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am studying to be an agronomist engineer at the ENSAA (National

School of Agronomy and Food ndustry) in Nancy, France. am currently in
2nd year and have had a wide range of courses, from plants genetics to soil
sciences and economy.
am particularly interested in crop production and agro-ecology. applied to
AgroParisTech to finish my master degree in agronomy, specializing in the
production and innovation in technical cropping systems (PSTv). n fact
want to specialize in this area and thus contribute to the development of
cropping systems to a better durability.
t seems important to me to find an internship related to my professional
Wageningen University offers research topics that interest me a lot, mainly
your work on the sustainable growth. believe we need to act now by
improving our cropping systems to move towards a sustainable agriculture.
This is why would like to take part in your work during my internship. t would
allow me to improve my technical skills in the field of plant biology, agronomy
and have a first professional experience in a research project. have looked
at the title of your scientific publications and would like to take part in a
project of this nature.
For my diploma, am required to have work experience of 3 months in a
foreign country and Wageningen University offers me a professionalizing
internship within a very international structure.

A three months work experience period from June to August would be
convenient for me.

am looking forward to your reply.

would be very grateful if you would consider my application.

Yours faithfully,


Education and training
Since 2011 Engineering student at ENSAIA
National School of Agronomy and Food Industry of Nancy - France

2009-2011 Preparation for national competitive entrance exams leading to
French Grandes Ecoles Specializing in biology, physics,
mathematics, chemistry and earth sciences
Lyce Lakanal in Sceaux - France

2009 A-levels passed with distinction in Sciences (>75%)
Lyce de la Valle de Chevreuse, Gif-sur-Yvette
Work experiences
Since 2013 Tutoring in mathematics
Help with the exercises and the lessons for a 15 years old student

April Trainee on a farm (with writing of a training report)
& July 2012 Help to farm tasks, make the cheese and help to dishwashing at the
restaurant Alpage de lAiron
12 dairy cows, porks, goats and sheep.
Gaec de Balancy, Araches-La-Frasse

Personal skills

Ability to synthesise information.
Team spirit and communication skills enhanced by numerous years of sport in
competition (Tennis, badminton and mountain bike) and solidarity project in
Adaptation capacity in multicultural environment fostered by several stays in
foreign countries
(United Kingdom, Nepal, Costa Rica).

English : conversational proficiency
Spanish : conversational proficiency
Computer skills : good proficiency of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Also familiar with R, a statistics software
Driving license for cars (B)