Detailed PE Lesson Plan (20-30 minutes) HHP 415 Health and PE Methods For Elementary Educators 25 Points 1 Unit__Striking_________ Grade

Level_3rd____ Topic_Batting Progressions_ 1 1 6 Name_Amy Schroller__ Date__5/5/07 ________

National/State/District Standard(s): National Standards: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Integration: Math Objectives: Cognitive (knowledge) – Review striking an object with a bat using cues: writing hand on top, side to target, clean the table Affective (attitude/social skills) – Using team work during game Psychomotor (physical skills) Practice striking an object with a bat

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Materials/Equipment/Supplies: Nerf balls, plastic bat, hula hoop Safety Issues: Students should be aware of other students moving in general space Students should not strike balls at other students Students should not run in front of other students to retrieve a ball Students should make sue there are not other students in the area when they swing Students should us objects that are lightweight and soft For safety during game, there will be two home plates. One plate for the batter and the other plate for the runner to cross. This method will prevent collisions at home plate from occurring. Classroom Management Issues: All students will be required to participate in fitness game

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Other Environmental Considerations (e.g.: diversity issues, students with disabilities, use of technology) ESL student but can speak and understand English Time Directions- Teaching Cues Organization/Format Teaching Method Used/Notes 2 INTRODUCTORY ACTIVITY (Set) – Rock, Paper, Scissors with feet “Go for the Gold” – This is a game where students will go from a designated Bronze spot to Silver to Gold by playing rock, paper, scissors with their feet 2 3 FITNESS ACTIVITY – Push-ups (5), Curl-ups (10), and stretches to CD SKILL DEVELOPMENT (Input and Modeling) – Batting/Stroke progression – Review striking an object with a bat. Have the students practice holding a bat and swinging a pretend bat in personal space. The teacher pretends to pitch and all students take a practice swing. Specific Drills or Lead-up Games – Modified Fitness kickball using bat and ball. Will divide the class into two groups with one group at bat and the other is in the field. The teacher pitches

the teacher takes another ball from the hoop and pitches it to the next batter. After everyone on the teams has batted and all balls are back in the hoop. clean the table Final Feedback 2 Assessment Techniques: Teacher observation of control of object and body Teacher observation of striking mechanics Questions on proper was to strike objects with long implements References/Resources: Deb Christie – PE teacher at Sunset Elementary in Salina. The batting team tries to kick and run the bases as fast as possible. The fielders retrieve the balls and put them back in the hoop and must never let the hula hoop be empty. KS ksde. the batting team gets three points. 2 CLOSURE ACTIVITY (Applied Game) – Put equipment away and see if the students can name at least one cue for striking an object with a bat – Example: writing hand on top. As soon as the hitter begins to Reflection/Lesson Evaluation/Comments**For later use 1 . side to target. the teams switch positions. To score: if the fielding team fails to keep at least one ball in the hoop.and next to her will be a hula hoop with 5 balls in it.

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