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........ Processes....5 Project Participants and Roles................................................................................7 Appendix A – Unassociated Requirements..................................4 Reports and Correspondence.....................................................................9 The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential......7 Governance and Communications............................. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice.....................................................................2 Work Types...............5 Prerequisites... and Use Cases.......5 Functional and Performance Testing...................................Contents Executive Summary............... .6 Enablement/Training.........................3 Interfaces......................................................................................................................................................................4 Timeline...................................................................................................................7 Assumptions.............1 Actors...................................................................................

Pegasystems Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) product suite is integrated into the system to facilitate build for change development regardless of IT or business orientation.2 Initial Solution Target The proposed system will target the following business objectives. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. 1. Page |1 . The team understands the business and technology and can provide the greatest value at the lowest risk to this implementation.This will for the new Pega competency set-up in india so that they can have some savings in terms of the extra cost involved in getting the applications developed by people from vendors.) 1. 1.Executive Summary ABCD enabled resources will build a dynamic solution and build success in BPM implementations.3 Implementation Approach This project initiative will be lead by ABCD’s Project Management team. Pegasystems’ Project Management team will be supporting the client team throughout the entire project implementation lifecycle. These objectives will be used as a measure of success: (No business objectives were selected. The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. Based upon our experience with hundreds of successful PegaRULES Process Commander Implementation it has been a best practice to look at the current client implementation methodology and integrate into to it many of Pegasystems industry leading best practices including but not limited to our Direct Capture capabilities.with world wide presence they are loking for fresh poeople to join their technology team across Treasury services team in India. While most organizations have been trained to create voluminous requirements documents in order to build software applications.1 Business Context ABCD is a financial company.

This project represents an initial step towards an evolution of ongoing efficiency and service gains. type. Their names. and the requirements are automatically documented – always matching your requirements to development efforts. It will also assist ABCD in realizing their return on investment (ROI) much earlier than other waterfall or big-bang approaches to development and delivery. The Build For Change™ philosophy embraced by ABCD in this project is based on a commitment to continuous improvement and self-sufficiency. and easy to use forms to directly capture and execute requirements. Pegasystems also has an iterative.4 Stepping to the Future The Pegasystems approach begins with a defined implementation that rapidly achieves business value – allowing you to expand that value through additional projects. constructs. agile and adaptable methodology that is supported by its award winning SmartBPM platform which can be deployed as ABCD methodology of choice for this initiative. Actors Actors are the individuals or systems that will interact with the RcrtmntSystem System. access method and volumes are listed in the following table: Actor Technical Lead Type Operator Count Access Method Browser The Standard user portals will be used for the above with the following modifications: The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. Pega’s DCO Capabilities work with all Implementation Methodologies and greatly increase their efficiencies by automating many different work products. Business benefits beyond this project will be designed and achieved through follow-on implementations.Pegasystems approach is to directly capture executable requirements within the system and its Build for Change™ directive addresses the problems with the traditional SDLC approach. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. SmartBPM provides wizards. Page |2 . 1. Using Pegasystems SmartBPM™ Implementation methodology and/or DCO Capabilities will help ABCD achieve their objectives in a much timelier manner with a higher degree of quality. Each phase of the methodology depends upon the SmartBPM platform.

Page |3 . Work Type RcrtmntSystem includes the following unreferenced Use Cases: 1.5. and Use Cases Work Types describe the high level business functions that will make up this application.7 Security Use cases dealing with authentication. Resource requirement request Triggers: Complexity: Low Resource requirement request Shape: N/A Status: New Actors: Technical Lead Description Technical lead raises request for resource specific to a technology to his HR team member 1.5 RcrtmntSystem Edit the Description for this work type here 1. The names of the Work Types.6 Common Use cases shared by multiple work types 1. authorization 1. Use Cases. Any functionality not specified below may be addressed in follow-on projects. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice.1 Primary Path for StartRcrtmntSystem (Page 3) Step Name No details specified 1.• • Add ABCD Custom Logo Removal of unnecessary PRPC Gadgets Work Types. Processes.1 1. as they will be used extensively in subsequent documentation and governance functions. Each Work Type lists the specific Use Cases (scenarios) and the specific Interfaces that are invoked.8 Navigation Use cases specific to getting between work types and general application processing The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. StartRcrtmntSystem 1. and Interfaces should be chosen with care.

