Circuit Training Workout # 63 Full Assault

Need: Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Overball

Suitcase Squats 1m Each Side TO Thai Plank Drives 1m Each Side TO Ball between Ankles Lift & Lowers 1m

One Arm Row & Press 1m Each Side (weight to floor each rep) TO Alternating Side Lunge with Upright Row TO C-Curve Sit Side to Side Ball Extensions1m

Stepping Kneeling Rowing Plank 1m (step into deep lunge, row, step back to plank, step forward with other foot, row) TO Weighted Wide Squats 1m TO Prone Lift Side to Side Ball Around The World 1m

Dumbbell Deep Squat Jump Back Renegade Row 1m TO Alternating One Arm Double Leg Stretch 1m (pictured with 2, on extension reach only one arm back) TO Side Lunge Touchdown 1m Each Side

Side Crunches 1m Each Side TO Plank Hip Touch Hip Touch Lift 1m TO Side Lying Tuck & Extends 1m Each Side (drive knee in and out with heel up, works glutes!)

Slow and Controlled Roll Up Toe Touch 1m Squat Side to Side Kick Outs 1m TO Hammer Curl Bent Arm Press Flow 1m

Heavy Medicine Ball Leg Lift & Lowers 1m TO Squat Knee to Elbow Tucks 1m Each Side TO Curl and Alternating Jab 1m

Held Bridge Pilates Bicycles 1m Each Side TO Windshield Wiper Abs 1m TO Trapped Ball Lift & Lowers 1m Each Side

High to Low Plank Jacks 1m (30s High Plank, 30s Low Plank) TO One Legged Wall Squats 30s Each Side (pulse held leg) TO Single Dumbbell Repeater Knees 1m Each Side

Plank Light Weight Alternating Lateral Raises 30s Each Side TO Pulsing Opposite Arm Leg Lift s 30s Each Side TO Moving Rotating Medicine Ball Squats (step, squat, rotate, 3
each direction, return)

TO One Legged Yoga Wall Pike L Pose 30s Each Side TO Alternating Toe Touch Scissors 1m TO Plank Hold 2m (1m high plank, 1m low plank)

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