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COURSE CODE : WAJ 3102 COURSE: English Language Proficiency I DATE SET : 18/2/13


DATE DUE : 1/3/18

LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Listen critically to various stimuli and respond appropriately. 2. Speak fluently and confidently for a variety of purposes. 3. Read critically for meaning and understanding, and give personal response. 4. Use correct and appropriate language structures in different types of writing and academic papers. 5. Write well-reasoned and coherent paragraphs. 6. Assess own language progress through reflections/journals. (This coursework addresses Learning outcomes 2, 4 and 5) SPECIFIC LEARNING OUTCOMES To enable students to: 1. speak fluently and confidently for a variety of purposes; 2. use correct and appropriate language structures in writing a story; and 3. produce the written text containing words from different word classes correctly, using appropriate tenses in well-reasoned and coherent paragraphs. THE PROJECT (Weighting = 60 %) This assignment consists of TWO tasks, namely, The English Sound System and Essay Writing. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF TASKS TASK 1: The English Sound System (50%) 1. Individually, select an article of 500-600 words. 2. Practise pronouncing the words in the text correctly. Use a dictionary to check your pronunciation.

3. Make an audio-recording of the selected text in your own voice. In your reading, focus on the pronunciation of the long/short vowels, diphthongs, tripthongs and consonants. Give attention to primary and secondary stress as well as the unstressed syllables/words in your pronunciation. Consider also the intonation at phrase and sentence level in your recording. TASK 2: Essay Writing (50%) Write a story of about 600 words based on the cartoon given below. In your story, use at least 4 of the 5 different word classes (Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs) you have learnt. 1. Identify the different word classes you have used in your story. 2. Make your story as interesting as possible, and remember to incorporate at least one moral value. 3. Give your story an appropriate title.


A GOOD ASSIGNMENT SHOULD SHOW: 1. good understanding of the task 2. originality and creativity 3. appropriate language use 4. well-reasoned and coherent paragraphs DETAILED REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PROJECT 1. Cite the source of any references you used (if any), using the APA format. 2. No duplication of assignments from other coursework is allowed. 3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. 4. Your work should be typewritten with double spacing and font Arial, size 12. 5. The cover page should have the following information: a. Name

b. Matric Number and ID c. Class/ Group d. Lecturer's name e. Date of submission 6. You should adhere to the deadline. Without an approved extension of time, late submission will be severely dealt with.

MARKING CRITERIA The tasks will be marked against the marking criteria set for the project.

Prepared by: _______________________ (ROSEMARY ANAK LAYAT) Course coordinator for ELE3103 Language Department IPGK Kent

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