Name Complexity Description Send Joining Mail to candidate Low Send mail to candidate confirming his/her joining details The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. reporting activity typically occurs as a separate initiative and may require that ABCD export data from the system to a data warehouse. calendars. PDF).For this.1. reference data tables.Onboarding team will send mail to candidate confirming his/her joining details.We expect that the standard reports will be supplemented by 2 custom reports.9 DataManagement Use cases specific to managing lists of products.integration with Mail server is required Name Protocol Data Source # of Description Exists Interchanges E-Mail ServiceYes Send e-mail to candidate if he is integration Email selected Reports and Correspondence Decisions about reporting are typically best made after some experience with the system. broadcast messages 1. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice.The Pegasystems solution is expected to generate approximately 1 pieces of Correspondence (email. Reports .10 SysAdmin Use cases specific to managing operator profiles. letter. Therefore. These data warehouse initiatives can typically overlap with user acceptance testing. Page |4 . Show cicular chart for no of positions open against each technology Name Category Complexity Description TechnologyWiseOpen WorkMonitoring Low Show details about Open positions against Positions each Technology Candidates applied for each WorkMonitoring Medium Create a Bar-Graph showing no of open positions candidates applied for each position Correspondence . Overview: Once candidate is selected. rule migration/promotion Interfaces The Pegasystems solution will interchange with the systems described in this section using the protocol specified. skills.

Timeline The timeframes presented below represents an estimate based upon the information know at this time.0 Responsibility / Work Project Plan. As more information becomes available and upon further due diligence regarding this project. the following prerequisites must be met: Customer to name team members by role Customer to send each team member to appropriate role based training Joint agreement on an iterative implementation methodology. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. Create Customized Reports Enablement Plan Business Architect Essentials Business Architect The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. 1. Pegasystems recommends conducting a Method Adoption Workshop • Joint agreement on a formal governance structure and process • • • Project Participants and Roles ABCD Role Project Manager Business Alloc. Page |5 . Estimated Timeline 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Inception Weeks Elaboration Construction Transition The phases of the project are estimated to take: Inception 2 weeks Elaboration 3 weeks Construction 5 weeks Transition 2 weeks Prerequisites Prior to project start.0 FTE 1. Overall Project Success Create/Validate Use Cases. It is further based upon an allocation of resources and assumptions about the skill levels of these resources from ABCD. these estimates and staffing assumptions may need to be adjusted.

Implement Pega-Responsible Services Architect On Site and Connectors Practice Leader 0.25FTE / Interfaces with User/User Representatives to capture user needs and Experience On Site goals.0 FTE / Implement Activities and Methods. Modify Flows. Information Design and Task Analysis.0 FTE / Lead PRPC Technology insertion and adoption within the customer Engagement On Site organization. Construct Class Hierarchy and Object Models.5 FTE Responsibility / Work and Correspondence Create Flows. / Responsibility / Location Work Technical 1. Executive Support On Site User . The test plan will be reviewed and approved by the ABCD project team. The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. Establishes Usability goals and resolves Usability issues as necessary. agreement must be reached in a timely manner so as not to hold up project execution ABCD’s team will jointly develop the test plan for the Process Commander components of the system during the Elaboration phase. Add Decision Tables. Decision Trees.0 FTE / Create functional Design. Project Governance. Guardrail Compliance. Navigation. Interfaces with developers to ensure the users' needs and goals are Architect expressed in the User Interface design. Support Project Leader Plan and Methodology Lead System 1. Boot Camp External Resources Alloc. development must be completed in a timely manner so as not to hold up project testing Test Plan and Test Scripts will be developed in accordance with the Pegasystems testing Guardrails™ ABCD’s team will be responsible for developing the test scripts and preparing and executing those test scripts. FTE 1.1 FTE / Governance. Architect On Site Define Test Strategy System 1.Role Architect System Architect Alloc. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. Page |6 . Role Functional and Performance Testing Functional and performance testing tasks will be conducted as follows: • • • • • • ABCD’s team will develop the Functional and Performance test strategy ABCD’s team will agree to the test strategy during the Elaboration phase. Design Test Cases Enablement Plan Essentials Fast Track. Change Harness Sections. Manages User Interface Design with regards to Visual Design.

