excitable way, and.yelling as if he wk'ii an uncultivated Indian instead of a solid and sober citizeti of Lon ion. The driver, meanwhile, was attempting to fill the fat passenger with confidence, knowing, at the same time, that his horse was in the air and that his own position was sur­ rounded with uncertainty. He refrained from informing his "fare" that it was entirely his fault that the horse was wildly

not bequeathed by her in her will. Th ; s was a plain gold bracelet, given her b\ William I. on the occasion of their be­ trothal, which, by her express directions, was placed o-t her wrist after death and buried with her.

Quite a Long List of Mishaps for a Single Day.

Glittering Antennse Quivers, Puffed Valois Capotes with Miniature Panaches.
L A M A R I E S T U A R T . '

Visitors from the Country. Policeman Who Takes Numbers.





Mrs. Lanarkshire registered avow last Its Praises. The Queer Pranks It evening that she would never enter a Has Made Certain Dignified Many of the smartest bonnets are hansom cab in London if she lived fora entirely black, and depend on jet for the Characters Play. " Here's hundred years. As Mrs. Lanarkshire is a enlivenment of their somhre hue. The to the Nixt Who Dies.'' Xj|P. , lady of much stiffness of character, and a# IpÉyfeî® most biza;re of th r se is composed of a Other Pc-ems Not she has already lived for fifty years, it is large jet butteifiy, its upper wings bent Quite so nut at all likely that the hansom cab busi­ upward so as to form a crest, its lower Gloomy. ness of London will in future be benefited ones downward, while in front the glitter­ by her to the extent of a farthing, much ing antenna 1 quiver above a small bow of ")riioxr T H K N E W von K H E U A L D :J less a shilling. black velvet. Since its discovery All things considered, it is not to be champagne has con­ Another charming little black bonnet is wondered at that Mrs. Lanarkshire has tinued to be the the Henri III., an almost exact copy of begotten a hatred for hansom cab3 in favorite tipple of the small puffed capotes worn by the kings, princes and Lon'on. She and her daughter arrived Valois King an 1 his mignons, encircled great lords. Louis in London from XVIII. drank noth­ the provinces on pawing the air and attracting the atten­ by a coronet of jet-, and with a miniature ing else ar, table. Friday for the tion of hundreds of people by his ab­ panache of black ostrich feather) set at Frederick William double purpose normal position. During the discussion the side. I V.of Prussia drank More generally becoming, however, is of doing somj he succeeded in turning the animal and so much of it that he shopping and cal­ getting him once more on the down grade. the daintiest of little close bonnets made was actually called ling upon some The "fare" insisted upon getting out, of jet open work, resembling in form a " King Clicquot," sixteenth century coif, and with three or friends. Mrs. but was induced to change his mind when and his successors to Lanarkshire has he saw that it had begun to rain. He four knots of yellow cowslips set here and the present time have been accustomed contented himself with ordering the driver there, tied with tiny black velvet bows. shown marked fond­ to make annual to keep on level ground and to put down Another coif bonnet of somewhat similar ness forthe French product, howeverhostile shape, delicately pointed over the brow, is incursions for the glass. to the French themselves, indeed, at of gray cloth mixed with black velvet and these purposes The fates were rather against our driver the present moment the efforts of the t\ to London for and not particularly propitious for our oxydized silver galon. Emperor William II. to have German many years. driver's fare. Having begun to rain it ASTRAKAN. wines supersede champagne among the Until the present visit she had invariably continued to rain. The fat passenger Astrakan is much used this tear in both German nobility are successful only by been accompanied by Mr. Lanarkshire, thanked his stars that he was at least in bonnets and hats, with excellent effect, "John Darke's Sojourn in the Cottes- authority and not preference. but that amiable gentleman having been a cab that did not leak. He lay back in as witness a little bonnet composed Pope Gregory XVI. and the Sultan wolds 8iid Elsewhere." A Series of gathered to his fathers—he had only one the cab and looked lazily through the simply of two square side wings of Sketches. By S. S. Buckman, F. G. S. Abdul Mejid were almost as fond of it as —nine months ago, she made this par­ rain blurred windows, as the