if you were sitting in front of your board. Connecting to a wandboard like this can save on desktop clutter, and the problem of having multiple keyboards and mice all over the place. It also means you can put your Wandboard somewhere else on the network, but still control it.

Step 1: To start with, we take our SSH Client – Putty

Step 2: Login with your user name and password

Step 3: Install tight VNC: “sudo apt-get install tightvncserver”

Step 4: Run the program:tightvncserver

Step 5:

Step 6: And that's it - connected!