and staff aspects of this proposal. based on changes in actual experience. the quality of the final deliverable. schedule.4 are also required to take Fast Track to PRPC and PRPC Bootcamp training to help facilitate project implementation. Client resources that will be performing the project roles defined in section 6. Individuals who take training at the right time retain the knowledge needed to keep projects on track and contribute productively to the project. This role is critical for all projects during both implementation and post production support.Enablement/Training Training is a key success factor in helping to ensure a successful PRPC Go-Live.6 weeks in advance of a project start. virtually or can be delivered onsite to the customer. The above courses can be taken at a Pegasystems public training site. Training positively increases the effectiveness of team member’s ability to lead projects. Information about additional training courses and pricing can be found on our web site at: http://www. Should these not occur in accordance with the agreed to project schedule then project delays and overruns are deemed the responsibility of the customer. we recommend 2. Assumptions The following assumptions are critical elements of the Governance and Communications Effective communications and active governance are two critical components of successful project delivery. Customers who train their project team members realize significant business benefits through increased self-sufficiency and productivity. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. where the initial implementation is often continuously improved at a frequent pace. Bi weekly stakeholder governance meetings shall be held along with weekly project status meetings. The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential. Page |7 . Many of these assumptions embody an iterative implementation philosophy. as PRPC-trained business analysts respond directly to expected changes and evolving project requirements • Faster response to new business demand due to lower reliance on external resources • Trained delivery project team members design and build solutions faster and project risks are minimized • Career development opportunities for business and IT staff as they acquire new business process management skills • Lower total cost of ownership by utilizing in-house skilled resources At a minimum Pegasystems does require a single resource be trained as a Pegasystems Process Commander administrator by taking the “PegaRULES System Administration” course.pega. and ultimately. The benefits include: • Realization of the “Build for Change” value proposition. The timing of training is critical.

Project Sponsor will independently build and configure interfaces for external applications as part of the proposed work. is expected to be handled through out-ofthe-box (OOB) rules provided in PRPC with minimum customizations. Project Sponsor will be responsible for exporting data into a customer-defined data warehouse or developing ad hoc reports from SQL Output. Covers (and Folders if needed) Standard Routing and Assignments. PRPC authentication will be the security mechanism for this project unless there is an explicit alternative specified in the Interfaces. Standard Harnesses based on standard UI framework and HTML rules (minor modifications to a couple of HTML properties is acceptable) Standard Work Items. Word correspondence based on HTML generation. Implementation of the application. with standard PDF Generation as indicated in the Use Cases. installation and provisioning of all hardware and non-PRPC-related (third party) software Project Sponsor will provide working facilities. Production roll-out and training is out of the scope of this proposal. We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. Standard Interfaces to External Systems (including error handling). desktops and required software licenses for all resources to work on this project at the requested location. Standard SLA handling and Notifications. The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • PRPC authentication will be the security mechanism Project Sponsor will provide external connectivity to development and test environment for the Pegasystems team members on project commencement Project Sponsor will be responsible for procurement. Standard Input Validation. Page |8 . Project Sponsor has a test region with access to data that accurately represents test and production information. including the UI.

Appendix A – Unassociated Requirements The following is a list of the Business Requirements that must be met to ensure Business acceptance. No Requirements Specified. These requirements are not referenced in any of the use cases above. Page |9 . We retain the right to change any aspect of this proposal without prior notice. The contents of this proposal are Proprietary and Confidential.

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