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ABSTRACK One of the objectives agriculture development, expecially in food plants is to maintenance self-supporting of foods which is still fluctuative.

The objectives are highly related wih availability of qualified land resource. Problems related to the availability of land resource are caused by agriculture area conservation to be non agriculture area with average 50.000 are/years particularly in lowland. As the result agriculture activities move to higher area in doing show forest area are converted into agribusiness area. Cultivated land in agriculture land is very vulnerable of resource and environment degradation which in long term will caused lose to the economically and ecoloycaly. The upstream of sub Citarik cactment is one of areas that effected by the problem above, sub Citarik cactment area is now included into prior handling in Citarum cactment management. The area characteristic and dynamifi of its inhabitant with economic and social condition have created critical land. This phenomena still unrepealed, therefore the writer is interestedto study and to discover farmers respons toward the problem of critical land that occurs. By using land unit approach as the analisys unit gained by overlays soil map, slope map, and land use map, the researcher conducted identification process toward the critical land parameters viewing from the aspects of soil, topography, erotion, and land cover. And than conducting matcing process between land critical parameter data with land critical TOR(Term of Reference) resulting in the classification of land critical rate and their spreads. After that, an interview was conducted to the farmers who use the land to discover they response toward the existing land critical. This research shows that the majority agribusiness area in upstream of Citarik catcment included into semi critical land category which spread almost eventy, and the rest of the area is included into potencial critical land, spreading in downstream area. Semi critical category areas needs serious treatment by land rehabilitation activities in order to stop them being critical and unproductive land. As for potencial critical land conservation is needed to not to be critical land, so that the area do not turn to semi critical land. The farmers response in the research area is good in quantity they do many conservation activities and rehabilitation such as, terrace making, cut sloping cultivation, planted others plant, and shifting cultivation. On the other hand unfortunately in quality, conservation and rehabilitation activities are not maximum due to social and economic condition relating o width of land produced, status of land produced, income, and education level of farmers. This study is expected to be the source of reference and input for interested parties in handling and management of the upstream of Citarik catcment, so that they will be move the focused and precise, and in turn to create efficiency and resource allocation and fund optimalization. Key words : critical land, farmers response, The upstream of sub Citarik cactment.