vehicle astrakan and a large puff of emerald was " King Clicquot " himself. Mo­ ticular trip in company with her daughter. dashed towards his destination. (London : Chapman & Hall.) He green velvet between them. Another It was solely on account of Miss noticed, that the horse The author has here recorded much of hammed had forbidden wine, but cham­ was un­ bonnet, entirely in black, has a close coif Lanarkshire—a young person possessed usually his experience among the ordinary folk of pagne was and i3 drunk by the faithful as small, but he also no­ brim of astrakan, with a diadem of of a most adventurous disposition—Hhat ticed that it was unusually fast. square cut, jet and an open crown formed But President C irnot refused it on the the West Country, and also endeavored an " aerated water." An Italian writer of the fifteenth ground that it is his rule never to ccept to represent on paper their dialect and Mrs. Lanarkshire entered a hansom cab. He had recovered his usual state of a twist of black velvet, wi'li a feather presents. Miss Lanarkshire made the selection, and of contentment and was not bothering other peculiarities of speech. In doing century says that Henry V. of England aigrette set at one side. In a letter writte i by General Brugère this he has somewhat over encumbered his found "the strong and foaming wines of it must be admitted that she displayed himself about the very slippery state of These open crow: s ! What will not to Mr. Cody's manager in Paris, the book with mis-spelling, which it grows Champagne to injurious " to his soldier* perfect taste, for horse, driver and cab the pavements, when his attention was women venture at the bidding of fashion, President of the Republic states that he tedious to a reader to follow ; but his in France that he had to forbid the use of were of the latest pattern. Mrs. Lanark­ attracted by the curious antics of two bus even though neuralgia and rheumatism be thanks the Colonel for his kind attention, " sketches " are nevertheless often racy it. exceot when tempered with water. shire manifested an earnest desire to for­ horses and the frantic efforts of their the penalty to be paid ? Does the favor '• Bluff King Hal " and Francis I. are sake the cab when the door? closed "in drivers. He noticed -that the two 'bus these open crowns are received with show but that he cannot accept the lamp—that and origina 1 . said to have quaffed "a ft amine: beaker it was his rule not to do so. The lamp is upon her, seemingly of their own volition, horses were sliding as if they had never " Garry's Elocutionist." Selections in that women a splendid-piece of carved brass workman­ Prose and Verse. Edited, with Introduc­ of Ay" on the field of the Cloth of but she was held in place by her daughter, done anything else and could never be Fear no more the heat o' the sun. ship, «J feet high, sixty-five candle power, tion, bv Rupert Garrv. (London : Marcus G ('Id. Like Charles V., Francis I. and who exp'ained that the doors of all pro­ induced to do anything else. He thought Nor the furious winter's rages, Leo X., his co itemporaries, he stationed placed on a table of Mexican onyx, Ward & Co.) perly educate ' cabs closed of their own it was curious, until it suddenly occurred because false hair is once again worn, accord. to him that the distance between him and and so their pretty polls rre once framed in carved brass, which is 28 inches A new edition of a popular book has a special agi-nt at, Ay to select good All went well until "Piccadilly circus was the 'bus horses was rapidly growing less. square. The h»ad of a fine large buffalo, here bejn revised and en'arged by its wine for bis own use. This was the more protected without the need of reached. There were, as usual;, more Then it dawned upon him that his cab killed by Colonel Cody on the frontiers of editor, who gives a very good selection wine of the province, of course, and not cosy headgear ? Whatever be the reason, vehicles and pedestrians than the tho­ horse was also sliding, and that if there the Par West, is attached to a Mexican from modern literature, as well as an intro­ the sparkling cbunipagre of Dom Perigit is certain that there are almost roughfare should have been asked to wasn't less sliding in about ten Charles II. made "champagne o-iyx plaque fastened to tin rod of the ductory chapter of practical advice to non. as many crownless bonnets to be seen now accommodate. Mrs. Lanarkshire assured seconds there would be a collision. He lamp stand. The shade is the size of a young people who may use the récitations wines"—the still, red variety, the