General Knowledge 1 Author : Nirmal Dogra For TCYonline.

Q-1 In which year Guru Nanak Dev University established? (a) 1969 (b) 1995 (c) 1990 (d) 1965 Which is National bird of India? (a) Lion (b) Peacock (c) Sparrow (d) Hen Which is the language of Manipur? (a) Manipuri (b) Hindi (c) Oriya (d) Marathi Which is the language of Sikkim? (a) Hindi (b) Nepali (c) (a) and (b) (d) None of these 5th June is called a (a) World Diabetes day (b) Sports day (c) World Food day (d) Environment Day Who was the first Bharat Ratna Award winner? (a) C. Rajagopalachari (b) R.N. Tagore (c) C.V. Raman (d) Dadabhai Naroji In which year Sukumar Sen become the first Chief Commissioner of India? (a) 1960 (b) 1970 (c) 1950 (d) 1940 Which was the first bank of India? (a) S.B.I. (b) R.B.I. (c) Bank of Hindustan (d) SEBI Which is the capital of Russia? (a) Moscow









A.N.Q-10 Q-11 Q-12 Q-13 Q-14 Q-15 Q-16 Q-17 Q-18 (b) Doha (c) Hanoi (d) Rabat Which is the Currency of Congo? (a) Dinar (b) Franc (c) Dollar (d) Lira What was the old name of Sri Lanka? (a) Burma (b) Siam (c) Ceylon (d) Batavia H. Banerjee (c) Mother Teressa (d) Fahien Andhra Patrika Newspapers leading in which city? (a) Bangalore (b) Vijayawada (c) Mumbai (d) Pune Which is the Major Export of India? (a) Rice (b) Wheat (c) Tea (d) None of these What was the old name of Punjab? (a) Sapta Sindhu (b) Punjabi (c) Aabs (d) None of these In which year Guru Arjun Dev was born? (a) 1581 (b) 1539 . stands for? (a) Central Indian Academy (b) Central Intelligence Agency (c) Central Institute of Agriculture (d) None of these Which was the first university to start Environmental Education? (a) Vishwa Bharti (b) S.I.A. stands for? (a) Haling Allowance (b) Haryana Academy (c) Hindustan Authority (d) None of these C.

5. 3. 7. . 4. 6.Q-19 Q-20 Q-21 Q-22 Q-23 Q-24 Q-25 (c) 1564 (d) 1664 Which is the Capital of Assam? (a) Patna (b) Dispur (c) Chennai (d) Dehradun Which is the language of Kerala? (a) Malayalam (b) English (c) Hindu (d) Telgu 27th September is called a (a) World Tourism Day (b) World Health Day (c) Children Day (d) Air Force Day In which year first Postal Service was started? (a) 1830 (b) 1835 (c) 1837 (d) 1840 In which year Postal Department was established? (a) 1850 (b) 1830 (c) 1837 (d) 1854 Which is Kolkata’s leading Newspaper (a) Telegraph (b) Aaj (c) Times of India (d) None of these In which year pin code was established? (a) 1970 (b) 1972 (c) 1975 (d) 1980 a b a c d a c Answers: 1. 2.

b . a 13. a 25. a 10. c 12. b 16. a 21. c 9. b 14. c 17. a 18. b 11. a 22. c 23. b 20. d 24. a 19. a 15.8.