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Vodafone Mobile Connect

Overview Back to Mobile Connect USB Stick Mobile Connect BlackBerry Plans Vodafone Mobile Connect EDGE Data Cards Browse the internet directly through your Vodafone mobile phone, without any ISP subscription or a modem. Just plug your Vodafone mobile phone into your PC or laptop and start browsing - anytime, from anywhere. What else can I do with it? How does it work? How much will it cost me? Want to subscribe? FAQs Quick bill pay Recharge online International Recharge My Vodafone

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If your handset has an HTML browser, you can start browsing directly on your Vodafone mobile phone. And if you have a URL based corporate intranet, you can access even that! All this at fantastic speeds with the latest EDGE technology. Browse while roaming Now you can access internet while roaming in India as per the tariff plan. You can also stay connected with all Vodafone GPRS roaming partners abroad

Vodafone Mobile Connect Activation and Deactivation

How it works:

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To get Vodafone Mobile Connect, you need a GPRS - enabled handset. Once you have activated Vodafone live! on your phone, you can set up Vodafone Mobile Connect in 3 easy steps: Settings Pairing Configuring

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For Nokia & Sony Ericsson phone, find out your handset IMEI number, by pressing *#06# on the phone's standby screen or by checking the same from phone's body panel under the battery bay. The IMEI number may be of 15 or 16 digits - identify the first 15digits and send an sms to 52586 with text as S < space >1st 15 digits of the IMEI number After sending the above sms, send "VMC" as an sms to 52586 to get the OTA settings, and save the setting you receive. If you do not have a Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone, youll need to set your phone manually with these details: Settings name Home page Session mode Connection security Data bearer GPRS access point IP address Authentication type Login type User name Password Permanent Off GPRS www < blank > Normal < blank > < blank > < blank > Vodafone_www

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In case you require any further assistance, call us on 9719097190 (50 p / 3 min) from an alternate number.[09/02/2013 PM 9:00:37]

Mobile Connect - Internet through Mobile | Vodafone UP West

Prepaid pack MRP Rs 4 Free usage 40 MB Validity Daily decrement How to avail

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Through SMS keyword ACT VMC4 to 144 (toll free) By calling 12125 (toll free) By dialing *444*5# (toll free) Recharge Recharge with Rs 12 Activate by dialing *444*12# (toll free) By calling 123/121 (toll free) Recharge with Rs 18 Through SMS keyword ACT INT18 to 144 (toll free) By dialing *444*18# Recharge By sms keywordACT INT56 to 144 (toll free) Recharge Recharge By dialing *444*97# (toll free) Recharge Recharge Bottom of Form Recharge

Rs 5 Rs 12

30 MB 80 MB

1 day 3 days(Decrement)

Rs 18

120 MB

4 days(Decrement)

Rs 56

380 MB

15 days (decrement)

Rs 75 Rs 97

500 MB 650 MB

15 days 30 days

Rs 124 Rs 149

1 GB 1.2 GB

30 days 30 days

Rs 199

Unlimited 2G data*

30 days

Note: FREE usage is applicable on Vodafone Live!, www, iphone APNs Speed to be regulated to 40Kbps after consumption of 2GB data on Rs 199 pack 10/10kb charges applicable after free usage

Postpaid pack Monthly rental (Rs) Free data Usage charges 99 1GB 10p / 10KB 199 3GB 10p / 10KB 300 5GB 10p / 10KB

Note: Usage charges are calculated on a 10KB pulse. That is, the charge will be calculated by rounding off the data usage to the nearest amount next to 10KB


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To subscribe to Vodafone Mobile Connect, you can call Vodafone Care number for your city / state from your Vodafone mobile phone.

State Andhra Pradesh Chennai Delhi

Vodafone Care Number 111 or 9885098850 111 or 98840 98840 111 or 98110 98110[09/02/2013 PM 9:00:37]

Mobile Connect - Internet through Mobile | Vodafone UP West Gujarat Haryana Karnataka Kolkata Mumbai Punjab Rajasthan Rest of Bengal UP (E) UP (W) Assam North East Want to Subscribe? Click here. Note: Currently not available in Tamil Nadu, M&G & UP East. 111 or 98250 98250 98130 98130 111 or (080) 41193000 111 or 98300 98300 111 or 98200 98200 111 or 9888098880 111 or 98280 98280 111 or 97320 97320 111 or 98390 98390 111 or 9719097190 9706097060 / 111 9774097740 / 111

Note: Dear Customer as per Govt regulation, sending commercial/promotional sms will lead to disconnection of your service if you are not registered as a Telemarketer. Customers registered on NCPR may lodge a complaint regarding receipt of unsolicited commercial/promotional communications by sending SMS to 1909 in the specified format: <message >,<XXXXXXXXXX>,<date (dd/mm/yy)> Where XXXXXXXXXX is the telephone number or header of the SMS, as the case may be, from which the unsolicited commercial communication has originated. Please do not to respond to missed calls from unknown international numbers with prefix other than +91 or calls/SMS about winning prizes/ lottery as these may be fraudulent calls.

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