wine of as there were in the hottest days of .1 uly. England's nobility at and after his res­ her daughter once a minute tin t some­ became suddenly actuated with a desire thirty-eight inch umbrella, and is of as to emphasis, gesture, &c. Conspicuous among th se is a marvellous body would certainly be run over. to forsake the cab. toration Champagne Hows all through scarlet silk covered with moss green tulle garland, rather than bonnet, composed of " Lovely Homes, and other Poems." the literature of that time, and, according It se ms impossible that the driver To his horror he embroi.'ered with poppies and blue corn a narrow fillet of green velvet, a bunch of By C. Adley. (London : Remington & to Redding, "ten thousand tuns of could have heard this, but he may have found that the flowers. Colonel Cody had this beautiful C violets and pale violet baby ribbon, and at "-) been listening, of course, and just as Mrs. glass was inmovas well as most useful ornament made in French wine" were then " pouring yearly the back a tangle of violets and their Home and its associations are the into England." Tbe "sparkling cham­ Lanarkshire was saying for the fortietli able, so far as he America for the hall of the Elysée at a cost youngest, freshest, greenest leaves. Less time that she knew somebody would be was concerned, and of 5,000fr. The lamp can be seen in a theme of the chief collection of verses in pagne" they speak of is not the effervesvernal than this is a fiat toque composed this book. The poem is divided into ing wine of later times, however, by any run over, somebody was run over. All that the doors window in the rue Scribe. of three horseshoe fillets of twist..d olive several " can os," although all are short, means. doubt upon this question was dissipated were held in place and fawn velvet, with a great bunch of and they have such headings as " The by a jolt that seemed difficult of explana­ by the glass. H H Butler makes the hero of " Hudibras " read and cream chrysanthemums fastening Old Home," " The Scattered Home," follow the old Latin fashion wi h regard tion, and by a series of yells that could was .in a trap, and them together at the back. " The Passing Home," &c. Some miscel­ to his dttlcinea's name and :— only have issued from a small boy in a if the wholesale laneous verses clo3e the volume, which is VIOLETS. condition of considerable inconvenience to sliding did not at Drink every letter on 't in stum religious in its tendency and not ill And make It lirisk champagne become. Violets ate the flower in the newest himself. once terminate, he written, although it would be easy to Mrs. Lanarkshire insisted upon getting stood a strong Sir Charles Sedlev, who died in 1701, bonnets, and the Bonapartist blossom is Sir A l f r e d L y a l l W r i t e s a s obser. e faults if they were searched for. out of the cab. She refused to remain in chance of being perforated by a pole. shown to advantage in a bonnet also com­ mak' s the medical man in " The Doctor Dispassionate Critic on a vehicle that was little less dangerous The noses of three horses were within posed of horseshoe fillets, a wreath of " A Manual of Nursing, Medical and and His Patients," when troubled by the than a guillotine. Surgical." By Laurence Humphry, M.A. latter's unreasonable lives, call them to­ touching distance , \yljejj. the respective Russian violets being set between two ' t\Vists of brown velvet, all of which are W A R R E N Miss Lanarkshire H A S T I N G S . With numerous illustrations. (London : gether and ask if drivers recovered control. attempted to It were not better by good diet Charles Griffin & Co.) _ The stout passenger was in a state of tied together at the back with an upstand­ To keep t, e blood and humors quiet : soothe her mother The author of this book is lecturer at perspiration. He punched open the hole ing bow of the velvet ; while a tiny Marie Willi toast and ale to cool their brains Romanes of the Time of the Plague. Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and with the assurance Than nightly lire 'em with champains? in the roof and demanded that [the Stuart bonnet of réséda green chenille has that London boys its contents are based chiefly upon lec­ From Wist to Eist-. doors should be opened at once. He re­ the brim wreathed with Parma violets, and The iecent liseoveryof Dom Perignon's were accustomed tures delivered by him to probationers Vin Moi ssetix is clearly referred to in fused to be killed in morj ways than he no other ornament save a small réséda aigrette and osprey in front. to being run over, there during the last two years. They Farq'ihar's comedy, " Love and a Bottle," Perhaps the prettiest bonnet is a won­ and could not be " English Men of Action—Warren will be found full of instruction, and the produced in 1608, when W. Bull says :— derful interlacement of green velvet and Hastings." really happy un­ By Sir Alfred Lyall, illustrations of the human anatomy, Champagne is the modish beverage, a black jet openwork, with a bow of nairow less they were run over. Mrs. Lanark­ methods of dealing with bandages, and so fine liquor, which all great beaux drink to K. C. B. (London : Macmillan & Co., green velvet, a froufrou of black lace in shire declared that .she had never on, add greatly to their utility. make 'em witty." Club, the servant, front, and a black swallow perched on 1889.) been a murderer, that not a single " Chronic Bronchitis and its Treatment." brings in a bottle and says :—" Here, one side as though arrested on its south­ member of her . family, on either Among English men of action, there A Clinical Study. By William Murrell, master, how it puns and quibbles in the ward flight. These black swallows—poor are few entitled to a higher place than M. D. (London : H. K. Lewis.) side, had ever been a murderer, glass I" While Mockmode, another boon Procne plunged into deeper mourning for and that she refused to permit a child of This îecord of actual observation in companion, declares that " the glasses Wairen Hastings, the first, and un Itys than nature intended—are seen on hers to be a murderer so long as her phy­ bronchial ca^es appears to be intended rhyme to another ! " many of the wide brimmed black felt questionably the greatest, Governorsical or mental powers permitted her to more for comparison by members of the Lord Bolingbroke drank so many hat^, which are bordered with astrakan, General of British India. Although h ; i call for assistance. She insisted upon de­ profession to which the writer belongs Spa-.ish heal lis in champaign" that and. are so curiously and variously life has been wiitten by several diffVrent than for use by the general public ; but Dean Swift "stole away" in self defence serting the cab, and did deseit it. Once crumpled and twisted that I despair of upon terra firma Mis. Lanarkshire re­ nevertheless the writer's remarks upon to the ladies." covered her composure. She tendered the attempting to describe the odd but pic­ ha ds, the r esult can hatdly be described " winter cough" and its treatment may be Pope, while at work on the " Iliad," sat cabman one shilling. The cabman took turesque and becoming forms into which as .satisfactory when it has to bj admittel useful in some cases, before it is necessary up with Colley Cibber and the young Earl it, for it would have been utterly foreign deftest fingers have bént and fastened that the popular and only vivid impres­ to call in medical supervision. of Warwick, over champagne and Bur­ to his nature to refuse anything, but the them. sion of the man is reflected from the bril­ '• From West to East." By Henry gundy till two o'clock. reader can see for himself that the cabman COLLEGE CATS. Horace Walpole describes 1 ow Lord liant, butwholly prejudiced and misleading Rose, author of " Three Sheiks," &c. was not satisfied with his shilling. The Perhaps qiwintness reaches its furthest Granby joined liis paity at Vauxhall (London : David Stott.) expression of plaintive disgust on his face point in an adaptation of a college cap, famous essay of Macaulay. Sir James This book of poems is divided into 'while suffering considerably from cham­ is not stronger than the look of firm re­ Stephen, in a lucid and admirable work several sections, the first being entitled pagne," and Lady Mary Wortley Mon­ the cap itself being made of astrakan solution worn by Mrs. Lanarkshire. and the black velvet trencher bent up and on the Nuucomar case, whichwas reviewed " Rust : c Rhyme3," and consisting of tague, who evidently loved " champagne It was early in the day, and cabby so( n down, backward and forward. Still, it is in the Times a few years ago, relieved the short pieces both of a descriptive and and chicken" as much as we moder. s i!o, saw a new fare. The gentleman was only after the most careful scrutiny that narrative kind. They are written in wrote of it :— obese, but cabby felt one discovers the original academic shape memory of Warren Hastings from some But when the long hours of I ' M - publi l'r p;iHt confident there was had ever imagined. He was permitted to thus cleverly transformed, the eye being of the odium cast upon it in connection various mètre, but always in finished chicken u style, and show love of nature And we meet with champagne and room for one of him reach the footway, and once there promptly further deceived by the cluster of black last, in the cab. There asked a policeman to take the number of cocks' wings, arranged coquetti-hly under with the trial and execution of the falsest combined with graceful fancy. Longer is May every fond pleasure thai moment endear; of Bengalees, and now Sir Alfred Lyall, one called "The Dryad's Destiny," and in Be banished afar both discretion and fear! was. The fat gentle­ his cab as the vehicle w. s positively the brim on one side. man just filled the dangerous to life and limb. Which drew from Byron the terro: from his intimate practical acquaintance "The Fairies' Stratagem" we have a Other attractive hats there are in plenty cab. Éverythingwas " What say you t< This particular policeman has done but space will not allow me to do more with the work of Indian administration, short poetical drama. " Life's Mystery " stricken question lovely for a time, nothing in the course of a long and than mention a little pork pie or Spanish shows in the clearest possible manner is a dialogue between man and the spirits such a supper with such a woman ?" The sun glistened uneventful career except take numbers. hat in black astrakan, trimmed with what excellent work Warren Hasiings of doubt, faith, &c. The last section con­ After leaving the University .of Cam on the nickel plated Why he takes them he is unable to ex­ small pompons of the same, which would d das Governor-General, how broad and far- sists of two Eastern stoiies entitled iridge Pitt went to Reims to study, ant lamps and gave to plain. What he does with them he has be an ideal hat for winter traveling or seeing was his policy, and how he "Aziz" and "Hassan of Aleppo,"'the there acquired for champagne a fondnes the harness an ap­ never divulged, but rough weather. A smart black felttricoro, deserves the credit of having laid down latter in blank verse, well written like the which well nigh cost him his life. He pearance of splen­ it is supposed that Lord Chancellor Thurlow and Secretar with a flight of white birds perched and sketched, if not supplied, the ma­ rest. dor that was un­ he stocks them up " Debreit's Peerage," Baronetage, Dnndas, after popping many corks, i al thereon ; and a gray felt, with a much chinery upon and by which the elaborate known to it on in his house as crump'e t brim, up bent round the crown, and intricate fabric of British power in Knightage, and Companionage, published loped through a tollgate and narrowl foggy days. The curiosities, and as by Messrs. Dean & Son, is a book the escaped the contents of the enrage which is entire!) hiddea by a profusion of India is supported. fat passenger's a sort of assurance Sir Alfred Lyall is, however, no heated character of whichis generally understood, keeper's blunderbuss, who fired afte tiny black ostrich plumes. route, for some distance, was down grade, that, in spite of partisan ; he is rather a dispassionate though few if any of our dictionaries ex­ them, believing them to be robbers. FOJ and so long as it remained down grade all temptation to cii ic, and we think tint in one or two plain the chief words of the title. The the Premier's great rival, was fonde JEWtEI.S 4M' A S E J I P I I D N not a cloud appeared on the horizon. the contrary, he particulars he is even not as appreciative Peerage, which takes up the first of the even of fizz. But there was a hill to climb. The fat does his duty. The jewels of the late Empress Augusta of the services of Hastings as he might two volumes hero bound together, has un­ Nelson, and his fair friend Lae: passenger lay back and puffed at his cigar, After such a day have 1 een divided among those named in be. For a work intended to meet the dergone divers changes in the course of its Hamilton, and even her husband S at, peace with all it is not to be won­ her will. Most of them go to her daughter views and requirements of the general history ; butbeingnow strictly alphabetical, William, were so fond of this wine th; the world, and at dered at if our cab­ the- Grand Duchess of Baden. Two of reader at the present day, however, Sir with cross references and arms inserted at, one historic occasion, at a dinner e times lazily asking man should return the most valuable sets go to the Crown Alfred Lyall has certainly managed to into the text, is a great improvement upon Mr. Elliott, the . British Resident . * \ himself how it was h me in a most V ' and the reigning Empress receives a string steer clear of those rocks and shoals on the oldest method with which we are ac­ Dre.-den, Lady Hamilton imbibed i that hansom cabs dejected condition of mind and body, of large pearls with a diamond clasp. The which a bi igrapher is so frequently ship­ quainted. The same may be said of the much that she proceeded then and the were not in favor At the conclusion of such a day, Empress Frederick gets a diamond neck­ wrecked. ' Baronetage, and as regards the divisions to give the company livi"g imitations all over the world. I of course, it must ram. In the face lace, a pair of diamond and pearl earrings The four vitally important and excep­ whioh follow it, they are of later intro­ classic statuary, while Nelson went e Suddenly his me­ of such misfortunes as he has met, no and a bracelet set with a miniature portrait. tionally interesting passages in Hastings's duction in their actual extended form, empt} ing bumper after bumper in h ditations were interrupted. His heels dis­ expression on the part of the elements Qujen Victoria also receives some hand­ Indian career relate to the Nunconiar and do not contain the armorial bearings honor, and tl e sedate Sir William roll played a tendency to kick a hole through can increase his load of woe, yet it may some and valuable pieces of jewelry, as do incident, the Rohilla business, the transac­ A work so widely known, and so long before boldly over the floor in imitation of the roof, a id his head struck the back of be considered curious by not a few that also twenty-two Duchesses and Princesses tions between the Governor-General and the world, hardly needs our praise. We ball ! Tbe Regent, " the best wigged prit the Rajah of Bennes and the Begums of have great faith in its accuracy, and can the cab with a force that could only mean all these misfortunes he blames upon "the belonging to reigning families. Of all the jewelry belonging to the late Oude, and the wars with the Mahrattas from experience strongly recommend it in Christendom," liked champagne, but an outlay of 25s. The fat passenger found two fares from the country," as he styles was not strong enough for him. He Empress of Germany, but one article was on one side and Mysore on the other. Of for reference. himself grabbing at space in a very Mrs. and Miss Lanarkshire.

Flat Toques ill Horseshoe Fillets Twisted Olive and Fawn Velvet.


The accompanying sl>etch represents the large lamp which Colonel Cody offered to President Carnot as a gift.

the Nuucomar incident nothing further need be said, as Sir James Stephen's work remains unanswered, and perhaps un­ answerable. With regard to the Rohilla business, Sir Alfred Lyall says very truly that n'> case has been "so curiously mis­ represented," for whereas Macaulay sneaks of "the golden days when the Afghan Princes ruled in the vale of Rohilkund," the reality of Rohilla or Afghan rule was that it was little better than any of its neighbors, and at a most critical period of Indian history provided only "a weak and untrustworthy garrison for a very important point in the outer line of de­ fence against the Mahrattas." The alleged depopulation of the country w hich followed the overthrow of the Rohilla forces re­ solves itself into the banishment of some 20,000 Afghan mercenaries from the posi­ tion which they had acquired in a pro­ vince inhabited by a million Hindoos. The worst that can be alleged against Hastings is that he tacitly acquiesced in the excesses committed by the troops * f his ally, the Viz'er of Oude, and Sir Alfred Lyall is inclined to bJame him for not having foreseen what were the in­ evitable conséquences of " the rapacity aud inhumanity of successful Asiatic warfare." " Captain Jacques." A Romance of 1 he Time of the Plague. By Sonierville (Jibney. (London : Roper & Drowley.) To readers who care to go back as far as the middle of the seventeenth century, and a little later, for a romantic story, this will be found enteitaining enough ; but the period of which it treats has been often dealt with, and even in more romantic fashion. " Sheila." By Annie S. Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith). (Edinburgh, &c. : Oli­ phant, Anderson & Co.) The tale has previously appeared under the title " Over the Hills and Far Away," but it has been found necessary to alter it for copyright reasons. It is one of the best of the writer's many stories, and in its present form will no doubt secure many more readers.

The Poetry and Prose that Have Been Written About the Great French Vintage.
THE PART CHAMPAGNE HAS PLAYED. Eminent Men of the Past Who Sang


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